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BISBEE WIRE #60/bisbee stuff-council agenda-economy/county ED gone/corporate consolidation/word

editor: fred miller October 1, 2024 #6/Oct. 2-23


The City Manager job posting is no longer posted. We'll be hearing about applicants soon...I hope. The problem we have with getting city managers is this; younger people who might be interested, are not going to stay long in our lovely town cause the bright lights and the big cities and a career move beckon. And older people who might be interested are kind of looking for a place to cruise for a couple of years before retiring. It is a dilemma.

Bisbee is a very difficult place to administer. Among the many problems facing a new manager.... we have an 100+ year old infrastructure that demands almost constant attention, a tax base that has shrunk about 1500 people during the past two decades to the current 5000, and a budget that is about $8,000,000 for problems that probably need a budget of $12,000,000 or more. Our economy is based on Tourism, but there is no comprehensive plan to grow visitation in a way that doesn't impeded the quality of life for residents.There is only 30% of our population under 40, but 46% over the age of 60. Of the people 18 and under 12% live in poverty, and 14% of people over 65 are in poverty. There are more challenges that could be listed.

In short, we are an aging city, not well off, with a single focus economy, and an unhealthy rate of poverty. I don't mean to say Bisbee does not have many features in its' favor, it does and these are touted regularly. But for someone coming here fresh, it is a challenge.

Apropos of this, lately I've been thinking that maybe we should promote a city manger from within our ranks, even though he or she might not have the education requirements nor the experience of 'running' a city. Someone familiar with the personnel, the problems, and the strengths of our city. If they didn't have the experience, they could contract for expertise. My choice for a new city manager would be Ashley Coronado.

I made a couple errors in the last issue. I said that there were term limits on the Mayor. I was wrong! There are no term limits on any of the city elected offices. My apologies to Ken Budge for saying he couldn't run. He can and I hope he does.

I mentioned that Sivonn's garden and cuisine truck at the Saturday Market served Vietnamese food. Sivonn is Cambodian with Chinese ancestors and her food reflects both those and other Asian cultures. And a date was out of date on the BRATS website....the not-to-be-missed BRATS event is October 28.


...............BISBEE STUFF................


Gretchen Bonaduce, Le Cornucopia owner is featured in a flattering profile talking about life in Bisbee

The Muheim House and More Bisbee a general article of what is interesting. +++++++++++++ BANNED BOOK WEEK OCT 1-7 Check out the library for info about the fear-based attacks on freedom to read and write during this spotlight week on the challenges and banning of books. How many of the 100 banned and challenged books have you read? Check out the list. And get their weekly email newsletters.

+++++++++++++ GRANTS FOR ORGS HELPING REFUGEESFor the Fall 2023 grant solicitation being funded by the Hellene Henrikson Legacy Fund of the Lutheran Church of the Foothills, the area of focus is organizations that are working to provide assistance to immigrants, refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers. The Hellene Henrikson Fund of the Lutheran Church of the Foothills is inviting nonprofit organizations to submit an application for up to $15,000 total (direct and indirect) for the Fall 2023 grant solicitation. Deadline for submitting applications is October 6th, 2023 by 5:00 PM MST, through Common Grant Application+++++++++++++ ART SUPPLY SWAP IN THE PARK The Bisbee Arts Commission invites everyone to bring their unwanted but usuable, art supplies to the Bisbee Saturday Market on October 7th from 9 to 1. Please only bring art supplies you are willing to part with for free and that are still usable. +++++++++++++ ART IN THE OPEN The Plein Air Art Festival and Competition is Oct 12-15. The Central School sponsored event has $800 in prizes for the artists whose works can be purchased on the final day. +++++++++++++ ART OF STAINED GLASS WINDOWS On October 14 there will be a tour of historic churches of Bisbee Stained Glass windows. Eight churches will be featured from 10-4. Call 520 432-3107 for info. +++++++++++++ STAIR CLIMB The Bisbee 1000 will happen on Saturday, Oct. 21. Note that Main St. will be blocked off for about 3-4 hours. The colorful race brings a batch of peeps to town and is a ton of fun for many. I think this is the +++++++++++++


On October 28, complete with kazoo band-no experience necessary-parade and of course all those BRAT art carts going downhill. The Bisbee Rolling Arts Transport is a wacky tradition that has been going on for 100 years. Or maybe 10 or so, I'm not sure. Go here for info on the BRATS


HALLOWEEN AT MILE HIGH Mile High Ranch hosts their Third Annual Halloween Show & Haunted House on Halloween weekend Oct 27, 28, 29 (Fri, Sat & Sun) from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. It’s a family-friendly show that is FREE to attend.

