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BISBEE WIRE #38/Economy/houses sold where you live/Royale-Legion-Lyric econ dev/council agenda/Bisbe

editor: fred miller October 17, 2022 #38 Oct/22


Alert for OB/Saginaw voters.....check your ballot for props 420 and 422, an error was made and you might have the wrong ballot. See info below. An alert reader spotted an error last voting issue. Re Prop 421:, that is a 1 PERCENT tax, not a 1 CENT tax! See below for a fuller explanation of the measure. My apologies. Thanks SW.

And I jumped at a conclusion when I saw the demolition of the old city hall as a past council agenda item. I thought it was the entrance, but no such luck (I favor getting rid of it) as Mayor Budge made clear in an email...

"We are not tearing down the front entrance of old city hall. Rather the demolition you see in the current bid is to remove what is left of the below ground (basement) footings and walls. Then fill in the hole to meet compaction standards. This will allow any future work to be bid on a solid flat base. The lowest bid when it was included in the building bid was for $287.000, now we are getting it done for $142,500. We are trying to save costs wherever possible." The Bisbee Foundation will be again be hosting a workshop on the legal responsibilities of non-profit board members in January. A similar workshop was held pre-pandemic and was full to capacity. For more information send an email to We went to the opening of the Premier Alliance gardens a couple weeks ago, I suggest you drive down Naco Hwy and stop by. The Premier folks, headed up by John Charley, have created a wonderfully calming space. Open to the public, the serene space is perfect for book reading or walking and musing. And once again the Bisbee 1000 hosted a successful event this past weekend. Thank you to Bisbee Vogue. fred



The County Elections office has said that some 500 ballots were sent with a significant error regarding the AMA (ie, Propositions 420 and 422: namely, that the proposition was missing from some ballots that was supposed to have it, and was on some that weren't supposed to have it.

They will be sending out corrected ballots to all affected voters, but meanwhile


For Bisbee residents, if you live in Old Bisbee or Saginaw you should have Prop 422 on your ballot; if you don't live in those areas, you should have neither 420 nor 422 on your ballot.

If you live in the Willcox Basin, you should have Prop 420 on your ballot, not Prop 422.



SO FILL OUT AND MAIL IN YOUR NEW BALLOT WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT. THAT'S THE ONLY ONE THAT WILL BE COUNTED. ............ I want to clarify information about Prop 421, the 1% sales tax. I support it. VOTE YES! However I did not understand the why the revenue from the tax was not going to be apportioned according to a percent formula. After reading Mayor Budge's article and talking with him on the radio, it is much clearer. Here's what it is: The 1% tax will replace a tax that will sunset in February. That tax funds some of the streets and roads repairs. The new continuing tax will do that but some of the revenue about 50% in the first couple of years, will be divided roughly equally with a 'rainy day' fund for the public pension system. After that there will be decisions (by the council) about where and how much money to allocate to either of those sources depending on the need. If PSPRS has problems or it is better to pay off the bond that paid off the unfunded liability, then they may do that, or if a specific street has a cataclysmic problem, money may be used for that. Much more could be said, but that's it as concisely as I can put it.

...............BISBEE STUFF................

