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editor: fred miller          May 17, 2020                  #9 May 2020


You'd think our house would be spotless but not so much. I've got a list of stuff that is growing in inverse proportion to the energy I have to do any of it. Soon I'll be taking a nap from the exertion of sleeping so much. Yeah, it is tiresome but whachgonnado?

There is a council meeting on Tuesday. This will be the second time in a month a proposal is put on the agenda without public input. The first was asking the council to put a 1% sales tax raise on the ballot. Tuesday, it is a mandatory ambulance subscription fee for all households. Both have had no financial impact statements accompanying the item, no talking points, and no public discussion. This is not good government. 

Given the revenue decline to the city it would be beneficial for citizens to see at least some analysis of cuts necessary to make because of budget shortfalls. Some comparison of existing budget these last two months of the Fiscal Year and maybe the first quarter of next would be helpful for a public discussion  of what is really important. If no cuts necessary than fine we are in better shape than I thought. But if it impacts services we should have a discussion. I would not like that decision to rest with the city manager and council without input from citizens. (I would guess based on May/June last year, that there has been more than $100,000 tax revenue decrease for the city for the past 1 1/2 months for lodging and restaurant/bars. Sales taxes likely are down but difficult to say because of so much panic buying. And this month will be very low also. Conceivably the loss could be upwards of $150k)

All this is to say, citizens are not getting information in a timely manner (or not at all) to be able to consider and voice comments and opinions on important issues. What that does is deprive our community of much accumulated wisdom. (and humor and yes, ignorance) This is basic kind of stuff I think, but then again the council has not made a peep about it...

Jeez! I'm getting grumpy....

On a different note, Mayor David Smith has been doing an excellent job in keeping residents informed about Trump virus stats with daily posts on the Bisbee city watch facebook page. As far as I can tell he is negotiating a shifting scenario on what is prudent, what is legal, and what is common sense. The mayor gets a lot of complaints but few kudos for doing a good job. I think he has dealt with this situation as well as anyone could.




The meetings will continue to be live streamed on the city’s Facebook page ( You do not have to have a Facebook account to view the meeting.The public can submit comments that will be read at the dais by a staff member to Background here: Of Interest: Item 6 Yea! possible demolition of former city hall at 118 Arizona St. Discussion will be whether to accept one of the submitted bids...or not.Two council people have been reluctant to tear down the structure, it is unclear if they have the votes to stop the council voting to demo. Item 7 (ok) Queen Mine Tour Fee bump of $2 for adults age 13 and over and updating age limits on the Item 8 Boo! This should be removed from the agenda with further discussion slated. It calls for adopting mandatory Ambulance Subscriptions for all households in Bisbee.  Making a new fee mandatory without public input is bad government. Period. The proposed FY21 budget has a line item for $90,000 in revenue from ambulance subscriptions. Cart before the horse. At the very least a discussion with a detailed description of the financial impact, how this would be collected, who-if any-would be exempt, what would happen if someone were in arrears, why this fee is needed. ........ INVOCATION:                    PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE MAYOR’S PROCLAMATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: CALL TO THE PUBLIC  THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WILL BE DISCUSSED, CONSIDERED AND/OR DECIDED UPON AT THIS MEETING: GENERAL BUSINESS: 1.        ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  Subject to availability of fund  2.        Approval of the Consent Agenda A.     Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Session of Mayor and Council held on April 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm.   B.      Approval of the Minutes of the Special Session of Mayor and Council held on April 27, 2020 at 5:30 pm. C.      Approval of the Minutes of the Special Session of Mayor and Council held on April 28, 2020 at 5:30 pm. D.     Approval of the Minutes of the Special Session of Mayor and Council held on April 29, 2020 at 5:30 pm. E.      Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Session of Mayor and Council held on May 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm. OLD BUSINESS 3.        Discussion and Possible Approval of Ordinance O-20-08, Accepting the Transfer of Real Property from the Dycus Family Trust Located at 416 N Street, Bisbee.  Theresa Coleman, City Manager NEW BUSINESS 4.        Discussion and Possible Approval of the FY21 Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance and Delta Dental Insurance renewal agreements. Joelle Landers, Personnel Director 5.        Discussion and Possible Approval for service to install and repair City Hall Air Conditioners. Jesus Haro, Public Works Director  6.        Discussion, Direction and Possible Approval to Demolish the Structure at 118 Arizona Street. Jesus Haro, Public Works Director  7.        Discussion and Possible Approval of the Notice of Intent to adopt Ordinance O-20-09; Amending Article 16.2 Queen Mine Regulations and Fees and providing for repeal and severability. Theresa Coleman, City Manager 8.        Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution R-20-16; Amending Queen Mine Section of the City Fee Schedule. Theresa Coleman, City Manager 9.        Discussion and Possible Approval of the Notice of Intent to adopt Ordinance O-20-10; Amending Article 4.5.1 Rates, and Establishing Article 4.5.2, Ambulance Subscriptions and providing for repeal and severability.  Theresa Coleman, City Manager 10.    Possible Approval of a motion to go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussion and consultation with City Attorney to provide legal guidance on pending matters. Per ARS § 38-431.03(a)(3)(7), the City Council may vote to go into executive session for discussion or consultation for legal advice with the attorney or attorneys of the public body and for Discussion or consultation with designated representatives of the public body in order to consider its position and instruct its representatives regarding negotiations for the purchase, sale or lease of real property. Theresa Coleman, City Manager 11.    City Manager's Report: ·         Other Current events (No Discussion) COUNCIL COMMENTS OR FUTURE AGENDA ITEM SUGGESTIONS:


