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BISBEE WIRE #63/events/businesses & economy/bartender jokes/the war/Crosby gets got/

editor: fred miller November 22 , 2023 #63/November 23


The buying season is upon us. I heard the first sappy xmas song two weeks ago. Black Friday began three Fridays ago; a black day indeed. But the appeal is still wedged deep in my being despite knowing the shaky and fabricated origin stories. Fortunately, even stripping away the tawdry veneer and crass exhortations urging consumption, the holidays continue to bring to the fore years of good memories of being together; working and cooking together in a fluid tapestry of friends and families celebrating the depth of our connections and love.

Lots happening the next days, below is a fairly complete list of what is going on. Try and get out of the house to mingle and hobnob, lend a physical or monetary hand to those who need it, support and strengthen the bonds that tenuously hold our community together.


................​AROUND TOWN................

COMMUNITY DINNER AT ST. JOHN An annual event open to all. No charge. Lotsa turkey, spuds, gravy and a huge buffet of other stuff. Two seatings 11:30 or 1 pm. reservations needed, contact 815 262-9565 or They can use some volunteers, call the same number. I'll be carving for the 15th (I think) year. ********** THANKSGIVING DAY RESTAURANTS OPEN Copper Queen Hotel Buffet 10am-7 pm, $40 p/p. 520 432-2216 reservation onlyBisbee Royale $30 single/$50 couple reservation $40 per person day of. 520-353-4369 Thirsty Lizard 5838 W. Double Adobe Rd, bout 5 miles from Bisbee) noon-10 regular menu plus turkey sandwich 520-221-7776 ********** TURKEY DINNER CHEAPER THIS YEAR Is inflation going down? A lot of peeps say unh unh, but The Arizona Farm Bureau released new findings that show this year people are spending on average $51.89 for a Thanksgiving meal feeding ten people. That cost, it states, is about 28% less than last year ($71.88). This includes the very basics: the turkey, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, milk, sweet potatoes, cranberries, stuffing, rolls with butter and a veggie tray. It also states the food was purchased without sales or promotions and should produce leftovers. From the Arizona Agenda ********** HOME TOUR & CHAIR/AND MORE AUCTION/Nov. 24, 25 Voyeurs Delight.The 39th annual Home tour will feature homes in Warren. 10-4; $20 tix available at Sorted Past, On consignment, Bisbee Books and Music or Art, Chairs and more auction at Greenway School, same hours FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS/Nov. 24 2-8 pm on Main St. vendors, entertainment and more. BISBEE SATURDAY MARKET/Nov. 25 November 25, 9-1 Small town Holiday.60+ vendors Lotsa good eats, artisan crafts, giftie things, photos w/ Santa, aerial performance, the wunnerful Locomundi. Also bring sweaters, jackets, blankets, sleeping bags to the info table at the market for donations to Cochise Harm Reduction-every Sat. through December. CHRISTMAS ON THE VISTA/Nov. 25 4-7 Vista Park, Santa Claus, tree lighting, food vendors BISBEE ART GARAGE/Nov 24-26 aka Dave Rose's place in Lowell. Holiday market Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10-4. 917 806-5591 for artist display info, a boys/girls club benefit. Kinda last minute, but filling up fast and well worth checking out. **********DECEMBER 2, DISCO INFURNO The historic Pythian Castle hosts the 2nd Annual Fur Ball - a fundraiser for Friends of the Bisbee Animal Shelter. The theme this year is "Disco Infurno". Get those disco duds out of the closet-you know they're in there somewhere-don't be ashamed! and enjoy food, drink, a live auction and a photo booth. Tickets will be sold on Eventbrite or can be purchased at Poco Market. Eventbrite link: I'll be one of the bartenders, come by, knock a greet, and check out my glitzy plaid suit jacket with gold thread courtesy of Doug Stanhope's closet. ********** DECEMBER 9, A VINTAGE CHRISTMAS IN WARREN'S VISTA PARK Baseball 10:30-2:30, Miss Vintatge Christmas Pinup contest 12 & 2:30, live music, Warren walking tours, hot beverage handouts from the Bisbee Foundation. ********** BISBEE MENTIONS Travel Lemming’s list of best places to travel in 2024 is all about embracing the benefits of slow travel. Bisbee is #42 on their list. <> NY Post ad for NY priced bungalow in OB <> HISTORY OF BISBEE ********** COUNCIL AGENDA I didn't get this out in time for the full council agenda, but if interested the council agenda background has a copy of the contract agreement and specs for construction of the new city hall.To be completed in 300 days! Background ********** In addition to the weekly music and events calendar This Week in Bisbee is adding health & wellness to their website. It is a free listing. go here for adding a practitioner, and sign up for the newsletter. **********BACKYARD PROJECT NEEDS YOUR HELP! The Backyard Project, a groundbreaking (literally) collaboration between the Bisbee Unified School District (BUSD) and the Bisbee Science Exploration and Research Center (BSERC). Located on Melody Lane, the project will transform a decommissioned middle school into a Regenerative Learning Ecosystem, that will address rural challenges and foster community-driven education. The Center has reached a significant milestone—75% completion of schematic designs. (See them HERE!) This is a crucial step toward fulfilling their vision for five innovative STEAM field stations and a holistic learning environment. The Center has enjoyed continued support from the community and are inviting you continue to help build an inclusive space that promotes learning and environmental stewardship. This year's holiday fundraiser campaign features a match for your donations, that will double your gift.Woo Woo dig deep. Your contribution makes a difference! DONATE ********** WANT MENTIONS OF BISBEE IN YOUR INBOX?Here's how to do the google alerts so you get a daily email with mentions of Bisbee.