COUNCIL MEETING TUESDAY, OCT. 18 7:00 Background here: Of interest: #3 Post Office Lease I only scanned this but I did not see any additional provision for improved access. #4 Hillcrest This item has little information just a bid for renovation for affordable Housing. #6 Budget An explanation of revising some budget estimates. #9 Lighting code #10 Regs for Short Term Rentals New regs spelling out permitting and other details. Take a look. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SPOOKY BISBEE MENTIONED TWICE! ............... THIS WEEK IN BISBEE Oct. 11-18. Steve also includes name and contact info for all venues in Bisbee in each calendar. ............... ELECTRIC HIGHWAY 80...Benson to Wilcox? The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) will host a public open house Oct. 19 in Tucson to share the details of its plan to develop a network of electric vehicle fast charging stations along interstate highways in Arizona using new federal funding through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program. The meeting will be the first in a series of public meetings throughout the state to share details of the initial plan implementation and seek public input on which additional highways throughout the state should be added to the ADOT EV network. The meeting will be held: Wednesday, Oct. 19 from 5-7 p.m. Ramada by Wyndham 777 W. Cushing St. in Tucson. More info and comments to: .................. CELEBRATING THE GREAT BISBEE ART WEEKEND October 21, 22, 23 Ya gotta go to this. Art! Music! Circus! Lowell is the place. Get your glad rags on "For Arts's Sake" preview & fundraiser on Friday night, $50 tickets necessary at the url below. On the 22nd, 23rd, a full slate of Bisbee artists will be showcased as well as a stage with various Bisbee musicians and bands playing Sat & Sun. Additonally Aerie Studio will be doing a range of circus arts throughout the day. The centerpiece of the Bisbee Festival of the Arts is a large exhibition of the work of 130 Bisbee artists. From ceramics to sculpture, jewelry to painting: one of the most comprehensive shows of what the Bisbee art community has to offer. AND ALSO ON SATURDAY/22... The B.R.A.T.S. (not to be confused with brats) will be rollin down Tombstone about 4:30. Ya gotta see em to believe em. These gravity propelled art carts defy comprehension; How Do They Doobie It! They will be accompanied by the world famous Bisbee Kazoo Band. The BKB likely has the most challenging requirement for any musical group in the world to join: You have to upright and breathe. Kazoos supplied. Go do it, fun, fun. And there will be an impromptu party on Subway Street that is stone Bisbee. ............. LOVE OF MUSIC RETURNS! Sunday, Oct 23 at 3 PM, the concert series For the Love of Music will present the first event in the 2022-23 season. The bassoon quartet LuftBassoons will present a program of classical and contemporary music, some composed specifically for the ensemble, at the Bisbee Woman’s Club, 74 Quality Hill Road. For more information, email Admission $25. ............. Hitching Post Oct. calendar .............SPARKLIGHT GRANT CYCLE OPENS Fall applications for the company's Charitable Giving Fund, are open from October 1–31, 2022. Grants will be made available across communities served by Sparklight and will concentrate support in the following priority areas: Education and Digital Literacy Hunger Relief and Food Insecurity Community Development ............SHED IT/SHRED IT This is it! The place to recycle old financial records, medical records, husbands, out of date medicines, bank statements, children, check stubs, old glasses, love letters, wives, out of date paper...a fundraiser for the Community Chorus. November 5, 8-noon, at Ace Hardware parking lot

...............BISBEE ECONOMY................

Economic Development

There are several large projects now under construction that will continue into 2023. These projects will impact Bisbee in a big way; luring visitors, creating jobs, increased city revenue, and likely-parking problems. All of these projects, save one, are being built primarily with private capitol. I've run down the commercial buildings below. Next issue I'll look at several new housing initiatives.

I was fortunate to talk with the three principals doing these commercial projects. Below is a summary of our discussion about their projects.

The Bisbee Royale...Michael Stefaun is President of Satori Builders, a corporation based in San Diego. He has been a frequent visitor to Bisbee in the last several years. He is the owner of the Bisbee Royale and currently changing the interior of the building to something sophisticated, sleek, and different than anything currently in Bisbee.

Although there is no set opening date, he hopes to open the Cafe Royale in late November. The Cafe will be a breakfast bar in the morning and a sports bar at night.

The room pictured will seat about 20-25. Another larger adjacent room with similar decor will seat about 50. The bright compact kitchen with sparkling new equipment is part of the larger room which has a long curving bar with stools, a main table seating area, as well as a slightly raised portion with more intimate seating.

The cafe will offer a variety of specialty coffees as well as savory and sweet crepes, egg specialties, varied burgers, and salads.

The upstairs of the Royale building, not open to the public, has a couple of office spaces, bathrooms, a green room, and overnight rooms for visiting band members.

Construction on the main performing room, now gutted, will begin in 2023 and will be significantly different than what it once was. A widened catwalk above the stage area will be available for special guests to enjoy shows. Stefaun estimates that the performing area will hold about 200. He has set no date for opening for performances.

The cost of the renovation is just shy of $1 million.


The Lyric Building...Also owned by Stefaun who will begin work in February of 2023. He will be transforming the former theater into a 30-40 room hotel.

Once completed the Royale/Lyric will finally offer something badly need for years; meeting space for large/small groups as well as places to stay. This in turn will mean that the City and businesses will be able to market to smallish conventions, business meetings, event organizers, and retreats during weekdays. If successful that would go a long way to solving a major problem of businesses not being open during weekdays because there hasn't been enough business as well as complaints that few businesses are open when visiting Bisbee.

American Legion Building...Another building being remodeled is the former American Legion building on Subway and Tack Ave. The new Legion Bar and Grill, owned by Mike Ablin, will be open in mid-2023. In keeping with his emphasis on Bisbee military and Legion history, he will feature photos of veterans, military memorabilia from Bisbee's past, antiques, and his slogan, 'Drink with History', will reflect his intent.

The cavernous building has been stripped to the brick walls, previously covered with plaster, and the bare studs of ceiling and floors. He has preserved much of the flooring that has been removed and will use it in the remodel.

The main space will have a long bar, grill, plenty of seating on the main floor, and a spacious mezzanine will have seating as well as pool tables.