READ THIS THEN FILE!!!! Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)...This is the State... If you worked part time, a gig worker, a self-employed owner, an independent contractor you should file for this benefit. Here's how. As of May 12, Go to click on "file a Pandemic Unemployments Assistance Claim" fill out the info-fill it out completely. You will need a valid email address. (The DES will likely have info on your work/wage/economic history so it does not good to lie. Troot is better. You can have your benefits direct deposited into your bank account. Your benefit will be based on how much you have earned as filed with DES. Additionally you are eligible to receive Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (FPUA)...This is the Feds...that provides an additional $600 per week. If you qualify for PUA, then you are qualified for FPUA. Then beginning May 17, you need to file weekly claims. Ez, not a big deal.


BISBEE GONE VIRAL WILL START YOUR MORNING RIGHT KBRP radio show with interviews with peeps in Bisbee. Give a listen. Coming up this next week is Kelly Galligan/friends of the animal shelter; Mark Apel/water wise; David Smith/mayor. They were scraping the bottom of the barrel, desperate, and so hard up for a guest that they even asked me on a couple of times to riff on economic news. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 9 am and repeat at 5:30 same day. KBRP/Bisbee Royale has gone through many changes in the past couple of years. According to their February treasury report, it looks like they are financial viable-operating money in the bank. The five member Board -with direction from the membership-has initiated the process of selling the Bisbee Royale. And they are in the midst of a monthly fund raising campaign to raise $15k. There have been many unsung volunteers that have kept the organization going during these trying times. Hats gotta go off to them for their dedication to community radio. You can donate online. ................... SHED IT-SHRED IT JUNE 27 9:00-noon

Shed It /Shred It Recycling will be on Saturday, June 27, from  9-noon at  ACE Hardware Parking area. This is a fundraiser for the Community Chorus. There is no cost, but a donation per box would be helpful. All recyclable paper items such as back tax records, unnneded papers from years ago, outdate medicines...all are taken.

We will be following all social distancing protocols and all safety measures . All volunteers will wear mask and gloves. We will ask all those coming in to have items shred, to stay in their vehicles, unless they also have a mask on. We will be taking items from their vehicles for shredding.



With great sadness we are having to cancel the Bisbee Coaster Races this year due to COVID.

While we would love to see the race happen, our upmost priority is making sure everyone stays safe! We will continue to fund-raise and sign up sponsors so we can come back full force next year! If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to message or call me at 520 255 3898. Have a wonderful summer and stay safe! Thank you all for your support and understanding! Bridgette Christian, President



The cancellation of our in-person event will not deter the spirit of community, nor will it detract from the enormous impact the founders of our movement have had on history. We continue to work with Bisbee Pride sponsors and partners to create a celebration over digital platforms, including participation in this year’s Arizona Virtual Pride celebrating Flagstaff Pride and Bisbee Pride June 20th and 21st respectively. As a community, weathering this storm together will unite us and increase our appreciation for one another.

Bisbee Pride is committed to adapting to the current climate and ensuring the Pride celebration will be a staple moment with diverse and creative ways to honor the LGBTQ+ community regardless of an in-person gathering. 


As Arizona destinations, businesses and attractions start opening up to consumers, please keep us informed of any reopening dates, updated hours of operation or new business schedules. We are tracking all business details to ensure our visitors get the latest, most up-to-date, information. Please contact with details. &&&&&&&&&&&&&


This is a site that allows businesses owners to sign on saying it is too soon to open for business. Several Bisbee businesses are among the hundreds that have signed on. Go here: for details.


