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editor: fred Miller April 25 ,2021 # 30 4/2021


Got this out a bit late, cause the budget hearings have begun tonight. There is a rundown below of a few items and a link to the draft budget.

The budget is the most important governing document for the city because is the blueprint for the future by allocating funds for the entire year. Give it a look.

To Anon: Thanks for the seeds, a few have begun to pop in my lil greenhouse.



Will Nathan's Object Hotel/former Woolworth building at 29 Main St. gets the glamor treatment in architectural digest.


Saturday, April 30th, 9-1

May Day Celebration at the Saturday Morning Market–Vista Park. A mini MAKE event from Central School. Maypole Dance, May Baskets, May Day Crafts, Parade, T-shirt stenciling (bring your own shirt), make Mother’s Day Cards–lots of great activities for our little people!


Saturday, April 30th, 4-5:30

Bless the Bees, Birds & Butterflies - A Garden Talk at Calumet & Arizona Guest House–608 Powell St.

Sip, snack & socialize with your Warren neighbors & visitors as the Bisbee Bloomers teach us how we can create a wildlife habitat garden in our own yards. The Bloomers will also share recommendations on what native plants can help ensure your habitat garden thrives & attracts wildlife! Come early to explore the garden and fabulous Mission Revival designed in 1906 by noted Southwest architect Henry C. Trost. Seating is limited.



Ya gotta go if only to meet one of the most inspiring women ever!

Saturday May 7, 4:00-5:30

RSVP for reservation and location: Danny Caroll 913 485-1963 or


Tuesday, May 10, 6:30 pm

Historic Warren Community meeting at Bisbee Boys & Girls Club, 405 Arizona. Renters, property and

business owners welcome.


BISBEE ROTARY ONLINE ART AUCTION Features a variety of Bisbee artists, the auction will run Sunday 5/1 to 5/16 at 7pm. Sign up now to bid at Do you have something to donate? Go to the site and use the contact page. ARTISTS: We are willing to do a split if you would like. Contact us from the website.



One of a few very good newsletters that have sprung up from laid off journalists from large publications. Give em a try.

Click link below for a 30% off discount for Wire readers for a one-year annual subscription:


Monday, April 25, 2022 through Thursday, April 28, starting at 5:30 PM each day. Go Here for the draft budger: This is the document to pay attention to because these sessions are where the council decides to spend or not spend money. Part experience, part history, and part guesswork, departments have submitted their wish lists to the treasurer and she has prepared this draft. Salaries, goods, contracts, equipment, services and more are all decided here. Once the budget is set and passed, the agreed on sum cannot increased although monies can be shifted between departments. So if you want more streets money, or tourism funds, or increase/decrease in admin for a department, or police patrols, or , or, or...

Most departments have modest bumps due to inflation. A few standouts though... Some things to look for. The total budget is $10,270,049 Police Department budget is $2,581,330 Fire Department budget is $2,831,496 Total combined Public Safety $5,412,826 (aways a big chunk of the general fund) PSPRS payment is $1,703,645 or 16.5% of the total budget. PSPRS payments are projected to increase $1million in the next 15 years. Revenue is not projected to bring in that increased amount. At some point before that, services will begin to be cut. Tourism budget projected to increase to $230,000. That includes a heft bump in advertising from $50k to $89k. Will not contract out marketing beginning in July, It will be handled in house by the new tourism/visitor center manager. Housing Initiative is budgeted at $300,000 AGENDA

  1. Presentation and Discussion of the Proposed Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 and Possible Direction to staff for changes to be made prior to formal approval.

Stephen J. Pauken, City Manager Keri Bagley, Finance Director


They are still at it, making it more difficult for teachers, banning books, putting roadblocks in the way of voters. Some of them believe lies, and promote lies. Great example for kids. Some of these people have no shame, they will say anything to get their 15 seconds of attention. Right and Wrong, as an ethical standard, is gone. The moral compass is a a thing of the past. I'm still waiting for traditional republicans to say something, anything, to show that their party is not what is being represented.



If you want to pore over districts in any state, this site below has the legislative and congressional districts in every state. If you choose Arizona, you can see the boundaries of every Congressional district and Legislative district. CD 7 (ours) you can see demographic info. For instance Bisbee and Douglas are now in a 60% hispanic district (28% white). CD6, our former district that includes the remainder of Cochise County, much of Graham and Greenlee counties is 63% white (24% hispanic).

As you can see before redistricting, the voting from our former district included more of Tucson and was the 2020 races were almost equal in how people voted. Not so now.

This site has an astounding amount of information if you want to drill deep by using various tools provided.

A demographic comparison in Congressional districts Congressional district 7/Bisbee Pop%Total794,611100.0%White226,11028.5%Hispanic475,26759.8%Black43,7525.5%Asian23,8153.0%Native49,3226.2%Pacific3,1730.4% Voting Age Pop 2020 Pop%Total601,175100.0%White197,76332.9%Hispanic333,55455.5%Black29,7544.9%Asian18,1433.0%Native35,0155.8%Pacific2,1620.4% Composite 2016-2020 Votes%Democratic155,99665.5%Republican77,00132.3%Other5,1422.2%Congressional district 6/Cochise Pop%Total794,611100.0%White501,70763.1%Hispanic196,56724.7%Black41,1065.2%Asian37,1984.7%Native28,3943.6%Pacific4,9760.6% Voting Age Pop 2020 Pop%Total642,434100.0%White432,64267.3%Hispanic136,92321.3%Black27,9634.4%Asian27,6984.3%Native20,6163.2%Pacific3,5080.5% Composite 2016-2020 Votes%Democratic173,28447.1%Republican187,12750.9%Other7,2962.0%

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