Originally he was going to offer brewing on site, but decided that space and other limitations would not be a good fit for the bar.

The second floor will be private and is being developed for his personal space.

In my talk with Mike, he emphasized that he really cares about Bisbee and wants to create a place that locals and visitors will come and enjoy.

He recently put the building up for sale and took it down after a few weeks because in his words, "he wanted to see where the market was." There were no offers. He has now relisted the property with Antigua Realty for $845,000. He said he is committed to being in Bisbee, but mentioned that the remodel is expensive and if someone happened to offer a $1 million for the building, he would be tempted.

Although his website is out of date, visiting will give an idea of what he wants to create.


Artemizia Foundation and Gallery...will be located in the former School House Inn. Sloane Bouchever will move his museum, gallery, and offices to the new site.

As I walked over cords, stumbled on planks, and walked through the construction debris, the ambitious plan for the space is clearly already under construction. Some architectural details of the original building have been uncovered such as the mammoth chimney extending through the 818 gallery space. The plan being developed is for several spaces.

There is a huge room, 75'x23' with a 12' ceiling that will be a focus for film showings, talks, and events. It will feature the best of the permanent collection of paintings and sculptures.

Gallery 818 will be the universe for featured artists opening every couple of months. It will replace what is now known as the annex on Main St.

Several smaller interconnected rooms will feature a labyrinth of murals by contemporary street artists including the locally know Muck Rock and internationally known Swoon and Cey Adams. A few of the murals are already in place.

Another area will show off a neon installation and yet another space will have an infinity mirror as you step through the doorway.

An artist working studio (not living), a patio for picnics, and sculpture pieces on the grounds will complete the scene.

More detailed information is available on the website:

Bouchever, along with his wife Danielle, both who eschew publicity, have long been benefactors for Bisbee. They donated equipment and funds for the children's park in Vista Park, named for the the much loved-deceased duo, Amy Ross and Derrick Ross known as Whiskey Girl and Nowhere Man. They funded the bocce ball court at the same location. They have bought rundown houses, paying for renovation, and then giving them to the city for workforce housing.

A few of the many things they have funded in the past several years: an internship at the Science Lab; books for high school students taking college courses; the Higgins Park pickleball court; books to the Bisbee Library; Arts Commission projects; Step Up Naco/Bisbee; and the Bisbee Royale building which was donated to KPRP, who subsequently sold it.



These properties were listed as active on the Berkshire Hathaway website

2 Main ST...Convention center $2,450,000

15 Brewery....Stock Exchange $2,300,000

6 Naco Rd...$1,200,000

8 Naco Rd...BTC Building $999,998

57 Subway St...American Legion Bldg $845,000

27 Main...Artemisia museum $750,000

500 Romero St....Double P Roadhouse $675,000

9 OK St....$525,000

1948 S. Naco Hwy....La Ramada $499,999



Comparing September sales for the past four years, September/22 had the fewest houses sold, eight, and the least volume, $1,537,900 since June 2020. This past month joined only three other months in the past four years for single digit sales.

According to the SAEDG's Cochise County report..... the median house price in Bisbee has dropped to: $179,900 A -20.9% change compared with September 2021.

Although Bisbee has not seen new home permits, In the first half of 2022, new single-family home permits in Cochise County totaled 221, up nearly 50% from 148 in the first six months of 2021. The increase follows a 26.7% annual jump in 2021, with the number of permits last year at their highest level since 2008.

Given the more than 20% drop in the median price over last year, is it a result of rising mortgage rates? Fewer people moving? Fewer houses on the market? Fewer higher priced homes on the market. I dunno. We'll have to wait for the next several months to draw definitive conclusions.

AUGUST Address List price/sale price 975 E AVIATION AVE $69,900/$60,000 31 OLD DOUGLAS RD $85,000/$73,000 201 B ST $69,900/$76,000 123 FORT HUACHUCA LN $155,009/$135,000 (OLP $160,000) 207 VAN DYKE ST $160,000/$139,000 (OLP $170,000) 46 DALLAS AVE $149,000/$153,000 504 ALEGRE PL $184,000/$172,000 3434 S MESQUITE RDG $210,000/$205,000 (OLP $200,000) 17G LAUNDRY HL G $281,900/$266,000 79 OK ST $309,000 818 TOMBSTONE CYN $899,000/$800,000 (School House Inn) SEPTEMBER 105 N TAYLOR AVE $65,000/$58,500 108 AZURITE AVE $154,000/$149,000 126 GRAHAM DR $155,000/$157,500 122 Mountain View AVE $187,000/$179,900 510 BUENA VISTA PL $195,000/$188,000 604 SHATTUCK ST $245,000 405 HOVLAND ST $285,000/$270,000 60OLIVER CIR $293,570/$290,000 .................. BUILDING PERMITS Residential permits remained steady with $419,586 worth of work being done in September. ............. SALES TAX (Totals are for actual spending in July. Reporting is always two months behind spending.) September stats, the 5% bed tax dropped in half, the hotel tax dropped by 60%, retail sales was off about $20k from the previous month, and groceries rose bout $8k. The following are the major sales tax stats I track. There are other taxes that the City get revenue. Total TPT to the City for FY21-22: Bed Tax (5%) $327, 198 Hotel Tax $244,607 Restaurant/Bar $432,079 Retail $1,149,359 Grocery/food $452,612 Internet Sales $313,856 .............. ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION Gary Dawson Enterprises Gary Dawson1455 S. Calle de Jardin Bisbee ........ Hugo's Ship 25 Main St. 27 Subway #2 Ronald and Amber Pierce ............

