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BISBEE WIRE #35/elections/short term rentals/what the lege has done to you/water/Word

editor: fred miller August 10, 2022 #35 Aug 22


The yahoos have won the republican party nominations. It is a good thing, because now the ideological lines have been so well defined by the primary winners it really will be a contest about how the state is run in November. There are some very incompetent people in races that are important. Perhaps when the dust settles, we may see actual policies being talked about and how, if implemented, they affect you, me, and us. The real test for voters has been revealed by the primaries. See below for how to help defeat the trumpuppets.

Given the SRT legislation passed (see below) and the impact air b&b's have in Bisbee, perhaps it is time that the city hire a part time person whose sole job it is to monitor, check on, track permits, inform the public, and generally keep an eye on short term rentals.

How much city tax revenue has the city lost since the Green Pharmacy closed? Some cities in Maricopa county are paying multi million dollar unfunded public safety pension debts with dope taxes.

And finally-then I'll shut up-is a brewing scandal in Bisbee. You may have heard about various podcasters paying famous people to appear on their podcast; modern day payola (yeah I know at least half of you are scratching your gourd, wtf payola?) ( Local resident and comedian by profession, Doug Stanhope, he of the whiny self pitying 30-day-quit-smoking-regime-(why bother?) has been rumored-I couldn't confirm it cause I'm scared of him-to pay Bingo Bingaman, Greg Chaille, Tracy Wernet, and Christine Levine to appear on his show and push their product in a vain hope of getting more listeners. Really! It is so sad. I will remain vigilant so stay tuned while I and you can accumulate evidence if you listen for yourself. @DougStanhope


............BISBEE STUFF..............

A new weekly calendar of events in Bisbee is available.Very welcome. Musician Steve Moramarco is doing it. Billed as a guide for music, art+culture, it is oriented to music particularly, but other events also included. To subscribe or send events - you will get an automated reply with the link to sign up. If you don't receive the list immediately after signing up, check your spam folder. or here The calendar has a listing of all the music venues also. Good luck to Steve and hope he can continue. ............. GET YER KULTURE THIS WEEKEND Art Walk Saturday 5-8. Ken Boe reads poetry w/cello accompaniment at Thamm gallery/40 Main. Monsoon madness at Subway Gallery. Lookin at the booties Burlesque at the Grand, Sirens of the Seance room, Pub crawl, Loud Punks at the Quarry and lots more cause this is pirates your booty. ............... FREEEEEEEE August is Free Museum Month for residents at the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum at Number 5 Copper Queen Plaza. 10 am - 4 pm 7 days a week .............. SENIOR CENTER Some new energy with a lot of happening stuff for everyone. Go here: .............. PRIMARY VOTE totals (unofficial) Some stats released by the elections dept of Cochise County late 8/2.. (independents could not vote in primary unless requesting a specific party ballot) The following is for cochise county turnout... 75,380 registered voters 19,225 dem 29,692 repub 25,844 non-partisan 619 libt 24,854 total votes case 32.9% 8,930 dem (8209 early, 721 day of...91% of total early...46.57 turnout) 15,809 repub (10,353 early, 5456 day of...65% of total early...53.24% turnout) City of Bisbee Proposition 419 passed overwhelmingly with 69% of the vote. All council seats were unopposed, consequently all were re-elected. Ward 3 had no one qaulifying for the ballot. One write in candidate, Claire Chaffee received 7 votes ,she needed 25 to be elected. Council will decide apparently who the rep is. Early ballots were preferred by about 80-90% of the Bisbee voters. Unless some significant changes, these will be the matchups for November: US Senator .....Mark Kelly dem vs Blake Masters rep US Rep congressional district 6 (rest of cochise county) .....Kirsten Engel dem vs Juan Ciscomani rep US Rep congressional district 7(bisbee in this district) ...Raul Grijalva dem vs. Pozzolo rep. Governor ...Katy Hobbes dem vs Kari Lake rep Attorney General ....Kris Mayes dem vs. Abe Hamadeh rep Secretary of State ....Adrian Fontes dem vs Mark Finchem rep Supe of Public Instruction ....Kathy Hoffman dem vs Tom Horne rep Treasurer ....Martin Quezada dem vs Kimberly Yee rep Legislative District 21 (Bisbee in this district) State Senator ...Rosanna Gabladon dem unopposed State Representative ....Consuelo Hernandez and Stephanie Hamilton dem vs Kennedy and McKewen Legislative District 19 (most of the rest of cochise county+) State Senator .......David Gowan rep was unopposed State Representative dem, Sandra Clark vs Griffin and Diaz reps unopposed &&&&&&&&& PRISON LABOR A year long investigation of prison labor; how it is used, dependency of cities (including Bisbee), rights of prisoners, and soaring corporate profits for Arizona Correctional Industries-a state run business. was done by KJZZ and the Arizona Republic. The Arizona Department of Corrections refused public records request so investigators had to go to the extraordinary effort of compiling a separate data base. Go here for the extensive report: ...................

