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BISBEE WIRE #21/2020

editor: fred miller November 16, 2020 #21 November 2020


Several things of note that are happening at the city…the city attorney has resigned, animal shelter and services continues unsettled, City Hall will be in Lowell at the old B&D lumber building, and Tuesday is the last council meeting for Mayor Smith and Ward 1 Councilperson Bill Higgins.

Mayor David Smith has served with honor and diligence I believe, during a time of several severe crises in Bisbee. The City Hall fire and three moves of city hall as a result, the firing of a city manager and hiring of another, trump virus onset, and many others. He has maintained open communication with residents utilizing social media and has tried to respond to the varied calls for information. No matter how you feel about his manner or his ways of doing things, our community owes him a debt of gratitude for helping guide us through tumultuous times.

Councilperson Bill Higgins has also been diligent the past years of his term, he has done his homework and has been present for the issues concerning his Ward. Balancing the needs of businesses as well as residents in his Ward he has done well representing his constituents.

James Ledbetter resigned as city attorney. I think he has been competent in representing Bisbee on several difficult issues. I don’t know if there was a particular reason-there was none in his resignation letter-but my speculation is that he may have a conflict with the lawsuit against the city by incoming Mayor-elect Ken Budge. See agenda item #8 as the CM has hired another firm and is asking councill approval. (I thought that all contracts over $5000 had to go through a RFP process???? This obviously isn't going that route.)

It will be good for city employees to work in a safe space. The Tovreaville site was unsafe because of electrical problems. City administrative employees, Ashleee Coronado, Nina Williams, Keri Bagley, Grace Wiggins, Yvonne Ward, KIm Sundvik, Angelica Coronodo, Joe Ward, and a few others I missed, have soldiered on despite suffering severe disruptions in their work sites. This will be the fourth City Hall in as many years. It is truly amazing that we have the quality of work coming from these employees that we do, given their almost constant packing and unpacking, setting up and taking down computer systems, lack of air conditioning or heating problems. It would be more than nice if the council would publicly recognize their good work amidst almost constant disruption.

One problem with the new location is it does not have a large enough room to hold council meetings with participants so that's something that has to be solved but I don't think that that's in insurmountable problem . It may be that Bisbee Breakfast Club could rent their space to the city or there are several churches that have annexes that would be compatible with community meetings, it's not a difficult problem.

And the animal shelter and animal control services are still up in the air about who is going to do what for how long with stray animals. Agenda Items 9, 10, 11. The IGA with the SV shelter in Item 11 will likely not sit well. Hopefully there will be a time out in the form of a couple months of emergency funding running the shelter as per the current contract, while we as a community and city administrators figure out just what it is that we want for an animal shelter and Animal Services.

Looking in from the outside it is difficult to figure out what the problems are. I suspect there is enough blame-if you want to play that zero sum game-to go around but given a little time I think that a contract could be written that serves the city as well as codify what residents would like in an animal shelter.

There is widespread backing for FBAS to continue as evidenced by the 200+ people who rallied Sunday in support of the Friends of the Bisbee Animal Shelter. (I still think it should be rearranged as Friends of the Animals of Bisbee Shelter (FABS)

Perhaps a public social media or city website page coud be set up and used specifically soliciting suggestions for what individuals want included for animal control services might be one way of including as many residents as possible.The city would list what their requirements are for shelter operations, and residents add their two cents.The city, hopefully with a few residents, would then tabulate the suggestions and put in a contract form. This would obviate the necessity of a public meeting.


A brief note…

Three weeks ago I went into Saint Joseph hospital for spinal Fusion surgery technically it was; a C3-C7 decompression and fusion in order to address my severe cervical stenosis, as well as a right-sided C4-C5 foraminotomy to address my right C5 radiculopathy with motor weakness.

It was a defensive decision to have surgery. Even though I had only non-pain symptoms of weakened shoulder muscles, several tests showed severe compression and that if I fell, suddenly lurched, was hit from behind in a car, or a myriad of other mishaps; I could be paralyzed.

Soooo...I was fitted for a neck brace that I will wear for three months. And tried to idiot-proof the house as best we could so that I could reach things and wouldn't do the things I shouldn't do, which are categorized as BLT; bending lifting, twisting.

