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Bisbee Wire/Health 2018 January #2

Hello, I've been collecting a bunch of articles this month with the broad category of health; living, dying, and the technology and techniques to help do one or the other. January is generally is the month when the media, online and off, flush the previous year into history with admonitions, scoldings, suggestions, services, and things to help you do better than last year. Can I do no less? Fred<><><<><<><><>><><><><><> IF YA WANNA MOVE YOUR BODY AND MIND... These are the places to do it. The following venues have Aerobics/Pilates/strength/core/all around workouts. (RtM) Room to Move 319 Arizona St.(SJ) St. Johns 19 Sowles Ave(SP) St Patricks 100 Quality Hill (K) Kilimanjaro Monday 8-9 am Group Functional Fitness Debbie Gardner (RtM) 8:30-9:30 Aerobics (SP) 10-11 gentle movement (RtM)6:00 pilates Dawn (RtM)Tuesday8:30-9:30 Pilates (SJ) Wednesday8-9 am Group Functional Fitness Debbie Gardner (RtM)Thursday8:30-9:30 am Pilates (SJ) Friday8-9 am Group Functional Fitness Debbie Gardner (RtM)6:00 Pilates/Dawn (RtM) The following venues have YOGA (RtM) Room to Move 319 Arizona St.(K) Club Kilimanjaro 33 Subway St. (SJ) St. Johns 19 Sowles Ave Monday9:00 Sharon Stetter (K) 602 284-9551 10:00 chair Kundalini Donna Burke  (SJ) 432-9191 12:00 mat Kundaline Donna (SJ)5:15  Mitch Kern(K) 266-2719 Tuesday 10 am Chair Yoga Nancy Pipkorn (RtM) 227-7252 6:15 Yoga Nancy  (RtM)Thursday10:00 chair Yoga Monica Gonzalez (RtM)5:30 Sharon (K)Friday9:00 Sharon (K)

The GYMS are membership based Lowell gym at 67 Erie, Bisbee Health and Fitness in Warren at 125 Bisbee Rd.  Arizona St in Warren not yet opened ZEN MEDITATION, everyone welcome Sunday 9:00 am (RtM)Monday 7:15 pm (RtM) <><><><><><><><><><><><><> CONTAINING HEALTH CARE COSTSOne of the most perceptive articles on health care and related politics. Spot on. <><><><><><><><><><><><><> HEY! LOOK AT ME I'M DEAD....DEATH IS HOT!

Wanna get right with God, the Environment, or your Friends before you die? This article details the details in getting dead the right way. Death, the new living forever. Apropos of this...The article above indicates that there are tendencies emerging that seek to recover the connection between living and dying. I experienced that last year when I attended a burial ceremony for a long time friend. It was so different than the alienation from, and fear of, death that has taken hold in much of US society. I remain grateful that I was able to be a part of her burial ceremony with friends I once worked with in the woods, and friends that I had kept in touch with over the past 40 years, as well as her family that remain closer to me than my blood family. Lotsa food the night before and the night after her ceremony. After all, she came from a polish commie family and there was always food and politics and music and talk about politics and food. Among other things, Sue was a treeplanter, welder, fabricator, knitter, seamstress, electrician, and family person.  Her friends were drawn from the many facets of her life. Sue's death was done right as could be. During the several months of declining health from pancreatic cancer, for the most part her husband took sole care of her and when that got to be too much, a group of her friends organized a relay of somebody with her at all times. Surrounded by friends for months as her health declined, they talked with her of her death and her wishes for dying. She would have a 'natural' burial in a portion of a cemetery that was allocated for bodies to be put in the earth and allowed to biodegrade. Her brothers, made a platform for her body to rest on. Her body was covered with a shroud that was made by her long time knitting group. Her face was uncovered. Friends were encouraged to write notes (with pencil, nothing non-biodegradable was allowed) and stick them in the shroud. A eulogy was given by her brother, bringing the strands of her life together; a lil family history, some remembrances of her work and her gifts-for years she made Hawaiian shirts for people as gifts, and she had a 15 year period where she gifted cowboy shirts she made-her proud work history as a union electrician and advocate for women's competency, and a lil humor. Others at the burial were asked if they would like to say a few things and several did. Then she her face was covered, she was lowered into the ground and many of us took turns shoveling in the wet Oregon clay soil. And it was over. <><><><><><><><><><><>< THE RIGHT TO AN ABORTION UNDERMINED BY JUDGESThis article by actress Kathleen Turner, details the kind of judges that are, and will be, making decisions about women's reproductive lives. Abortions are not part of their judicial world view. <><><><><><><><><><><><><>< DRINKING TOO MUCH?Delving into changing drinking habits, redefining 'alcoholic'  and how to change habits. Is it time to take a look at how much you actually drink?