  1. Go to Google Alerts.

  2. In the box at the top, enter a topic you want to follow.

  3. To change your settings, click Show options. You can change: How often you get notifications. The types of sites you'll see.

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...............BISBEE ECONOMY................

On Subway Street Two projects next to each other on Subway street continue progress toward completion. And one remodel has been completed. Legion Bar and Grill owner Mike Ablin hopes to be ready for a soft opening next June and fully functioning later in the summer.The Legion will have a long bar, food prep area, a small stage for bands on the east side of the main floor, a mezzanine with tables in the rear of the building overlooking the main floor. Floor to ceiling window panels are on a track and can be opened to a seating area on the ‘porch’.Vintage photos of military veterans and miners will be a reminder of Bisbee heritage. The second floor is a huge open area running the length of the building that Albin will be promoting as a rental space for weddings, events, receptions, and other large indoor gatherings. A part of the ‘skybridge’ connecting the Legion building with the Restoration museum, formerly the Fair Department store, above Subway street will also be utilized. Remodeling the building has taken longer than originally planned because of various permitting processes, and utility problems. Largely resolved, the cavernous interior will be taking shape soon. The Warner hotel originally was a rooming house with 25 smallish rooms. The conversion to a boutique hotel created 10 suites with bathrooms by removing several walls separating rooms. No date for opening but much of the utility work is close to completion, dry wall finished, and new or redone flooring in several rooms. Much appreciation to Hal for showing me around. Redbone Bisbee Vintage, at the mouth of Subway Street, has been extensively remodeled. Although most changes are subtle-removing a step and railing in the rear of the store for safer access, some work on the walls, and new paint-the major improvement has been creating a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that flooded with entire space with light. Long time owners, Lucy and Gil, feature vintage clothes, shoes, jewelry, and some local artists. The store is open seven days 11-6, with longer hours on the weekend. Redbone is one of several stores in the building known as the Allen Block, the original site for a former furniture factory and retail store. After the store closed, the second floor was converted into a rooming house that fell on hard times when the mine closed in the 1970’s. In 2000 it was opened as Canyon Rose Suites with retail spaces at street and basement levels. It was purchased two years ago and owner Mark Gray has been in the process of remodeling several of the retail and hotel spaces. and in Brewery Gulch... Gene's Place, is a new addition to the Gulch at 24 Brewery. Owned by the peeps who have resurrected the vibrant Hitching Post Bar in Warren, Gene's was open during Halloween and Sidepony. The bartender told me they would be open for regular business soon.The neighborhood bar with a variety of beer and spirits, will have live music. 520-465-2539 and on Main... La Dulce Vida has opened at Main. Three long time OB merchants, Juliette Beaumont, Kathy Sowden, and Jerilyn Thompson, have combined to fill the store with selections of vintage clothing for both women and men, kimonos imported from Japan, local art, handcrafted ethnic jewelry, accessories, and unusual decorative items for the home. There is a wide range of Bisbee gemstone jewelry crafted by local silversmiths, copper art, and quality Mexican imports, as well as a selection of Talevera pottery and handmade children's sweaters. More info at 520-432-6834. and in Warren.... Construction is proceeding apace at the Warren Peace Cafe. The patio area in the rear is now enclosed by a fence, and what looks like a small stage at the rear of the patio. The inside is close to completion as is the front area. Speaking with the owners Becky and Pete Skinner, they hope to be open in January. The tentative menu will feature, ta da! coffee... and Panini sandwiches, pastries and a few other items. The Feedlot, 316 Pirrung, has opened adjacent to the popular Hitching Post. Amy, a regular bartender at St. Elmo's, has created a menu that goes beyond bar food to include pastas and salads in addition to the usual burger varieties. Open Thursday thru Sunday,m 5-8 pm. 520-508-6289 ++++++++++ HOUSE SALES There were fewer sales in the month of October (8) than in the past six months. Two of these sales are outside of the three main districts of Bisbee, along hwy 80 & 92. Likely will also see slower sales the next two months as generally October and December are the slowest months of the year for selling houses. Address original/list/sold 214 B. St. $155k/$155k/$155,000 5450 W. Sundown $230k/$230k/$229,500 214 Black Knob $261k/$244k/$240,000 305 Mill Rd $240k/$240k/$240,000 4571 N Rose Ct $00k/$350k/$335,000 117 Hazzard St. $369k/$369k/$355,000 111 Higgins Hill $369,500/$369,500/$372,500 10 Clawson $415k/$415k/$415,000 ***** BUILDING PERMITS A whopping $775,879 worth of work was permitted in the residential sector in October, the largest in several years. The spending was pumped by an $180k restoration of one structure. An underwhelming $29,950 for commercial work continued a trend of minor remodels and fixits and reflect a listless sales market for buildings. ***** RETAIL SALES (reflects actual sales two months prior) Bed taxes for October were $22,860, and regular hotel taxes were $16,123, both are a head scratcher because it was for August occupancy traditionally the slowest month. Post-pandemic spending is not the same as pre-pandemic and presumably it will be another couple of years to determine if spending patterns will continue to chart differently than before 2020. Restaurant and bar sales, $56,754, were the best in 17 months. Retail sales were relatively strong continuing a run of more than $100k for the past six months. That likely comes from the hardware stores and Safeway because several businesses in OB report a sales slowing this summer. Home food consumption is down this month. For the year it seems that store bought food is down $10k one month, then up $10k the next. Internet taxes slowed but remain constant about $22,000 give or take a couple grand.