FIRE WATER A look/listen at fire suppression water supplies. On NPR. ............... REDUCE THE VOUCHER EXPANSION! Sign anti Voucher expansion petition, now until Sept. Cochise County Democratic Office has them. In Bisbee at Bisbee & Naco Back to School event, Safeway , 9-11 and at Old Bisbee Post Office, once or twice a week 11-1. ...............

BRATS IN OCTOBER...GOT YER RIG TOGETHER? Don't miss this fiercely competitive (knives, guns, jujitsu!), corporate sponsored (google!, apple! walmart!) event that features sleek...ummm maybe funky is better, vehicles speeding...well maybe trundling and meandering, down main street, driven by costumed men and women under the influence of something. You too can build your car and help keep this important worldwide event going. They roll October 22 at 4:00 (be there at 3:30). There is support for newbies so give em a shout if needed. ............... Arizona Department of Water Resources is holding a public meeting on subsequent AMAs on August 16th from 6-8pm at the Willcox Community Center. It's an informational meeting but members of the public will be able to ask questions after their presentation.


THE COPPER PIG....It's really yummy. Nice to have a new dinner house in Bisbee. 412 Arizona St. in Warren. Serving dinner 5pm-8pm. Sunday- Wednesday. Call for reservations 520.432.9970. Chef Chris Dangerfield and partner Heather Reddon are running the joint. ........... CHUY'S BURRITOS....Selling what else? burritos and tacos. Owned by a lifelong local! Phone number is 520 977 2255! 316 pirrung ave. Next to the Hitching Post. Jesus Rodriguez is minding the store.



The AZ government we end up with in November depends on what we do between now and then!

We can wring our hands, bitch and moan, shake our heads and that always helps...Not. What you can do is actually do something. I mean committing a few hours a week to pitch in and elect people who you think are competent. Oh yeah and help save democracy!

There are numerous individual candidate campaigns that you can help with. Or....There are other ways to get engaged at the level you feel comfortable and still be actually doing something.



Along with Red for Ed, probably the most active grass root groups in AZ.

CEBV has plenty of stuff to be done. They conduct streetwalking/doorknocking), sign putting up, and zoom sessions for phonebanking, linking people together, butz and noltz of getting stuff done. Go here for ways to plug in, most from the comfort of your home:

Sign up for the mailing list:



Go here for the info:

A simple premise, writing letters to 'maybe vote' voters in states throughout the country with the aim of bolstering turnout.

You are provided with names/addresses, a draft letter to follow and add your own words, and instructions about when to send your letters. You provide envelopes and postage. You can pick a state that you want to send your letters to. A computer/printer is helpful as each letter goes to a certain individual and is printed out.

Two million letters have been sent by 200,000 volunteers. They have stats on the efficacy of the campaign. And it seems to have done some good.

In Arizona they have 76,000 voters 'adopted' to send letters to. They have 100,000 voters to 'adopt'.

Is it rushing the barricades? Is it demonstrating with thousands of others? Is it shouting invective at the dodo's running for office? Nope. But it is oddly satisfying to reach out to strangers and implore them to vote. I've done this for the past few campaigns, written 200 letters, and it has helped my psyche as well.


Freeport McMoran operations manager, Robert Quintanar, gave a series of three presentations at the Senior Center. He discussed the sulfate plume, FM future, extensive reclamation efforts, what goes on at the mine, and other topics. Bisbee gets its water from the Naco acquifer. It is provided by Arizona Water Company that initially was the Bisbee-Naco Water Company. (Oddly enough, although all Bisbee water comes from Naco, OB and Saginaw only, are a designated part of the Douglas basin and will be included in the new AMA if it passes.) Phelps Dodge was bought by Freeport McMoran in 2007. FM bought a bunch of problems in addition to the almost played out copper mine. Among them a sulfate plume that is moving slowly towards the Naco acquifer. Sulfate and pyrite are byproducts of the mining process. Water was pumped from the estimated 2000 miles of tunnels to above ground evap ponds near San Jose and the airport, where it trickled into the acquifer The sulfate plume is moving a foot a year and it is estimated to affect the water wells in 30-60 years. It is monitored by FM who has plans for new well sites that would provide an alternative source of water should it be needed. FM has also been stabilizing the #7 stockpile on AZ St/Hwy 80 in order to be able to work on it for reclamation. The tailings pile is the result of above ground mining residue of the Lavendar pit. The almost closed system works as water moves into the capture ponds on the east side of AZ street and is pumped back to the top of the pile. Examples of the companies' reclamation efforts can be seen from airport road and hwy 92. ......... Shar Poirer, a reporter for the Herald Review, is one of the most informed person in the county about water issues. She has written extensively about the San Pedro watershed, Sulphur Springs Valley, the push for AMA's, and more. Go here for an article about Freeport/water: .......... An informative session on Arizona water crisis is hosted by Melinder Lyer of CEBV. Likely some talk about the sulp;hur springs efforts.

