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editor: fred miller January 1, 2021 #24 January 2021


I have successfully resisted summing up this year suffice to say it is done. But as a wise person told me 'every silver lining has a cloud' and so we will drag the toxic remnants of this year into the new.

Cafe Roka anniversary! Opened NY eve 1991, (I think) so technically beginning the 30th year, but the 29th year of full operation. Congrats to Sally Holcomb and Rod Kass for building such a wonderful, quality, community based business. I joined with millions of others whose NYE rituals have been disrupted, disbanded, and postponed; vaguely missing something important that I didn't know was important. NYE was the first time in 27 years I didn't have on my tux, sparkly turtle shirt studs, red bow tie and red cummerbund and welcome guests to the new year from behind the bar. On the brighter side, I had a lovely NYE dinner with Anita, the first in 27 years, that brought home what a lucky man I am. This sad year is behind us and hopefully all of us will go forth and do the good things necessary to make wherever we are a better place. fred

I leave you with these two gems:

Bah-bye,bah-bye....funny tube; go here:

And the annual.... DAVE BARRY'S YEAR IN REVIEW



COVID VACCINE UPDATED CHANGES Cochise County Health has revised the guidelines for receiving the vaccine based on new Center for Disease Control and Prevention as of 12/29. Anyone 75 and older is now moved to Phase 1B along with non-frontline medical personnel.Phase 1A remains unchanged and 1C now is for persons aged 65-74 or adults 16-64 with compromised medical conditions. You can see the chart here: To register, if you are Phase 1A or 1B go here: (As of 12/31 there were a few problems with the registration process.) .................. Yoo Hoo... Restaurant and Bars Peeps....grant money for going outside According to a recent Bisbee city council decision, restaurants and bars may apply to temporarily extend their premises outdoors. This grant program is designed to help with the infrastructure to move inside dining outside. Safest Outside Restaurant Assistance Program The State of Arizona created the Safest Outside Restaurant Assistance Program, which is designed to assist bars and restaurants with funding for the infrastructure needed to expand their premises. With $1 million total in the fund, businesses may apply for up to $10,000 to cover expenditures for items restaurants need to extend their premises to approved outdoor spaces such as outdoor furniture, barriers, patio heaters, or parklets. Go here: ............ One of the many delights of Pan Terra is their funny emails sometimes starring the inimitable Chuck Feil. Go here to sign up:


The Schoolhouse Inn is up for auction. Date is March 9, 2012 11:00 at the courthouse.fmi...trustee Kim Quam 602 282-6188 It is also still for sale, inquiries may be made at 714 848-9272 ..... LIBRARY EMAIL LIST The Bisbee library does our town proud with many services including curbsite pickup, zooms, and lotsa kids stuff. Get acquainted by getting their newsletter. Get on it, go here: Get the library tube: ................. TOWNS THAT DAZZLE IN THE WINTER....BISBEE!


PLANNING AND ZONING MEETING January 7 5:30 access here: A few interesting agenda items...

....Someone had applied then retracted the application for a transfer of city property, unaddressed, with a description of 'south of Commerce St. and East of the City parking lot on Main Street'. The city will likely put this up for auction. (This is directly below the house that used to be called the crystal palace, and to the right of the turn into commerce street. It is a small steep piece of land where people park illegally. )

...An application to rezone 60 Main St. from R-1 to CM-2 This is a new address now occupied by Getsum burgers. (CM-2 permits an applicant to operate a mobile food vending at the location. It also allows for an owner to potentially use the property for a variety of commercial uses, 2 family dwellings,, apt. house, condos as well as uses currently allowed under R-1 zoning.)