They are having their introduction/organization/brainstorming meeting on Saturday, October 7th at 3:00 pm at the ranch, 901 Tombstone Canyon, Bisbee. We will be reviewing our plans, costumes and makeup, and touring the areas that will be used for the haunted house. Interested go to Gardens At Mile High +++++++++++++ TWO MUSIC EVENTS COMING IN NOVEMBER Mariachi Festival Nov 4 Sidepony Music Festival Nov 10 - 12 +++++++++++++ COCHISE FIELD ORGANIZER FOR LUCHAHOURS: Monday-Friday 2pm-8pm (6-hour shifts). COMPENSATION: $20-$27 an hour, depending on experience. Part-time JOB STATUS: Seasonal Sept-Dec 31, 2023 last day of work Dec 6th Monday-Friday 2pm-8pm (6-hour shifts). Tuesdays will alter with Cochise County board of supervisors meeting held at 10am. Days of board of supervisor’s meetings will require a work schedule from 9:30am-3:30pm and attendance & participation. Schedule may alternate weekends for community events and organizational events. .......... FOCCC EDUCATION COORDINATOR POSITION JOB CATEGORY: Contractor Position for 2024 Year COMPENSATION: $35,000-$50,000 depending on experience APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 31, 2023 WEBSITE: Friends of Cave Creek Canyon (FOCCC), a non-profit nature organization based in Portal, Arizona, seeks Education Coordinator for 2024 year to work from home yet be available for meetings in local area. Will coordinate with US Forest Service and FOCCC Board of Directors to jump start educational programs for all ages using various locations and media. +++++++++++++ MEETING/CONFERENCE/WORKSHOP SPACE AT PREMIER ALLIANCE With a large classroom capable of accommodating up to 40 people, the Education/Conference Center on the Premier Alliances Bisbee Campus is available to rent for workshops, professional development sessions, board meetings and retreats, staff training, and other professional uses. Amenities include full ADA accessibility throughout the facility, the latest in videoconference equipment, fiber optic Internet, breakout rooms, catering kitchen, and HEPA air filtration. The Education/Conference Center is a completely modern meeting space in Cochise County. To take a virtual tour of the ECC, review layout options, or check availability, visit our website.For information, contact Derek Jordan at, or (520) 515-3201. +++++++++++++ SUCCESSFUL GARDEN TOUR The Bisbee Bloomers had another successful garden tour. In conjunction with the Bisbee Wildlife Project they welcomed almost 400 people to visit pollinator gardens throughout the city including the newly planted Upper Vista garden. With the money generated from the tour, their only fundraiser, and donations, the Bloomers support city parks, library programs and Mutt mitts throughout the city. Talking about donations....The cost of Mutt mitts has increased substantially. If you are a dog owner and use these bags, please donate to the Bloomers at PO Box 1139. +++++++++++++ BEARER OF BAD BEAR NEWS WITH THE BARE FACTS Several bear sightings around Tombstone Canyon including two home invasions ended with bad news for the bear. The bear has been bumped off and is now belly up. This news really bears watching because other bears could bear down on houses and residents would have to bear the weight of an invasion. Then the fur flies as to who bears the cost of bear removal. +++++++++++++ REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2023, AT 7:00 915 S. TOVREAVILLE ROAD Background here AGENDA INVOCATION: A Moment of Silence PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE MAYOR’S PROCLAMATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: CALL TO THE PUBLIC THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WILL BE DISCUSSED, CONSIDERED AND/OR DECIDED UPON AT THIS MEETING: GENERAL BUSINESS: 1. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Subject to availability of funds

  1. Approval of the Consent Agenda

  2. Approval of the minutes of the Regular Session of Mayor and Council held on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

  3. Approval of the Appointment of Sharon Stetter to the Board of Adjustment.

3. Approval of the Resignation of Peter Muserelli from the Evergreen Cemetery Committee.

  1. Approval of a Park, Facility and Right-of-Way Use Permit for the use of Main Street from Subway St to the Convention Center for the 33rd Festival of Lights on Friday, November 24, 2023 from 8:00am to 10:00pm, vendors will set up on Main Street and Grassy Park.

  2. Approval of the attached letter to request donations for the 33rd Annual Festival of Lights to be held on Friday, November 24, 2023, from 12:00pm to 10:00pm.

