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BISBEE WIRE #42/Lotsa stuff round town/Bisbee Economy/houses sold near you/big rant/election wrap up

editor/fred miller November 23, 2022 #42/Nov. 2022


I like thanksgiving. It is the only holidays that hasn't been obscenely commodified.The origin of it, like most holidays, is mythologized beyond recognition and has been under scrutiny the past few years. (One of the very reasons Critical Race Theory has a function in our educational system.)

However it remains a good time to get together with friends, strangers, and strange friends and put on the feed bag.

For years the parishioners at St. Johns have hosted a community feed. They have been helped by many other volunteers and this year is no exception, we'll be there and hope to see you.

Reservations necessary for one of two seatings.:

St. Johns Episcopal Church 19 Sowles Ave. Reservations for 11:30/12:30 or 1/2 pm Contact Gina Pierson 815 262-9565 or

This is the biggest weekend of the year with the home tour, chair auction, festival of lights, holiday markets, lights on the vista, and lotsa music. I hope you go out and wander around to enjoy what your neighbors and community peeps have been doing for you.



BISBEE HOME TOUR Nov. 25, 26 tix: bisbee book/music store or (pick up physical tix from eventbrite at Presbyterian Annex, located at 24 Howell Ave,Go here to volunteer CHAIR/ART AUCTION Nov 25, 26 viewing 10-4 Presbyterian Annex 24 Howell online auction: ............ 32nd FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Nov 25 noon - 8pm...downtown old Bisbee, cheerleaders, community chorus, games, and Santa. Main street closed from Civic Center to Post Office starting 8 am.

................. VISTA PARK HOLIDAY SATURDAY MARKET Lots of fun stuff, stilt walkers! aerialists! and lotsa vendors. Vista Park 9-1. ................. These two meetings are important. Monday is whether the two supes will take the word of conspiracy theorists and contest vote counting machines as being 'not certified'. According to one guy, all elections in Arizona are null and void and all people in office are there illegal because machines were not certified for their election. Which of course would include the two supervisor holding an illegal meeting cause they are really not elected. The Tuesday meeting will determine whether taxpayers will pay for the two supervisors foolhardy legal forays, Read the contract as the attachment and you will see the county taxpayers will be on the hook for far more than $10,000!

COCHISE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPES SPECIAL MEETING 10 am Nov. 28 1415 Melody Lane Agenda[Item tabled from the November 18, 2022 Special Meeting] Accept the elections results certified and submitted by the Cochise County Elections Department as the official canvass for the General Election held on November 8, 2022. Click to View COCHISE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPES REGULAR MEETING 10 am Nov. 29 1415 Melody Lane agenda 8. [Item tabled from the November 15, 2022 meeting] Approve payment for outside legal representation pursuant to the Legal Services Agreement between The Valley Law Group, PLLC, and the Cochise County Board of Supervisors, for outside legal representation in the matter of CV202200518, Arizona Alliance of Retired Americans, Inc. and Stephani Stephenson v. Tom Crosby, Ann English, Peggy Judd, David Stevens, and Lisa Marra, all in their official capacities, entered into by Mr. Richard G. Karwaczka, County Administrator, as directed by the Board at the November 2, 2022 Emergency Meeting. Click to View

...... THIS WEEK IN BISBEE CALENDAR Calendar of events with focus on music, but more stuff too! subscribe/list events here: .................

WARD 3 VACANCY Once again there is a vacancy in the San Jose district. If you know of someone that is interested in the neighborhood, wants to make things better, would like to have the opportunity to influence the future direction of the city...please encourage them to apply. Send letters of interest by November 29 to: Ashlee Coronado, Bisbee City Clerk 76 Erie Street Bisbee, AZ 85603 .............. FUR BALL Saturday December 3 6:30 till...9:30 Pythian Castle/29 OK Street Welcome the winter months at “The Fur Ball”, a fundraiser for Friends of Bisbee Animal Shelter (FBAS). A festive winter celebration in the grandeur of the historic Pythian Castle with nibbles, cash bar, photo booth, surprise stuff, and awesome auction items. I'll be slinging drinks-my not famous but really good margarita, and maybe even a moscow mule-along with a couple of other well known tenders. Time to swing from those chandeliers you see below! $25 Tickets at Poco Market or here;