The surgery was successful according to my surgeon Dr. Ryan Kretzer and I will know more the end of the month at a follow up.

I've been home about three weeks and progressing well. However it is having to unlearn lifelong habits. Unfortunately our refrigerator crapped out the day I came home, so we have made do, (with the help of our friends) with a small refrigerator and a couple of coolers. Fortunately for the past two weeks people made dinner for us (thank you!) and brought it by the house with good wishes and and invitations to call on them whenever we needed any help of any kind…extremely gratifying and very helpful for Anita who has been doing all the work. I am a lucky man to have friends such as these and a loving partner who takes care of me better than she does herself.



TUESDAY 11/17 7;00

Due to Covid 19 this meeting will be conducted electronically by Zoom and Facebook. The public can join, listen and view the meeting as follows: City’s Facebook page ( A Facebook account is not necessary.

Zoom by calling in at 1-346-248-7799 or by the following link the meeting/webinar ID is 892 2723 9279.

The public can submit comments that will be read at the dais by a staff member to Citizens can also be recognized to speak during the meeting only if they sign up ahead of time at the email address above. Please indicate if you are signing up to speak under Call to the Public or a specific item number.

Background here: then click on November 17

Of Interest:

#5 This is the second amendment to the original 2018 contract/agreement for Jacobs dba/Operations Management International to operate the wastewater treatment plant. The sum for this year is $769,205 ($694,205 plus $75,000 for repairs)

#6 OKs a grant by the AZ Department of Military Affairs (DEMA) and matched by a private donor and AZ Water, to conduct 2 feasabilty studies to develop a plan to upgrade/repair the Bisbee Fire Supression System. One study to look specifically at bridges on Tombstone. Timeline is about 14 months and include public meeting(s). Very detailed about what is to be looked at by engineers. Primarily in OB. (Lots of paperwork to do in addition to the actual studies)

#7 Approval for xmas decorations on Main St. by a Netflix funded group,Blue Revolver. No cost to the city, no apparent downside and Bisbee will be part of a national project to light up small towns for xmas.

#8 The CM has retained the services of Gust Rosenfeld law firm. This agreement is up for approval by the council. A discounted rate of $260 p/hour was negotiated. Representation will be mostly remote. Paralegals and law clerks billed at a lower rate. The retainer was waived by the law firm. There does not seem to be a hourly limit on the provided legal services.

#9, 10, 11...Reflecting the ongoing problems with the animal control/care services, these 3 agenda items were not on the original agenda, but added Monday when an amended agenda was issued. Propelled by the city offering a RFP, the FBAS responded but did not include specified information (check FB for more info), and was deemed non-responsive.

#9 An attorney for FBAS, working pro bono, requesting 90 day emergency funding while offering to work on a compromise arrangement with the city, possibly another RFP, to continue FBAS animal services.

#10 is a straightforward request to approve 3 months emergency funding at the current arrangement for FBAS to continue to provide animal services. During the 3 month period, It also includes a request for a comprehensive review of alternative animal control services to include input from the public, mayor, and council.

#11 This is a request by the CM to council to approve an IGA tween the City and the City of Sierra Vista for animal care services to begin Jan 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. The background contains information about fee schedule, days of care. etc. Any stray animals captured within the Bisbee city limits would be dropped off at the Nancy Brua animal care center in SV by a Bisbee ACO, Bisbee employee, or volunteer.


3. Possible Approval of a Motion to go into Executive Session for the purpose of Discussion and Consultation with the City Attorney to provide legal guidance on pending matters, Claims and Contracting/Procurement.

James Ledbetter, City Attorney

Kristin Mackin, Counsel for the City

4. Discussion and Possible Action on Notice of Claim with Slusser.

Theresa Coleman, City Manager

5. Discussion and Possible Approval of Amendment No. 2 to the Jacobs Agreement for Operations, Maintenance and Management Services for the City of Bisbee San Jose Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Jesus Haro, Public Works Director

6. Discussion and Possible Approval to accept a Grant from the Department of Emergency Affairs for the City of Bisbee Fire Suppression System.