..............THE LEGE................
The League of Arizona Cities and Towns has provided a useful summary of the bills 392 bills passed (out of 1747 submitted!) in the just concluded lege. Four were vetoed by the spineless one. Far too many to highlight here, but a read through them is worthwhile. These bills take effect September 24.There were 20 new changes to election law! Those republican legislators, many of the trumpuppets, can't stop themselves from telling us in minute detail how to live our lives. They bleat about freedom while act to curtail rights. They are authoritarian mofos and getting worse. Since short term rentals are of intense interest in Bisbee, I've reprinted the summary of SB1168, a modest regulatory effort that was passed and takes effect September 24. Mayor Budge indicated to me that he is monitoring this and mentioned that the city attorney will be on a committee, put together by the league of cities and towns, that will come up with an outline of an ordinance that all cities can use. Look for it to pop up on a council agenda. SB 1168 vacation rentals; short-term rentals; enforcement (Chapter 343) Allows cities and towns to require a short-term rental (STR) owner to obtain and maintain a local regulatory permit or license. Limits the information that can be required as part of the permit or license application. Provides that the application fee for a permit or license cannot exceed the lesser of: the actual cost of issuing the permit/license or $250. Requires a city or town to issue or deny the license or permit application within seven business days. Authorizes a city or town to deny a permit or license application for the following reasons: 1. failure to provide required information; 2. failure to pay the required permit or license fee; 3. at the time of application the owner has a suspended permit or license for the same vacation or short-term rental; 4. the applicant provides false information; or 5. the owner or owner’s designee of a vacation or short-term rental is a registered sex offender or has been convicted of any criminal act that resulted in death or serious injury or any criminal use of a deadly weapon within the past five years. Removes the requirement for a local government to notify ADOR and the owner of a vacation or short-term rental regarding a verified violation. Requires a STR to cease operation for failing to apply for a local regulatory permit or license within 30 days of the application process being made available by the local government. Allows a local government to require the STR owner or owner’s designee to display the local regulatory permit or license number, if required, on each advertisement. Allows a local government that does not require a local regulatory permit or license to require the STR owner or owner’s designee to display the required TPT license on each advertisement. Requires a city or town with a local regulatory license or permit requirement to adopt an ordinance outlining the administrative process to suspend a permit or license. Suspensions are limited to 12 months or less. Requires a local government that requires sex offender background checks on STR guests to waive the requirement if an online lodging marketplace performs a sex offender background check of the booking guest. Provides that a license or permit may be suspended if three verified violations within a 12-month period are associated with the property and pose serious threats to public health or safety. Provides that a license or permit may be suspended for one violation of the following: a) a felony offense committed at a vacation or short-term rental by the owner or owner’s designee; b) a serious physical injury or wrongful death at or related to a vacation or short-term rental resulting from the knowing, intentional or reckless conduct of the owner or owner’s designee; c) an owner or owner’s designee knowingly or intentionally housing a sex offender, allowing offenses related to adult-oriented businesses, sexual offenses or prostitution or operating or maintaining a sober living home, in violation of an adopted regulation or ordinance; and d) an owner or owner’s designee knowingly or intentionally allowing the use of a vacation or short-term rental for a special event that would otherwise require a permit or license in accordance with an ordinance or a state law or rule or for a retail, restaurant, banquet space or similar use. Allows local governments to require STR operators to notify all residential properties adjacent to, directly, and diagonally across the STR of their emergency contact information and prescribes the method in which an operator or designee may prove compliance of this requirement. For STRs in multi-family residential buildings, notification is deemed complete if given to residents on the same building floor. Allows a local government to require additional notification if the contact information previously provided changes. Requires the STR owner or owner’s designee to demonstrate compliance with the notification requirements by providing a specific attestation. Specifies that the emergency point of contact is for responding to complaints and emergencies, rather than only complaints. Allows a local government to require the owner of a vacation or short-term rental to: maintain liability insurance appropriate to cover the rental in the aggregate of at least $500,000; or advertise and offer each rental through an online lodging marketplace that provides equal or greater coverage. Provides the ability for a municipality to seek judicial relief to suspend a regulatory permit or license if any attempted or completed criminal act arises from the occupancy or use of a STR that results in a death, or actual or attempted serious physical injury. Allows a local government to impose a civil penalty of up to $1,000 per month against the owner if the owner or owner’s designee fails to apply for a regulatory permit or license within 30 days after receiving written notice of the failure to comply. Outlines other civil penalties a city or town may impose.

