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#6 March 2019/Tech/Politics/News Sources/ Genitalia Photos


Lotsa stuff here. However for those with prurient interests, the nekkid photos url's are near the bottom.  Due to popular demand (2 people) I've listed most of the sources for info that appear in the Wire. fred $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ YOUR LEGISLATORS IN ACTION My Gaad! The Legislature they be drinkin loony water or somepin.  1289! bills introduced this session by 90 members to be heard in 3 months. Some of these peeps are fuckin prolific, some introduce by those elected who could reasonably seem to be certified... And of course there is nothing about PSPRS reform... Just a very few of the more odious bills... no taxes on pesticides, no mandatory vaccinations, It's communism! decrease charter school oversight while increasing the pool of students, no money for public education or teachers, any legislator and file an complaint if if they don't like what is being taught, young people-under22- exempt from state minimum wage voter suppression making it harder to collect signatures and criminalizing people getting paid to collect sigs, almonds do not lactate duh!--don't label it milk, meat comes from animals-do not label other products meat, anyone can blow dry your hair, repealing legislators immunity/dead on arrivalgas tax raise-dead on arrivallegalize nunchukslimiting time on debatetax on porn to build the wall $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ PROJECTED JOB GROWTH SECOND LOWEST IN STATE FOR SE AZ Cochise, Graham and Greenlee Counties 0.5% annualized growth; 581 jobs"Gains are projected within each of the 10 substate areas with Maricopa County (3.2% annualized growth) and Mohave and La Paz (2.7% annualized growth) projected to record the fastest job growth rates. Maricopa County (138,457 jobs) and Pima County (11,905 jobs) are projected to record the largest job gains. Substate areas projected to record the slowest rates of growth include Santa Cruz County (0.3% annualized growth) and Southeastern Arizona (0.5% annualized growth), respectively. Santa Cruz (101 jobs) and Southeastern Arizona (581 jobs) are also projected to record the fewest job gains over the two-year period"

.......... TECH

LIVING WITHOUT FAMGA Muy dificil! These companies got us by the keyboard and it is very difficult to breathe without the tech gigantuses. Two articles detail the extraordinary lengths necessary to free one from the electronic monopolies. **************************

WANNA JOB VIEWING MURDERS, PORN, HATE SPEECH? 'Content Moderators' are used by Facebook and Instagram to scrub objectionable content like murders, pornography, hate speech and more. One of those companies is in Phoenix. Read about it here:

.......... POLITICS



Used to be difficult to keep up, here's another one in use. They just got fined $5 million for tracking kids.

....................... HEALTHCARE





"One major mystery: what all these bits of plastic might be doing to us. For every tidbit of understanding we gain about the health consequences of chemicals released by plastics, there remains a gyre-sized quantity of unknowns. But a growing body of evidence suggests some chemicals commonly found in many plastics are associated with everything from cancer to underdeveloped genitalia to obesity."



If you’re reading this on a phone, pause and take a second to think about what your neck is doing right now. When your neck is bent 45 degrees forward, you put a weight of about 22 kilograms on the spine. That’s five times the pressure considered normal, and over the course of a year the average smartphone user may rack up an additional 1,000 to 1,400 hours of pressure.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&PHYSICAL CANCER = FINANCIAL CANCER More than 42 percent of the 9.5 million people diagnosed with cancer from 2000 to 2012 drained their life's assets within two years, according to a study published last year in the American Journal of Medicine. Cancer patients are 2.65 times more likely to file for bankruptcy than those without cancer, and bankruptcy puts them at a higher risk for early death, according to research.

..................... Everything Else

NO, NONE ZERO, ZILCH TAXES FOR NETFLIX's $895 MILLION IN REVENUE or AMAZON'S $11 MILLION IN REVENUE. Trump's tax plan is working well...for the uber rich and corporations.


&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& THE GREENING OF THE WORLD

.......................................... News Sources for the Wire

So a couple of readers asked for the sources for info I put in the Wire. Here are most of them. (Coincidental to this listing are the results of this poll about trust in media.   Although there are no comparisons with past polls, the results are startling. The constant attacks on the press by Trump and allies are showing up here. Trust in journalism is declining.) Washington Post (sub) Daily news, The Cybersecurity 202 newsletterThe Technology 202 newsletter New York Times (sub)Daily news tech newsletter   politics newsletter(and they have some 15 other newsletters) The Guardian (donation) Daily News Herald Review (sub) Daily news Bisbee Observer (buy) Weekly news Arizona Star (sub) Daily news Huffington Post (free) Daily News Mother Jones (sub)bi-monthly Bloomberg News (sub) weekly Wired (sub) LESSER KNOW SOURCES....Vox (free)Politics, policy, culture Quartz (free)A 'guide' to the global economy Scrap Facts (free)Scientific reporting on subjects primarily those that don't make it into her regular articles. Motherboard (free)written, video, variety of stuff, lotsa tech   Owned by Vice media.... (for complete info/expose on Vice go here: ) Numlock News free/sub Bits and pieces with urls Significant Digits (free/sub)Bits and pieces with urls FiveThirtyEight (free) solid stats based stuff on politics, elections, sports Popular Information (free/sub) Institute on Economic Policy (free)


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