...then ya gotta help out.... Do you walk or bike or wanna walk or bike in Bisbee? Give your input on the Shared Use Path Feasibility Study. take a survey about possible use of the SUPF go here: ...Join a Zoom Community Meeting Jan 15th, 3:00pm. See the plan here; .............. Mayor Budge sent me several items about APS that are worthwhile checking into. *A rebate covering the cost on a nest smart thermostat "They are also providing a program for installing car chargers for free to businesses, fleet vehicles and communities if the city were to pay for the power. (This is being looked at by one organization already). "APS non-residential customers, who currently do not have any EV charging equipment onsite for employees or fleet vehicles, as well as multifamily communities, may apply at for installations in 2020 - 2021. Please keep in mind that funding is limited and not all customers who qualify will be selected to participate. " *APS has a website listing service for businesses or property for sale. See it at @@@@@@@@@@@


BISBEE BUDGET In her monthly report on November financials, treasurer Keri Bagley said that tax revenue is slightly behind projections at 39.3%. City tax is lagging by $76,000 and state tax is about $26,000. There was an increase in the ambulance rate, but revenue continues low which may indicate a collection of fees problem that she is looking into. Services are about $209,000 short of projections with about 25% some of that due to budget projections of $90k for ambulance subscriptions that are to date are $0 and fewer ambulance fees because of the deal with AZ ambulance. Fire inspections were also anticipated to bring in revenue but have been waived for businesses. And, although she did not note it, there was an assumption built into the budget that the 1% sales tax would pass; it didn't. Although November general fund revenue was better than October, it is still behind projections. Some of that may be because some taxes and revenue (property taxes) that came in the end of November were not entered into the system because of the loss of power at city hall. December’s end will be the midpoint in the fiscal year and a good time to look at projections and revenue to see what adjustments may need to be made. HOME SALES November had the fewest sales since April of this year. That said, in a traditionally slow month there were 12 sales in November for $2,156,150; (and one sale for $700,000 outside of OB.) Last year in November there were 10 sales worth $1,360,000. (with the exception of 2018, there have been less than 10 home sales in November for the past five years.) Five house were sold in OB, two in Warren, two on SJ, and four scattered. A two room house on Brewery Gulch sold for $179,000. The building at 30 Main housing the Olive oil shop has sold for $425,000 (ask was $449k). A ranch on hwy 80 near the shrine sold for $700,000 (ask was $800k). Two houses across from each other on O’Hara/OB sold for $109k and $357k. BUILDING PERMITS November is usually a fairly robust month of remodeling and improvements however it has been slow period of permits, $150,609, about $100k less that previous years. All permits were for residential home improvements; solar installation, HVAC, sewer renewal, and other upkeep things. There was no commercial activity. SALES (These November stats are for actual sales reported for September) Bed taxes, hotel taxes, and restaurant/bar are about the same as last month. Retail dropped by about $10k as did grocery/food. Internet sales bumped up about $2K over last month. Compared to November last year, Bed taxes, hotel taxes, and restaurant/bar are down $1k, $2k, and $10k respectively. Retail is down $10k, and grocery down about $10k. Illustrating the effect of the Trump virus, the stats vividly show that visitation is down while retail and grocery are up. June through November 2020/2019: restaurant/bar down $27k…..2020/$129, 221, 2019/$166,516 Bed tax down $10k…. 2020/$39,049, 2019/$48,353 Hotel tax down $12k ...2020/$55,176, 2019/$67,195 SOCIAL MEDIA/WEBSITE The Visitor Center remains closed and it was revealed last month that the half time position has been terminated. November hued closely to October figures not showing a dreaded dropoff, that is a good thing these days. Facebook, Instagram, and the newsletter continue to grow albeit slowly. was down for about a week, consequently all numbers were down. Average minutes on the site however was about the same at 2.2 minutes. Average ages for users....facebook 35-44; Instagram 25-34; website 65+ <><><><><><><><>

Articles of Incorporation

Solace Care Solutions

71 Cochise Row

Agent:Samantha Sutherland


CITY OF BISBEE EMPLOYMENT Animal Control Officer-Part Time Communications Officer Police Officer Admin Assistant-part time Fire Captain Fire Lieutenant Firefighter and always police volunteers <><><><><><><><> BUILDINGS FOR SALE These are taken from Century 21 & Berkshire Hathaway listing and although down as active, sometimes the date of the listing is not noted. The Bisbee Royale $450,000 94 Main Contessa's Cantina $365,000 202 Tombstone Canyon Gardens at Mile High $800,000 901 Tombstone Canyon Bisbee Realty/Lyric $485,000 10 Naco Rd La Ramada $349,000 1948 S. Naco Hwy Bisbee Office Supply $285,000 1115 S Naco Hwy Tacho's Tacos $280,000 1335 S. Naco Hwy @@@@@@@@@@@

Regular Council Meeting 7:00 Tuesday January 5

Due to Covid 19 this meeting will be conducted electronically by Zoom and Facebook. The public can join, listen and view the meeting as follows:

  • City’s Facebook page ( A Facebook account is not necessary.