..............COCHISE COUNTY AND STATE................

County supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd were subpoenaed to testify at a grand jury hearing last week. Although the topics were not disclosed, as per law, it was assumed to be regarding their refusal to sanction the 2022 election, advocating and voting for 100% hand counting of ballots, and disregarding open meeting laws. Anticipating charges, Tom Crosby has launched a fundraising campaign through a christian crowd funding site GiveSendGo.This is his statement on the site pleading for funds. “I have been an elections integrity proponent since before it became popular. I have heard that a grand jury subpeona is almost a guaranteed indictment. If that is the case, I would expect to go to trial, and be stuck with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars of court costs and legal fees. If my legal adversary is successful in defeating me, it will intimidate other AZ County Supervisors into falling in line with the globalist plans of compromised elections, and forced use of voting machines.” He has raised $2657 so far with a grand of that from one donor. According to an article in Time magazine, the site “GiveSendGo, which bills itself as the “#1 Free Christian Crowdfunding Site,” is a for-profit company that operates on a “voluntary donation model,” Wells says. When users give to a cause through the platform, the site asks them to add a “generous gift,” and automatically includes an extra 10% as a default tip. The site has been popular to raise funds for a number of extremists including anti-vaxxers, anti-democratic election deniers, Proud Boys defense, and many others. ++++++++++ MOJAVE COUNTY VOTES NO ON 100% HAND COUNT OF BALLOTS In complete disregard of Superior and Court of Appeals rulings that 100% hand counting of votes is illegal, supervisors in Mojave County were due Monday to vote on just that issue. However with their own election director that has run an experiment conclusively demonstrating that the process is costly, time consuming, and error prone, urging a no vote and their own attorney and a stern warning from the AG Attorney, the supervisors voted 3-2 to reject hand (finger?) counting. Bryan Blehm, who is at risk of being debarred for flaunting violations of Supreme Court rules, had said he would 'defend' the supervisors at no charge. Blehm also unsuccessfully defended Cochise County supervisors and vote theft zealot Kari Lake in recent cases. ++++++++++ $240 MILLION ADMINISTRATIVE INCOMPETENCE 'ERROR' AT THE U of A, UofA President Robbins recently announced that the school had a ‘budget shortfall’ of $240 million. That astounding admission was followed by his description of a ‘financial miscalculation’ that resulted in the U having only 97 days of operating expenses. An inaccurate ‘model’ and bad investments were the cause of the missing money he said. For instance $56 million was ‘loaned’ to the athletic department and not repaid. The university also bought an online university, in the face of widespread disagreements of the purchase including the Eller Business School, that cost $200+ million to operate. His initial suggestion of solving the problem by cutting financial aid to students was deeply unpopular. As was his suggestion of deep pay cuts ‘across the board’. The gross administrative error and methods to address the operating shortfall continue to be discussed. ++++++++++