.............. WOMEN'S CLUB/LOVE OF MUSIC December 4, The Bisbee Woman’s Club For the Love of Music, featuring pianist Fanya Lin, 3 PM Sunday, at the Bisbee Woman’s Club, 74 Quality Hill Rd. FMI: call 541-915-6232 or email .............. CHRISTMAS ON THE VISTA Dec 10, Vista Park *The grand unveiling of the new historic Warren kiosk. *If public works gets is installed before the date. .............. MUSIC IN TOWN Steve Moramarco continues to put out a weekly calendar that is up to date and comprehensive.Toss him a little dough if you can, but if is a free read. Go here to get the weekly edition or to send events: . ..............

FLU SEASON SERIOUS: GETASHOT! 1,969 cases reported so far this season compared with 125 reported at this time last year as of Nov 12. according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. Flu cases are already 10 times higher statewide than this time last year and nearly five times higher than a typical flu season.

................. BEER? WOODWORKING? TREES? Can ya beat the history of beer with tastings? Center for Lifelong Learning @ cochise college has a bunch of short classes that could be of interest. .................

STATE MINIMUM WAGE GOES UP JAN 1. By law, Arizona's minimum wage now is pegged to inflation. The current minimum is $12.80 an hour. That will rise to $13.85 an hour, an increase of $1.05, starting Jan. 1. ..............


Lotsa armchair speculation in the backwash of the elections, often with conclusions not warranted by the sketchy data available. Those faahking talking heads that predicted a red wave are now pontificating about what the repugnicans or democrats did or did not do. Pay no attention. They were wrong before the election and they will be wrong after. But there is some clarity particularly at home, read on. ... The election was not an overwhelming victory for democrats. They barely survived. In fact in Cochise County they lost...Big. The mechanics of the election have been challenged repeatedly by two republican supervisors Crosby and Judd (the ones who turned down $1.8 million in fed money for covid education because ummm,they didn't believe in vaccines?) voted again and again to hand count 100% of the ballots and challenge voting counting machines. This was illegal and against Cochise County's own attorney opinion, insurer's opinion and judges' opinions in four courts-including the AZ supreme court. But hey, it is only taxpayer money! Talking with some of the diehard people from those districts-not too many for sure-and reading voluminously about other parts of the state, it is clear that a vocal minority challenging the election systems and legal system at every turn want to create anarchic conditions. They don't say that, but that is the result when the democratic norms of a social order are protested both violently and non-violently. Historically, when anarchic conditions prevail, authoritarianism moves into the vacuum. I don't say this lightly.

Facts, science, no longer matter to this small minority. The common references that are the glue holding a democratic society together are now tenuous. Not only in our county, but throughout the country. There is a now-constant tactic of berating-based on lies, misinformation, fantasy and refusal to acknowledge legitimate differences-of two pillars of democracy. There is a defense/offense against this din of fallacious thinking. It involves participation of any who think these minority tactics are bunk. They have to be challenged at every instance, rapidly, completely, and honestly. That is the very clear lesson of the Hobbes campaign. Despite Katie Hobbs ekeing out a win for Governor, in the most visible arena to voters-television and related vids and streaming-she made a major mistake in not debating Kari Lake. She and her campaign didn't challenge the lies that Lake put out. I hope that is never repeated. >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Arizona uses paper and Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) systems for its elections. The state does require a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) when conducting elections. According to the National Academy of Sciences, a voter-verified paper audit trail "consists of physical paper records of voter ballots as voters have cast them on an electronic voting system. In the event that an election recount or audit is called for, the VVPAT provides a supporting record. The state elections department also verifies vote counting machine through rigorous testing in all counties, open to the public, including checking for corporate certification.


Taking liberties with song Undecided...

First they say they do

And then they don't

And then they say they will

And then they won't

they’re undecided now

So what are they gonna do?

Well, what they are going to do is they are going to delay certification of the election till Nov. 28, the deadline for counties to send election certification to the Secretary of State. Why, you might ask?

Because they listened to three election denying conspiracy men-in no way official or qualified-who claimed during a public supervisor meeting Friday that the county voting machines were not certified. (One claimed that the supervisors were illegally in office because voting machines were not certified). That they had four lawsuits that thrown out by courts to be wrong on the very same issue, made no difference to Crosby and Judd.