OLD BUSINESS NEW BUSINESS 3. Discussion and Possible Approval of the Recommendation from the Bisbee Arts Commission to fund a Grant Application for “Plein Air Festival 2023” submitted by Central School Project in the amount of $700.00 from the Bisbee Arts Commission Fund. Leslie Johns, Council Liaison Bisbee Arts Commission 4. Discussion and Possible Approval of the Special Event Agreement for 5 years between Bisbee Pride, Inc., and the City of Bisbee for the Bisbee Pride Festival. Stephen Pauken, City Manager 5. Discussion and Possible Approval of the Notice of Intent to adopt Ordinance O-23-14; Amending the code of the City of Bisbee Article 3.5.20 Bid Protest, Subsection 3.5.20(A) Filing of a Protest by defining and “Interested Party” in Subsection 3.5.20(A)(1); Providing for the repeal and Severability. Joe Estes, City Attorney 6. Discussion and Possible Acceptance of the award from EPA for the Cleanup and Mitigation of the Hillcrest Apartment Building in the amount of $468,000.00 and approval of a contract with Viking Specialty Contractor. Melissa Hartman, City Planner 7. Discussion and Possible Approval of accepting a grant in the amount of $45,000.00 from Freeport McMoRan for new Firefighter Turnout gear. Jim Richardson, Fire Chief 8. Discussion and Possible Approval of the Notice of Intent to Adopt Resolution R-23-12, amending and increasing the Sewer Fees in the City Fee Schedule. Stephen Pauken, City Manager 9. City Manager's Report:

...............BISBEE ECONOMY................

The owner of Turquoise Valley Golf Course, Joe Lewis, has announced plans for a music pavilion and remodeled bar and restaurant on the now defunct golf course. The special use permit necessary for the project will be on the agenda at the county planning and zoning meeting March 8. For questions about the project contact Lewis at 602 740-3916 or

In addition to the TV property, Lewis is the owner of a couple of airb&bs, the Bisbee Social Club, and the Old High School. His company is Sunny Tempe Investments, LLC

And speaking of the Old High School, Lewis's began gutting the building a couple of years ago to build apartments. However the proposed outdoor lighting scheme was refused by the City Council because it far exceeded the limits of the code. Bisbee is a Dark Skies Community and there are limitations of how bright lighting can be. Back to the drawing board for them. (That Bisbee is a Dark Sky city is due to the tenacious efforts of Bruce Syrett who, over several years, successfully persevered in preserving the dark skies of Bisbee from light pollution.A big thanks to Bruce!)



Mortgage rates are up to 7.5%. eek! The month of August saw the largest volume sales, $3,241,500, in the past eight months, although the number of sales, nine, remained about the same as the past several months.

address Original Listing/Listing/Sold

107 B St. $139,000/$139,000/$139,000

109 San Jose Dr. $198,000/$198,000/$198,000

511 B Bailey HIll $199,000/$199,000/$199,000

743 Tombstone Cny $399,000/$399,000/$350,000

313 W. Vista $390,000/$390,000/$375,000

29 Cochise Tr $495,000/$449,000/$425,000

624 Arizona St. $479,000/$479,000/$459,000

210 Opera Dr. $479,000/$479,000/$479,000

822 Pace D $588,000/$509,500/$509,500



The 46 residential permits totaled $572,483 in the month of August. The remodel/upgrade market continues strong. However, after the $1.8 million permit last month for the new dollar general store, the month of August had an anemic $56,500 worth of building permits.


SALES TAXES (Report in September, actual sales in July)

Although I report monthly sales, it is better to look at quarterly results or at least the past two months. That is because sometimes businesses are late getting their reports in (they are due to ADOR, by the 20th of the month following actual sales.), sometimes purchases span the last day/first day of the months and that screws up monthly reporting. I'll talk next issue about the quarter report.

Comparing August 2023 with the same period of 2022, sales tax is down substantially. Bed tax $18,341/$31,733; restaurant & bar $37,382/$51,743; Retail $100,853/$110,856; food for home consumption (groceries) $46,298/$42,712.This reflects anecdotal evidence of some businesses saying it is a not so good late Spring/early Summer.


Jobs available at the city

Waste Water Treatment system operator

Recycling coordinator

Equipment operator for streets

Police Officer

Firefighter EMT/Paramedic

Fire Inspector




317 Tombstone

Eva Rupert

Gold Dust Supply

304-A Curve

Amanda Glover



80 W. Hwy 80

Tax Parcel #103-60-160B

Sale date: October 11, 2023 /10 am/580 E. Wilcox/SV

707 Yuma Trail

Tax Parcel #102-20-27506

November 20, 2023/12 pm/county courthouse 100 Quality Hill

..............​COCHISE COUNTY................