Theresa Coleman, City Manager

7. Discussion and Possible Approval for Blue Revolver Inc. to place a Holiday Installation on Main Street.

David M. Smith, Mayor

8. Discussion and Possible Approval of an Engagement Letter for Legal Services with Gust Rosendfeld.

Theresa Coleman, City Manager

9. Discussion and Possible Action on a Memorandum of Request for Temporary 90-day Funding for the Friends of Bisbee Animal Shelter.

Jim Ledbetter, City Attorney

10. Discussion and Possible Approval of up to three months of Emergency Funding under the current arrangement with the Friends of the Bisbee Animal Shelter for the continued operation of the Bisbee Animal Shelter to exclusively care for animals from inside City of Bisbee limits; to allow for a more comprehensive review of potential alternatives and conditions by Mayor and Council with appropriate public input.

Bill Higgins, Councilmember Ward I

Leslie Johns, Councilmember Ward I

11. Discussion and Possible Approval of an Interagency Governmental Agreement between the City of Sierra Vista and City of Bisbee for Animal Care Services.

Theresa Coleman, City Manager

12. City Manager's Report:

  • Clarification Email

  • Other Current events (No Discussion)

COUNCIL COMMENTS OR FUTURE AGENDA ITEM SUGGESTIONS: (Council members may suggest topics for future meeting agendas, but Council will not here discuss, deliberate or take any action on these topics.):




If there were any lingering doubts about living in a conservative county, this election will enlighten you. This is the way the county voted (and then how the state/district voted in italics). This is the final unofficial County election results. (The state/district percents may vary a few decimals from below as the last votes are counted) Election turnout was 74.33%. Go here for notes and final figures:



Proposition 402 that raised the bed tax to 5% passed 56.21% yes to 43.79% no.

On the other hand Proposition 403 which would have raised the sales tax 1% to 10.6% went down to defeat by a margin of 67.26% no 32.74% yes. This will have some repercussions as the budget contains revenue projections based on this sales tax passing.

Propositions 404 through 415 all pertained to the city charter and all passed with somewhere in the area of 60 to 70% yes the one exception was proposition 40 Proposition 408 which had to do with bonding of the city manager that was defeated and will remain in the charter

These charter votes were very gratifying to myself because there were many of us on the charter committee that worked for months to revise the charter in a way that we thought strengthened the guiding document for our governance.

There were three seats up for grabs Bisbee school board, Carol Loy has one and the other two seats go to Christopher Vertrees/1506 and Ann Litrell/1493. Allison Williams was a close fourth 1447.

Cochise County

For Cochise Country District 2 Board of Supervisors Democrat Anne English was reelected and won with 54.01% of the vote over Lori Kilpatrick with 45.59% of the vote. District 3 re-elected Peggy Judd running unopposed. However Tom Crosby won district one unopposed and he is a notorious conservative so we'll see some fireworks at the County level.

Republican Jackie Clay the incumbent County School Superintendent won with 62.54% of the vote over Democrat Sharon Thomas who garnered 37.27%.

There were several County offices, won including sheriff, attorney, assessor, recorder, and treasurer that were all unopposed with all Republicans in office.

A very close race for Superior Court division Five Anne Carl was leading and in the last several days her lead dwindled and Jason Lindstrom ended up beat Karl by about 1000 votes. Lindstrom 36.75% to Carl 34.82%

State Propositions

For statewide proposition 207 the marijuana legalization initiative it had 55.18% yes and 44.82% no votes Statewide 60% yes, 40% no

On the other hand proposition 208 the initiative to tax higher earning income for education was 51.67%, no 48.33% yes. Statewide 52% Yes, 48% no

State Legislative

David Gowan had 60.72% of the vote to Bob Karp Democrat 39.09% of the vote for State Senator for Arizona representatives district 14. Districtwide Gowan 63%, Karp 37%.

For State rep Gail Griffin had 31.83% of the vote Becky Nutt had 31.06% of the vote Democrats Moschetti and Condos each had 19.751% an 17.47% respectively. Districtwide Griffin & Nutt 32%, Moschetti & Condos 17,%, 15% respectively

One Democrat Anne Tovar, won one Corporation commissioner seat, Republicans two, so the Commission stays in Republican hands with three Republicans and two Democrats.