...............EVERYTHING ELSE................

WHY THE HAMAS/ISRAEL WAR SEEMS HOPELESS A former Bisbee business woman that now lives in Israel, Joan Werner (who prefers Yochi), took issue with my citation of a Guardian article that talked about the Hamas/Israel war. She felt it was written from an Arab perspective. She also sent me an email with some history from an Israeli point of view, that is too long to print here. There is no doubt, whether explained by history or not, Hamas's actions have been despicable. There is no justification for killing civilians. But then, whether explained by history or not, Israel's response has been to kill civilians. Hamas hides behind civilians and under where they live. Israel bombs civilians to try and get to the fighters. Actions born of Vengeance. Clearly there will only be temporary superiority by Isralis or Arabs in the region. Most of us don't have solutions to this historical animosity, but clearly a cease fire should occur, hostages be returned to Israel, and life services to Gaza. What happens after that, I certainly don't know. What is clear however, is that hatred fueled by white supremacists, is once again targeting innocent people simply because they are Jews. The war has publicly unleashed latent anti-Semitism, tacitly goosed by Trump and his followers the past several years. Some on the muddled left have confused Jews with the Israeli government thereby feeding a dangerous narrative. What is clear is that anti-Semitism whether word or deed, should be, has to be denounced. wherever it appears. No account of this war will satisfy everyone. However I think this an in-depth personal/historical article. The article begins like this, "The only way to tell this story is to try to tell it truthfully and to know that you will fail." +++++++++ BOOKMAN'S IN TUCSON MOVESThe new Bookmans location opened on North Stone Avenue after staff moved thousands of books, CDs, and other items from their now-closed locations, one on East Speedway and the other on West Ina Road, where the leases were expiring, Bill Finley writes for the Arizona Star. The new location will have a brand new layout, a “vinyl lab” to clean and flatten records, and a “geek zone” for comic books, manga, and games. +++++++++ THE RISE OF ANTI-SCIENCE This excellent article that details some of scientist Dr. Peter Hoetz views, is a succinct summary of the problems caused by anti-vaxxers. The embrace of anti-science was most evident during the pandemic as many people died rather than take a vaccine that prevented covid. Well funded anti science views arose in response to government restrictions to halt the spread of the disease. Those anti-science views continue to gain adherents, the list is long, but among them is presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. who is partially funded by anti-vax groups and has made millions flacking his anti-science views. Kennedy has promoted some wild ideas including that vaccines were potentially worse than the disease, prescriptions drugs are responsible for mass shootings, and Dr. Falucci and Bill Gates prolonged the pandemic to increase profits to pharmaceutical companies. ++++++++++ DECLINE IN READING People are reading less, books that is. Read about it: ++++++++++ The 20 Farming Families Who Use More Water From the Colorado River Than Some Western States "By far the largest users of the river are five members of the Abatti family, whose companies used an estimated 260,000 acre-feet in 2022, about 3% of the Colorado River’s entire flow in the Lower Basin. Most of the water they use goes to growing hay. Southern Nevada, which relies on the Colorado River for almost all of its water supply, used about 220,000 acre-feet that year, much of which goes to serve over 2 million people in the Las Vegas metropolitan area." ++++++++ SOLUTION TO THE SAN PEDRO RIVER/COW PROBLEM? Fitting cows with electronic collars is a fast growing technology that can minimize physical fences while protecting areas from cow intrusion. San Pedro anyone? This article talks about the effectiveness, problems, and economics of 'virtual' fences. Very promising. (Of course this would not stop cows with guns.) ++++++++ HOW ARTISTS CAN ELECTRONICALLY PROTECT THEIR WORK This article describes technology that can protect an artist's work from being used by AI (artificial intelligence) without compensation or recognition. A more comprehensive article is here. ++++++++ RELIABLE HEALTH INFO SITES Check out these sites. Symptoms and Conditions Vaccines Cancer treatments, symptoms health ++++++++ YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW IF HEALTH INSURANCE IS DENIED Go here for the article. ++++++++ DOG FOOD RECALLS These brands had recalls.Retriever All Life Stages Mini Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food; Blue Ridge Breeders Choice raw pet food; Victor Select Beef Meal & Brown Rice Formula. More info here +++++++++ RAINWATER HARVESTING STORE The Rain Store in Tucson, 3248 Grant, offers rainwater harvesting tanks, low-water irrigation systems, native seeds and garden beds, in partnership with Thrive and Grow Gardens. +++++++++ THE BIGGEST DONORS OF 2022 ELECTIONS Here are the individuals who have dipped deepest into their own pockets for campaign contributions to federal candidates, parties, political action committees, 527 organizations, and Carey committees. Only contributions to Democrats and Republicans or liberal and conservative outside groups are included in calculating the percentages the donor has given to either party. To see the top 100 donors, go here f +++++++++ Top Individual Contributors: All Federal Contributions, 2021-2022Rank Contributor/Total Contributions/Total Hard Money/Total Outside Money/To Democrats/To Republicans1