BOB BARTLESMEYER, LISA MARRA, AND THE TOXIC ENVIRONMENT FOSTERED BY SUPERVISOR TOM CROSBY AND RECORDER DAVID STEVENS. This article adds some new details about what Ali Morse and I have been talking about the past several months. Included is an interview with now resigned Elections Director Bob Bartlesmeyer in which he talks about the attacks on him by anti-democracy zealots. +++++++++++++++ LOST EXPERIENCE "Arizona has lost nearly all of its experienced election officials and 98% of the state will have new officials running elections in 2024 than ran the 2020 elections, according to a new report. This has been almost exclusively because of harassment, villification, and threats from people refusing to accept election results. +++++++++++++++ COUNTY GETS BROWNFIELD CLEAN UP DOUGH For assessing regulated material (probably asbestos and others) and to assist in redevelopment.The primary purpose of the EPA RLF Grant program is to support eligible entities in addressing environmental and public health challenges through loans or grants to clean up properties with ground contamination, asbestos, or lead-based paint. These are the two sites in Bisbee that will receive assessment.Old Bisbee High School Hillcrest Apartments +++++++++++++++ On a recent Supes agenda... SWAT TEAM ASSISTANCE An IGA to provide SWAT (special weapons and tactics) training to Bisbee police and fire and to establish participation in a county wide SWAT team. Read it here: +++++++++++++++ A GUIDE TO PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST This handy guide will give you everything you want to know about accessing public records. +++++++++++++++ DUTIES OF ELECTIONS DIRECTOR AND RECORDER Thanks and a tip of the hat to AM The Cochise County Elections website has a new addition, “Know Who to Call,” found here: Scroll way down the page to find an outline of the separate duties of the Elections Department and the Recorder’s Office. The Elections Dept., located in Bldg. E at 1415 Melody Lane, (520-432-8970), accepts candidate/petition filings; records campaign finance reports; designs ballots; contracts/inspects Elections Day voting sites; and hires election workers. That office also conducts poll worker training; schedules curbside voting; facilitates Election Day voting; provides alternative ballots (e.g., large print); tabulates ballots; posts election results; and stores ballots until elections certification. The Recorder’s office, located in Bldg. B (520-432-8350) registers voters; maintains and updates the voter list; validates petition signatures; mails early ballots; manages mail-in ballot drop-off locations; and verifies mail-in ballot signatures. It also handles all early in-person voting, emergency voting, and uniformed & overseas voting. Although the Recorder is an elected position, all employees in both offices (Elections & Recorder’s) are expected to conduct business in a nonpartisan manner.



As of this week, the ESA voucher program is $16,836,664 in the red, with 67,294 enrollees who receive an average amount of $9,523 (according to the most recent ADE ESA Voucher Quarterly Report.



A thorough investigation by Save Our Schools





............ The Persuasion Toolbox: Game-Changing Skills You Need

Finding common ground doesn't mean watering down your principles. It starts with a productive conversation about where you agree or disagree--and gives you a path to changing hearts and minds. Learn the essentials of political persuasion, whether for a candidate or a cause, and how to bring others to your side. This training is the same for all dates, sign up for one

October 17, 6:30 pm--Register HERE November 9, 6:30 pm--Register HERE December 7, 6:30 pm--Register HERE

...............BIG BUSINESS BLURBS................


Striving to keep their merger hopes alive, Kroger (Frys) and Albertsons (Safeway) have sold a combined 413 stores in 17 states. The divestiture may include another 267 stores. The sell off is a bid to allay fears of the Federal Trade Commission's potential antitrust problems with the merger. Shares of Kroger rose 6% after the announcement.

In Arizona, 24 Albertsons or Safeway stores will be sold, although store locations have not been announced.

Last year Kroger announced a proposed $25 billion takeover of supermarket rival Albertsons, a deal that would be one of the largest retail mergers in history. Until now, the deal would have given Kroger nearly 5,000 stores and 700,000 workers before divestitures. After selling stores it would give Kroger around 4,600 stores with a lower, but unspecified worker headcount.

C&S, the buyer, is a mostly wholesale operator that supplies 7500 independent stores and owns the Grand Union and Piggly Wiggle stores.

The AZ AG has been on a listening tour around the state and will likely come out against the merger as being harmful to AZ residents.


KEEPING TABS ON HOW CORPORATIONS MONOPOLIZE MARKETS This newsletter is valuable and the best one to get for tracking what is happening to large corporations as they attempt to monopolize markets. It tracks some of the more interesting trials involving the Federal Trade Commission. This kind of stuff is where the action is for how capitalism develops and evolves. For instance this month alone:

  • The Google anti-trust trial has begun. It is exploring why Google has a 90% lock on the 'search' market. According to BIG "Why does Google have this monopoly? Google argues it’s because it’s a great search engine, the government argues it’s because Google pays everyone who preloads search to block rivals from access to the market.