............EVERYTHING ELSE..........

The fist pumping bravado of Senator Josh Hawley during the Jan 6 insurrection was put on full display at a hearing. However it was the vid of him running away from rioters in the capitol that has shown his true self. &&&&&&&&&&

FREE HOME TESTS & BASIC PRECAUTIONS Although sick of fear of getting sick of covid (aka trump virus), these are some basic things to continue to keep in mind 1. Get your shots and two boosters. And in the fall, another one. Don't be selfish, protect yourself and others 2. Keep abreast of local news about infections; ask your friends if they or others in Bisbee have been infected, read the news. 3. Wear good masks KN95's, When around a lot of people indoors particularly, but outdoors too, mask up. Crowds of peeps are high exposure areas. Amazon has a batch of different ones, get 4 or 5 layer. This is odd looking, but most comfortable: Kimberly-Clark N95 Pouch Respirator. 4. Your tax dollars at work get you 16 free home covid tests. Go here to gettum: and use them! We just got our! Our federal government in action! 5. If traveling, take a list of your vax history, medications you take, your primary care contact, masks, and self tests. &&&&&&&&&&&HOW THINGS ARE MANUFACTURED C'mon didn't you want to know how potato chips are stacked? How poptarts are made? For the curious among you, of which I am one, ...short vids showing how things are made. Quite interesting; lipstick, coat hangers, stacked potato chips, pasta, chili oil, and lots more.... &&&&&&&&&& ALUMINUM CANS...AN ILLUSTRATIVE SHORT STORY ABOUT THE UPS AND DOWNS OF A SUPPLY CHAIN, INFLATION, AND WORKERSLast year, the biggest aluminum can maker in the United States, Ball Corporation, warned beverage producers to brace for higher prices and massive minimum orders as a result of supply-chain issues and increased demand stemming from broader pandemic-induced shifts in packaging and distribution. The firm also announced plans to build five additional plants in North America to meet increased demand in the future. A year later, the manufacturer says that it’ll actually be shutting down two plants (one in Phoenix and one in St. Paul) and delaying the construction of another in North Las Vegas. The overall workforce implications aren’t yet clear, but in St. Paul at least, the closures will affect 110 workers. What gives? The can company says its customers adjusted their pricing strategies to offset those (and other) inflationary input costs, and that volumes have taken a corresponding hit. So what was a sold-out can market a year ago now has plenty of slack. But what about those canning jar lids? &&&&&&&&&& MORE BOOZE NOOZE It is no secret that booze makers are trying to put alcohol in every conceivable liquid form to entice more young (and older) people to drink. From the rapid rise of hard seltzers to the vitamin based fizzies. Walking a tightrope on alcohol laws. Go here for one of the latest and an interesting newsletter all about alchohol... &&&&&&&&&& The IRS gets some dough in the legislation just passed. And do they every need it. $80 bill to modernize ancient processing equipment. It's no wonder many corporations get away with paying little taxes. Go here for a visual trip through the current truly archaic system. &&&&&&&&& ARIZONA BORDERS, WHO IS COMING AND GOINGThe difference twix Tuscon and Yuma border sectors &&&&&&&&&

ONE THIRD OF AZ HOMES BOUGHT BY INVESTORS! Arizona has one of the highest percentages of homes purchased by investors, with nearly one-third of houses bought by investors, which contributes to the growing cost of rent in the state, Stateline reports. &&&&&&&&&& PUTTING THE MEN IN MENSTRATION An informative (for men especially!) look at how males perceive period pain.

............... WORD...............

Slightly altered names with a description of the new person. (From Style Invitational, the long-running weekly humor/wordplay contest in The Washington Post) Mitch McCarnal...He often 'has knowledge' of other people Marlon Blando....Stella, could you come here for a minute? Ghengis Kahn't...He couldn't take the first steppe Frank Sumatra...He made the song "fly me to the monsoon" famous. Alexander Gramps Bell..."What's that Watson? Speak up! I can't hear you. COPD James...Her novels will leave you breathless. Felon Musk....Holds record for number of battery charges. Janine Pyro...Pro trump pundit given to inflammatory statements. Julius Sneezer..."Ah Choo Brute?" Sir Lunchalot....A round night of the table Bris Harper...The best cutoff man in baseball George Cloney..."Oh twin brother, where art thou?" Martin Luther Queen..."I have been 78% of the way to the mountaintop" Charlie Parka....master of hot jazz


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