George Soros Soros Fund Management New York, NY$178,820,550/$2,067,837/$176,752,713//$178,810,550$02

Richard Uihlein Uline Inc Lake Forest, IL/$89,773,039/$3,327,024/$86,446,015/$0$89,758,0393

Kenneth C. GriffinCitadel LLC Chicago, IL$72,650,100$1,600,100$71,050,000$2,900$72,656,6004

Jeffrey S. & Janine Yass Susquehanna International Group Haverford, PA$56,321,500$80,100$56,241,400$0$49,125,1005

Michael R. Bloomberg City of New York, NY New York, NY$50,278,825$49,800$50,229,025$49,528,825$06

Timothy Mellon Retired Saratoga, WY$41,746,515$46,515$41,700,000$10,700$41,735,8157

Sam Bankman-Fried FTX.US Washington, DC$40,734,790$1,547,790$39,187,000$37,650,390$286,700

Stephen A. Schwarzman Blackstone Group New York, NY$37,390,542$1,390,484$36,000,058$0$37,395,6429

Fred Eychaner Newsweb Corp Chicago, IL$35,804,800$3,704,800$32,100,000$35,804,800$010

Peter Thiel Thiel Capital San Francisco, CA$35,373,342$123,342$35,250,000$0$35,373,342

............... WORD...............


What did the bartender say after Charles Dickens ordered a martini? Olive or Twist?

A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers in a V, and says, “Five beers please

A German walks into a bar and asks for a martini. The bartender asks, “Dry?” The German replies, “Nein, just one.”

A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender looks at them and says, “What is this? Some kind of joke?”

Papa, what is the person called who brings you in contact with the spirit world? A bartender, my boy.

A guy rushes into a bar, orders four expensive 30-year-old single malts, and has the bartender line them up in front of him. Then without pausing, he quickly downs each one. “Whew,” the bartender remarked, “you seem to be in a hurry.” “You would be too if you had what I have.” “What do you have?” the bartender sympathetically asked. “Fifty cents.”

A man came into a bar and ordered a martini. Before drinking it, he removed the olive and carefully put it into a glass jar. Then he ordered another martini and did the same thing. After an hour, when he was full of martinis and the jar was full of olives, he staggered out. “Well,” said a customer, “I never saw anything as peculiar as that!” “What’s so peculiar about it?” the bartender said. “His wife sent him out for a jar of olives.”

What do you call a guy who's had too much to drink? A cab.

A dyslexic man walks into a bra..

Two scientists walk into a bar. One says, "I'll have an H2O please" The second scientist says, "I'll have an H2O too." The second scientist died.


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