Historic Warren Community

303 Hovland St

Heather Glen

Heather Reddon

Dina Curtis


Lucky Skunk Delivers LLC

510 E. Vista

Darren D'Arcangelo

AUCTIONS 135 Ft. Huachuca Terrace11/9/22 at 11:am @ 100 Quality Hill, Cochise County Courthouse ......... 3794 Rodriguez St. Naco AZ 11/23/22 10:00@ 100 Quality Hill, Cochise County Courthouse ....... 203 Bisbee Rd. Unit G 12/2/22 11:00 @ 100 Quality Hill, Cochise County Courthouse

...............EVERYTHING ELSE................



In a little noticed decision, legislators agreed to increase the amounts of money that prospective jurors receive if sitting on a trial. $40-$300 is the amount range depending on personal circumstances. It makes the drive to Tucson more palatable. >>>>>>>>>>>> HOW MUSICIANS GET PAID FROM STREAMING And it is not a lot... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Murder Rates higher in States that Voted for Trump

  • In 2020, per capita murder rates were 40% higher in states won by Donald Trump than those won by Joe Biden.

  • 8 of the 10 states with the highest murder rates in 2020 voted for the Republican presidential nominee in every election this century.

  • Go here:


MORE REPUBLICANS DIED OF COVID THAN DEMOCRATS The statistical search for Covid effects is beginning to show results. A study of Ohio and Florida deaths from COVID showed that many more Republicans died than Democrats post vaccines.(attributed to a reluctance to get a vaccine) Go here for the summary: ................ GET VAXXED! And a recent paper published last month in JAMA Internal Medicine concluded that the unvaccinated are 10.5 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID. than the unboosted are 2.5 times.

>>>>>>>>>>> ARE YOU FEELING A BIT INADEQUATE MONEYWISE? A new report from the Congressional Budget Office is proof of this country’s extreme wealth inequality. American families in the bottom 50 percent of overall wealth distribution held just 2 percent of the country’s $115 trillion dollars in total wealth in 2019. This is down from 4 percent in 1989. Meanwhile, the top 1 percent of the distribution held an astonishing 34 percent of all the wealth in 2019 – up from 27 percent in 1989.

AND... Meanwhile, the number of Americans reporting more than $1 million in income is up this year by 41 percent, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The spike appears to be driven in large part by stocks and other equities, with those earning $1 million or more cumulatively reporting $252.5 billion in capital gains, an 80 percent increase from the previous year.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<< CATHOLIC HOSPITALS MANAGE 1 IN 7 HOSPITAL BEDS...OH OH! The Catholic health-care facilities follow directives from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that prohibit treatment it deems “immoral”: sterilization including vasectomies, postpartum tubal ligations and contraception, as well as abortion.Those policies can limit treatment options for obstetric care during miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, particularly in the presence of a fetal heartbeat. <<<<<<<<<<<<< You still gotta be rich to go to private school: Reporter Dillon Rosenblatt pulled public records on which ZIP codes requested the most private school vouchers and found that of the top 10 zip codes for vouchers, most have average incomes of near $100,000 or more. One ZIP code in Yuma made the top 10 list, and the average household income there was just $56,000.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Many of us have been in the trenches a long time and these are the kinds of words that keep us going. From Mike Davis, California writer and longtime activist

"For someone my age who was in the civil rights movement, and in other struggles of the 1960s, I’ve seen miracles happen. I’ve seen ordinary people do the most heroic things. When you’ve had the privilege of knowing so many great fighters and resisters, you can’t lay down the sword, even if things seem objectively hopeless...

...What keeps us going, ultimately, is our love for each other, and our refusal to bow our heads, to accept the verdict, however all-powerful it seems. It’s what ordinary people have to do. You have to love each other. You have to defend each other. You have to fight." ..despair is useless.."


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