  • Zoom by calling in at 1-346-248-7799 or by the following link the meeting/webinar ID is 893 5245 8345.

  • The public can submit comments that will be read at the dais by a staff member to All comments shall be submitted by no later than Tuesday at noon. Citizens can also be recognized to speak during the meeting only if they sign up ahead of time at the email address above. Please indicate if you are signing up to speak under Call to the Public or a specific item number.

Of Interest:

#1 paying the bills.....check out how the City spends the dough

#4 bringing a public events application into compliance with the State trump virus mandates.

#5 not in discussion background till Monday, apparantly still being negotiated.

#7 discussion of zoning changes as a result of the passage of the recreational marijuana Act aka; doobie dabblin, reefer madness, skunk smellin, visitin aunt mary, muggle madness, dank dungeon, reefer wranglin, ganja gettin, bringin the bong, catchin the cann-a-bus, et al.

#8 lotsa legal stuff discussed in closed session; claim/Nolan Gouguet, lawsuit/Christianne Bovee, employment claim,/Ramon Borbon, claim/Carolyn Sue Harris.


INVOCATION: A Moment of Silence






1. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Subject to availability of funds

  1. Approval of the Consent Agenda

  2. Approval of the Appointment of Cynthia Conroy to the Streets and Infrastructure Committee.

  3. Approval of the Liquor License Application for L.A. Engle Jr American Legion Post #16 Located at 1422 Highway 92, Bisbee, AZ; Kendall Mack Tilghman, Applicant.


3. Discussion and Possible Approval of a SEAGO (Southeastern Arizona Government Organization) bus voucher sale agreement.

Jesus Haro, Public Works Director

4. Discussion and Possible Approval of a procedure for approval of Public Events in compliance to Executive Order 2020-59.

Theresa Coleman, City Manager

5. Discussion and Possible Approval to Enter into an Agreement to provide Animal Care Services with the Friends of the Bisbee Animal Shelter.

Theresa Coleman, City Manager

**Please Note: The Animal Care Services Agreement will be supplemented to the agenda on Monday, January 4th once the terms of the agreement have been resolved**

6. Discussion and Possible Approval of a Professional Services Agreement for a Historic Building Structure Report between the City of Bisbee and Poster, Mirto, McDonald Architecture Planning Preservation.

Jason Macoviak, Library Manager

7. Discussion and Possible Direction to City Attorney regarding preparation of a Zoning Code amendment related to Recreational Marijuana.

Joe Estes, City Attorney

8. Possible Approval of a motion to go into Executive Session for the following matters:

1. An executive session pursuant to A.R.S. ⧠38-431.03(a)(3) for discussion or consultation with the city attorney to provide legal advice on a notice of claim from Nolan Gouguet.

2. An executive session pursuant to A.R.S. ⧠38-431.03(a)(3) for discussion or consultation with the city attorney to provide legal advice on a lawsuit filed by Christianne Bovee.

3. An executive session pursuant to A.R.S. ⧠38-431.03(a)(3) for discussion or consultation with the city attorney to provide legal advice on an employment claim filed by Ramon Borbon.

4. An executive session pursuant to A.R.S. ⧠38-431.03(a)(3) for discussion or consultation with the city attorney to provide legal advice on a notice of claim from Carolyn Sue Harris.

Per ARS § 38-431.03(A3)(A4) , the City Council may vote to go into executive session for discussion or consultation for legal advice with the attorney or attorneys of the public body and for Discussion or consultation with the attorneys of the public body in order to consider its position and instruct its attorneys regarding the public body's position regarding contracts that are the subject of negotiations, in pending or contemplated litigation or in settlement discussions conducted in order to avoid or resolve litigation.

Joseph Estes, City Attorney

9. City Manager's Report:

  • Other Current events (No Discussion)


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