The two supervisors last week had sued elections director Lisa Marra. Then the next day they withdrew the suit. They did not have a public hearing, there was no meeting. They just decided to do it. A blatant open meeting law violation.

It is unclear who is paying for the attorney, Brian Blehm, who filed the suit, previously represented the disgraced Cyber Ninjas who owe the State $6,000,000 in fines. They want to use taxpayer money to defend their their assault on elections and election workers.


ELECTION RESULTS A complete report on Cochise County elections is an attachment to the board of supervisors agenda for 11/28 10 am. Go here for the report:

US SENATOR Mark Kelly (D)

US REPRESENTATIVE District 6 Juan Ciccomani (R)

US REPRESENTATIVE District 7 Raul Grijalva (D)

GOVERNOR Katie Hobbs (D)


(RECOUNT BUT PROBABLE WINNER) ATTORNEY GENERAL Kris Mayes (D) 540 votes ahead of Abe Hamedeh (R)

(RECOUNT BUT PROBABLE WINNER) SECRETARY OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Horne (R) likely margin of 9,000 votes will hold up over Hoffman (D)

TREASURER Kimberly Lee (R)

STATE SENATOR Dist. 21 Rosanna Gabaldon (D)

STATE REPRESENTATIVES Dist. 21 Consuelo Hernandez (D) & Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (D)

CORPORATION COMMISSIONERS Kevin Thompson & Nick Meyers (R)

PROPOSITIONS The repugnican legislators put 8 props on the ballot, 3 failed. But two that passed by huge margins, 209 predatory debt collection and 211 dark money were citizen initiatives. And it illustrates how much voters of all parties do not like secret money in elections as well as taking away property for medical and other debts.

128 FAIL by 650k+ votes

This was a constitutional amendment that would allow lawmakers to bypass the Voter Protection Act to amend or repeal any ballot measure with any illegal or unconstitutional language.

129 PASS by 250k+ votes

requires citizen initiatives that increase taxes to pass with 60% of the vote, a very big majority.

130 PASS by 600k+

Amend the state Constitution to allow lawmakers to provide a property tax cut for veterans with disabilities.

131 PASS by 44k votes

Amend the state Constitution to create the position of lieutenant governor. Candidates would run as a team with gubernatorial candidates, like the vice president.

132 YES by 34k votes

Requires all initiatives to be about one subject only.

209 YES 775,000 votes

Makes changes to state statutes on wage garnishment debt collection.

211 YES 780,000 votes

Require political groups and people spending more than $50,000 to influence the outcome of an election to disclose the original donor of contributions over $5,000.

308 YES 260k votes

Allows all Arizona students, regardless of immigration status, to be eligible for financial aid

309 NO 18,000 votes

Require voters who vote in person to show a photo ID . A rejection of tougher voter ID laws.

310 NO86,000 votes

Would increase sales taxes by a tenth of a penny on the dollar to fund rural fire districts.

420 NO will not establish an AMA for Wilcox basin

421 YES a 1% sales tax in Bisbee

422 YES establishes an AMA for the Douglas basin

YES Bisbee School Override


All of this said this quote pulled from the Arizona Agenda, a most valuable resource for all things political in the state, sums it all up nicely:

"There’s room to be critical of legitimate problems with an election and work to improve those processes for voters. Candidates have the courts at their disposal to file any claims and make their cases — after the results have been certified. Those courts will then decide what a remedy could be for any issues.

But that’s not what we’re seeing here. We’re seeing the continued drumbeat of conspiracy from disgruntled and defeated politicians, a now-familiar tune for Arizonans who’ve been stuck on an endless election carousel since 2020.

We deserve a break and some peace. We deserve adults in the room who tell their friends to turn down the volume. We deserve a path to a certified election that clarifies the candidates with the most votes won their races without impediment from partisan forces in that process."

...............BISBEE ECONOMY................

The Copper Queen Hotel had a curious holiday market inside the lobby and dining room, with several tables of people selling stuff. Most evident, as you walk or drive by, was the dining patio covered by a tee shirt vendor. What a sad scene for the once glorious hotel. And what a clueless vendor.


M2Retro has opened in Warren at 203A Bisbee Rd. The antique and retro stuff store is worth a viz. Welcome and knock a greet to Murray and Mike. There is a rumor of old cars maybe? Currently the hours are Friday and Saturday 11-4.