District 2 House

For District 2 Congressional representative, Brandon Martin had 58.76% of the vote to Democrat Kirkpatrick 41.01% of the vote. Districtwide…Kirkpatrick 55.8%, Martin 44.2%


Martha McSally had 58.451% of the vote, Mark Kelly had 41.23% of the vote. Statewide Kelley 51.3%, McSally 48.7%


Trump took 58.61% of the vote Biden had 39.12% of the vote. Statewide 51.% /Biden, 48.0% Trump


++++++++++++++++++RANDOM ITEMS+++++++++++++++++









Ships are headed for the scrapyard as this weird year pushes owners to reassess their fleets and weigh the usefulness of their vessels against rising prices for scrap metal. Through October, 557 ships were slated for demolition, ahead of the pace that saw 889 demolitions in 2019 given the three-month closure that scrapyards endured with the rest of us. Though we’ll finish below the 1,996 vessels recycled in 2012, this year is seeing significant turnover in a few specific types of vessels like cruise ships and car carriers, but particularly ore carriers, of which 22 have been sent to scrap, just shy of double last year’s annual total. Operators can get about 20 percent of the original purchase price of a 25-year-old ship selling it to a recycling company, and India is offering $370 per ton of steel, up 30 percent from Q2.

An anatomy of the oil industry’s efforts to influence public opinion in the face of increasing political pressure over climate change.




During the past couple of years Anita and I have gotten hooked on Scandinavian TV. Real life characters, not so pretty, well plotted and acted, these series are interesting. Damned if we didn't get cold watching them since many of them are shot in winter weather. I put this list together for a friend and was surprised at how many series we have watched. I guess that says something about us.

****The BridgeHulu…Excellent…good characters, very good plot..swedish/danish (also a US version was made worth watching but not as good.) ****The Killing (Forbrydelsen -The Crime)…can’t find where it is streaming…danish maybe here …Hulu…Excellent…US version… ****Deadwind….Netflix…Excellent…politics, environment, murder can’t go wrong… norwegian ****Bordertown…Netflix…Excellent…enigmatic police guy intuits happenings…finland ****OccupiedNetflix… Excellent drama/crime… norwegian ****Nobel… Netflix…Excellent….politics intertwined with Afghanistan service….norwegian **** Case…Netflix…Excellent…multi-level plot…Iceland **** TrappedAmazon prime…Excellent…headless bodies, good characters…iceland …………. FalletNetflix…Very Good…Kind of comedy drama…swedish RagnarokNetflix…Very good…intertwines norse mythology with teen drama…norwegian QuicksandNetflix…Very good…investigation of student accused of school shooting..swedish Valhalla MurdersNetflix…Very good…good characters…Iceland Department Q…Netflix…Very Good…based on clever books, good characters..danish Top Of The LakeHulu…Very good…first season, second no so much…UK set in NZ BorderlinerNetflix…Good….plot wanders a bit but overall worthwatching….sweden Wallander Season 1 and 3 (Hulu), Season 2 (Amazon Video)…Good…based on the Henning Mankell’s books Young WallanderNetflix …Ok…sucky ending Midnight SunHulu…Sweden….good ****A few others**** The Fall…Excellent UnforgottenAmazon…Excellent CollateralNetflix…Excellent *****Light funny tv series**** Angie Tribeca (hulu)…if you like the humor of Airplane and Naked Gun watch this Case de las Flores (house of flowers) Netflix…dubbed Mexican comedy/drama, give it two episodes it is worth the time. Episodes netflix...LA TV sit com setting about writers and actors with some nice jabs at LA and TV culture, we got hooked although some episodes were ho-hum. five seasons.



Courtesy of RC in Alaska.

Went to this horrible bar called the fiddle it was really a vile inn.

Man injured in bizarre Peek-A-Boo accident! He's in ICU.

Due to the quarantine I'll only be doing inside jokes.

If someone knows how to fix broken hinges, my door is always open.

News alert! Police car loses wheels to thief ! Cops are working tirelessly to nab suspect.

A perfectionist walked into the bar apparently it wasn't set high enough.

Cold? Go stand in the corner it's 90 degrees.

I wanted to be a monk but Alas I never got the chants.


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