<><><<><><><><><><> THERE IS MORE THAN ONE OPIOID CRISISThis is a timely article given that Gov Dicy has announced that he will take steps to deal with the opioid crisis in Arizona. However I wonder if they have accurate information about what is actually causing deaths and addiction; is it a prescription drug problem or/and an illegal drug problem. He might want to talk to Kentucky. Kentucky has set up a system and is trying to isolate the causes of drug deaths. It is not all illegal drugs, in some counties it is prescription drugs. A long article that points a way forward to deal with opioid overdoses. "Hargrove and Kentucky are working to provide an additional dimension: exactly which drugs — either prescription opioids or illicit ones like heroin and synthetic fentanyl — led to a death. Armed with even that one extra bit of data, a state can fight its opioid crisis in a new way." Go here:

<><><><><><><><><><><><><> DONATING YOUR BOD TO SCIENCE? BODY PARTS FOR SALEThis article details how some bodies were treated and sold in a now defunct body parts business in Phoenix. Not for the squeamish..but kinda interesting. <><><><><><><><><><><><><> THE HEALTH OF WOMEN; Barbara Kingsolver"...Let’s be clear: no woman asks to live in a rape culture: we all want it over, yesterday. Mixed signals about female autonomy won’t help bring it down, and neither will asking nicely. Nothing changes until truly powerful offenders start to fall. Feminine instincts for sweetness and apology have no skin in this game. It’s really not possible to overreact to uncountable, consecutive days of being humiliated by men who say our experience isn’t real, or that we like it actually, or are cute when we’re mad. Anger has to go somewhere – if not out then inward, in a psychic thermodynamics that can turn a nation of women into pressure cookers. Watching the election of a predator-in-chief seems to have popped the lid off the can. We’ve found a voice, and now is a good time to use it, in a tone that will not be mistaken for flirtation.

Don’t say that to me. Don’t do that to me. I hate it.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><> MINDING THE MINE OF MINDFULNESS Try it, you might like it... <><><><><><><><><><><><><> HEALTH TECH ROUND-UPFrom the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just ended in Las Vegas, a bunch of products aim to help you help yourself get fit/get sleep/get healthy/get heard and, of course, get your bank account drained. Go here: <><><><><><><><><><><><><> EAR BUDS FOR HELPING HEAR Lizn Hearpieces** -- if your problem is that you can’t hear well in a noisy environment, Lizn Hearpieces might help. They’re a pair of earbuds that act as a standard Bluetooth headset and microphone, with Siri integration, but they can switch into a mode where instead they filter ambient sound. White noise around you gets reduced, and any sound coming from directly in front of you gets intensified and sharpened. Shipping in March 2018 for $199, and pre-orders are being taken now. .............................Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds** -- If your issue is hearing people on the phone, Jabra’s Elite 65t earbuds provide 50 percent noise reduction during calls. The other end will hear you better too, because there are four different mics in the earbuds picking up your voice. If you just want to listen to music all day, they’re good for 15 hours on a charge. You can pre-order them for $170 via an exclusive arrangement with Best Buy, and they ship next month. Here is Engadget review by a guy who used a beta version for a week; he liked them.

<><><><><><>>><><><> WHAT WILL BE IN HOMES THIS YEAR See it all here, a round-up of  new products appearing for sale this year displayed at the CES: The tentative steps of the past few years toward stripping people-outsourcing-of doing very basic functions in the home has turned into a jog this year. Ostensibly we will then have more time for...what? Figuring out how all these things now work? The smart home era is here with vengance. Utilizing the ubiquitousDigital 'assistants' Alexa and Google and Bixby the smart home relieves occupants of elemental tasks, like the all important warming toilet seat, drying your bum, and touchless wave to flush the toilet. Or heating your bidet water, perfuming the air and then drying your whatchamacallit areas.  Mirrors that talk to you. Voice commands that fill your tub with the pre-set temperature and automatic turn off. And on and on. (Artificial intelligence is being utilized with astonishing speed throughout the economy, but nowhere more evident in the home and in devices. The digital 'helpers' send all interactions as well as all information heard in the vicinity, back to their makers. One of the major long time objectives of corporations is rapidly being realized with digital assistants; companies now will have such specific information about an individual that they can target ads and life suggestions to that one person in their home, their car, and any electronic device. The corporations collecting that information [Particularly the frightful Five - Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft] are now more powerful and know far more about individuals than any government entity. It's not Big Brother Government, it's Big Father Biz. Go here for a succinct description of this process in an NPR interview:


EAT YOUR SHARE! 222 POUNDS OF MEAT AND POULTRY.... to be consumed this year. <><><><><<><><><><><><

BEER DRINKING TRENDS A pronounced swing toward craft beers has the Big Beer guys worried. Buying small craft breweries has created a backlash. It also has created lotsa of jobs. In 2017 there were about 69,000 jobs in US breweries up from 27,000 in 2001.

And more bars/restaurants support local brews by not carrying Big Beer. (At Roka we have been serving two tap beers from Old Bisbee Brewing, and this year began offering five craft bottled beers-all Arizona based in an effort to support local brewers in the state. However it gets a little challenging because two of those are from Four Peaks, a craft brewer purchased by Anheuser Busch two years ago. Some of the big guys are buying the little guys.


HAYSUS CRISTO! SIX MINUTES OF SUN IN ONE MONTH! Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in Moscow. They received just six minutes of sun in December! (Yes minutes!) The average amount of sunlight is 18 hours in the month. It's not only Putin that has got them depressed. Likely vodka sales are huge.



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