  • Pharmaceutical executives may be charged for fraud

  • The political composition of the FTC is changing.

  • Private Equity firms are being looked at through antitrust action against PE owned Varsity Cheer

  • AG argues against budget cuts in the antitrust division

  • FTC goes after Amazon executives personally for deception of customers involving canceling one’s Prime subscription. The business press goes bonkers against holding actual people making decisions, accountable

  • A case in Texas is charging a company for monopolizing the anesthesiology market in Texas. It shows a very fundamental way that financiers operate - buying up a host of small firms and then raising prices across the board - is likely illegal.

  • Amazon is sued for monopolization and squeezing third party sellers on their site.

  • The Antitrust Division sues over meat price-fixing in the chicken, turkey, and poultry industry, alleging that 90% of the market is unlawfully inflated through a conspiracy run by a company called Agri Stats



The decision strips protection from ephemeral streams, those bodies of water that flow intermittently. Fully two-thirds of wetlands in the nation have been de-regulated along with millions of river miles.



Consumers Checkbook followed 25 major retailers to see how often their 'sales' were not really different from their regular prices. Amazon, Dicks,Foot Locker, Banana Republic, Gap, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Wayfair, and Williams Sonoma, were found to be usually misleading. Several other big retailers were often misleading.



Amazon now takes 45% of sales of all third party vendors, according to the Institute of Self Reliance. "In effect, Amazon controls a monopoly tollbooth that sits between businesses and the online market. Over the last few years, it has sharply raised the price of passing through it. In the first half of 2023, using a variety of fees, Amazon took 45 percent of sellers’ revenue in the U.S. That’s up from 35 percent in 2020, and 19 percent in 2014. These exorbitant fees make it nearly impossible for small businesses and other sellers to sustain a viable business online. That is why they are being sued.



Squeezing more money from less product has been accelerating post-pandemic. Mouseprint tracks some of the changes; Quilted Northern Toilet paper has quietly shrunk the number of sheets per package; ultra328/295 and plush 285/255; Arm and Hammer Oxi Clean from 122>118>100 while the number of theoretical washes has gone up from 70/75/77; Betty Crocker cake mix from 15.5/13.5/Same size box.

...............EVERYTHING ELSE................

See your Netflix viewing history




OVERDOSE DEATHS Up in Arizona 2022 Death rate for people under 40: 133.7 Change since 2018: 31% Largest change in cause: Accidental overdose, changed by 360 (48%)

No. 1 cause of death 2022: Accidental overdose No. 1 cause of death 2018: Accidental overdose


RENTAL CAR HACK from autoslash

Autoslash can save you money if you book a car through them. I have save about $700 over the years by booking through them. One of the things they advocate is becoming a member of the auto rental companies. You will get preference in rentals. "The next time you book a trip, try this clever car rental tip. We call it the half-hour hack. Instead of automatically booking your pickup time to be on the hour — say, 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. or 6 p.m. — ask for a second quote for the half hour before or after your original time — as in 9:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. So the next time you need a rental car, ask us for two quotes — one on the hour and one on the half hour. It won’t cost you a dime to put in the extra quote request and you might just save a bundle." Hotelslash is by the same company.Works the same, only for hotels. I have not used them yet, but will.



Christopeher Elliott writes a travel solutions column but the best info is on the website. Charged twice? Hotel or car or plane reservation screwups? He can help.





Everybody dies. Shocking, I know! But on the way out, it matters-especially to you-how you gonna go. Pay attention or you'll be so busy dying that you aren't living. This article is one of the best summaries of the many ways of living, physically and mentally, that enable us to be happier, healthier, productive...and have a better trip to you know where.



See a flower/plant you like but don't know what it is? The app iNaturalist, is helpful. click the app, take a pic, and wa-la, it can be identified.

Another similar app.

See/hear a bird, launch Merlin bird ID, take a pic or record a call, it likely can be identified.


from the WP Mensa 2020 winners

Word Definition

Jesture Jokes in Sign Language

Coptimism The irrational hope that the police car behind you is pulling over someone else

Xanadud Not the utopia you expected

Nubiquitous The Next Big Thing

Palondrome A private airstrip for friends who fly in. You can land and take off in either direction, regardless of the wind.

Indivisual Selfie

Relephant Hugely appropriate

Godsmacked Having had an epiphany

Threatbare Naked aggression

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