The Old Bisbee High School had an open house. Man, is it open! All the rooms have been cleared in the 45,000 square ft, three story + basement building cept for the old gymnasium that holds all the accumulated stuff the county didn't take. Plans for the building include 30, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, common spaces, an outdoor balcony patio, a workout space, storage, and 30 parking spaces. In the prospectus provided to the seller, Cochise County, the price tag when completed would be about $7.3 million. It is a long way from completion, and when asked when it would be open, owner Lewis said probably when by the time the new city hall was built. Sunny Tempe Investments/Joseph Lewis is the owner dba as Old Bisbee High School LLC, statutory agent is Rose Law Group PC. (It is worth noting that turquoise valley golf course, owned in part by Joseph Lewis, and the Livery Building aka Horse Hotel aka Acacia, are for sale. (not the business)



(for actual sales two months prior.)

Bed taxes (5%) were up $3,000 as was regular hotel tax, over September. Restaurant/bar sales were about the same as September, and retail sales jumped about $10,000.

Lodging sales were down for the past four months compared to the same months in 2021 when the pandemic lessened. Restaurant/Bar, retail, home food sales all about the same compared with 2021, with internet sales up about $2k.

Cochise County lodging third quarter 2022 is down about 10% from the third quarter of 2021.


Nine houses closed in October, with the exception of the pandemic beginning in April/May 2020, Oct and Sept/22 have been the fewest back to back single digit sales since I've been tracking stats in 2016. Because of the substantial price of 408 Tombstone, the total for those nine houses was $2,186,900.

That may reflect a cooling housing market that is being seen nationwide as mortgage interest rates have doubled in the last year. However just in the past week, mortgage rates have dropped from a high of 7.08% to 6.33%. So difficult to tell what is going on. There is a huge amount of speculative articles in the business press about the result of the Feds rate hikes, but little substance because it is anhousing economy in transition.

Bisbee traditionally has lagged behind the effects of national big city economic downturns and has taken longer to recover from upswings, but since the pandemic has upset 'traditional' buying patterns who knows. There are a lot of people on the move these days because of big city problems, downsizing, mobile jobs, authenticity, and yearning for more connection.

319 Pittsburg $75,000

211 C St $89,000

204 C St $127,000

819 Pittsburg $139k/$125k

319 Hazzard $169,000

83C OK St. $219k/$212k

148 Quality Hill $238k/$230k

509 Campbell $349,000

408 Tombstone $795k/$755k



A whopping $763,000 in commercial building permits were for ongoing work at the Legion Bar, the Old High School Lofts, and Artemisia.

Residential permits of $568,000 indicated continuing upgrading, remodeling, and rehabbing; roofs, heating/air, electrical, painting, bathrooms, garages, windows, doors, new sewer lines.


6 Naco Rd. $1,200,000

8 Naco Rd. BTC Lofts $999,998

69 Main St. $970,000 (Acacia antiques is the business in the building, the business is not for sale) Parcel #103-62-003A

27 Main St. $750,000 Artemisia Foundation/gallery

2 Main St. $2,450,000 (Convention Center)

Parcel #103-62-416A

42-54 Main St. $995,000 Sale Pending

139 Clawson $430,00 live/work Czar minerals

600 Romero St. $675,000 Double P Roadhouse

1326 #5 Hwy 92 $100,000 (former gunshop)

1948 S. Naco Hwy $499,999 La Ramada

214 Bisbee Road, $142,500

3702 Wilson Rd. $400,000 26 trailer lots

1794 Newell Ave $2,750,000 (Turquoise Valley Golf Course)





January 12, 11am courthouse ....................


Camp Naco Executive Director Assistant Project Manager Site Caretaker

Community Development Planner Copper Queen Library Early Literacy Outreach Specialist Queen Mine Tour Office Assistant...part time Public Works Recycling Coordinator...part time Street Equipment Operator...part time Wastewater Collection Systems Operator


.....KULCHUR TIME.....





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TEACHER: John, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor? JOHN: You told me to do it without using tables.

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TEACHER: Donald, what is the chemical formula for water? DONALD: H I J K L M N O. TEACHER: What are you talking about? DONALD: Yesterday you said it's H to O

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