TRUMP VIRUS FATIGUE? Well there is news and there is nooz-the fake kind. This is news you can use. A course of action for individuals and politicians. These are good rational reads.

TRANSMISSION FACTS-A SCIENCE BASED READ THAT ASSESSES RISK "... if you don't solve the biology, the economy won't recover." "So throughout most of the country we are going to add fuel to the viral fire by reopening. It's going to happen whether I like it or not, so my goal here is to try to guide you away from situations of high risk. " and another from the author on how to mitigate risks of flying

................. HOW TO REDUCE FEAR AND GET THINGS MOVING AGAIN This is a sane and thoughtful approach to overcoming the fear that many of us have as states and cities relax standards. Science+economics. Question....Different people have talked about different ways to get through this. Your plan focusses on testing more than almost anything else, and more than some of the other plans. Everyone acknowledges that testing is important, but why is it so central to every idea that you’ve put forward? "The key to solving the economic crisis is to reduce the fear that someone will get sick if they go to work or go shop. So it’s really about building confidence. The thing about testing is that it’s easy to explain and it doesn’t frighten people the way digital contact tracing does. It’s not subject to technological and social, political uncertainty the way digital contact tracing is. It doesn’t require the organizational capacity that doing human contact tracing does. It’s really just a very simple, easy-to-explain idea—that to control the pandemic, we need to get a reasonable majority of the people who are infectious into a quarantine, and then we’re good. That’s really all it’s about. So I wanted to try and articulate a very simple approach for managing this crisis, because I think that’s central to restoring confidence. For example, think about me going back to my dentist. It doesn’t really matter what the law says or the governor says I can do. I don’t want to go back to the dentist’s office in New York City until I know that he can show me a recent negative test, and he doesn’t want me to come into his office until I can show him that I’ve got a recent negative test. So I think it’s easy to explain this idea to people, and I think it’s also easy to convince people that this is something we could do for as long as it takes to manage this pandemic. Suppose it takes more than twenty-four months to get to a vaccine. If it takes more than twenty-four months, I could see going and getting tested before I go to the dentist and the dentist could get tested. Neither of us has a problem with that. I really think that confidence is so central to investment decisions, to planning, to anticipating the future, that we need something so simple that nobody worries if it’s going to work, nobody worries if we’re going to abandon it because it’s too painful. Everybody just says, “O.K., yep, that’s the plan. We’re going to stick to it.” And then we go." "Fear and uncertainty are just like the acid that kills investment, and investment is what it takes to restart. So, until we can reduce the uncertainty and address the fear, credibly address the fear, you can’t just use happy talk to try to make the fear go away. Unless you’ve got a credible, understandable way to make the fear go away, we will not get the recovery we need." ............... DYLAN PARODY...EVERYBODY MUST STAY HOME ............... CONTACT TRACING JOBS/FREE ONLINE COURSE


BLACK HUMOR, TASTELESS, and GROANERS, these are daaaahk.... 1. Shouldn't we wait till after the pandemic to do the census? 2. Jesus conducting the last supper on Zoom...Judas you there? 3. Please wash your hands...Covid doesn't kill itself-like Epstein 4. Calm down, a six time bankrupted reality TV star is handling the situation. 5. A year from now we will be laughing about this virus...not all of us obviously 6. Bill Murray...It's quarantine day again 7. Where's your husband? In the Garden. I didn't see him. You need to dig a little deeper. 8 You Covid test came back positive...That can't be correct, I have more than 200 rolls of toilet paper. 9. I finished Netflix last night. 10. Parents!  Get used to it! The kids are never going back to school! And these, meh....

  1. If there’s a baby boom nine months from now, what will happen in 2033? There will be a whole bunch of quaranteens.

  2. What’s the difference between COVID-19 and Romeo and Juliet? One’s the coronavirus and the other is a Verona crisis.

  3. I’ll tell you a coronavirus joke now, but you’ll have to wait two weeks to see if you got it.

  4. Finland just closed its borders. You know what that means. No one will be crossing the finish line.

  5. Did you hear the joke about the germ? Never mind, I don’t want to spread it around.

  6. Why do they call it the novel coronavirus? It’s a long story….

  7. Yeah, I have plans tonight. I’ll probably hit the living room around 8 or 9.

  8. I ran out of toilet paper and had to start using old newspapers. Times are rough.

  9. What do you call panic-buying of sausage and cheese in Germany? The wurst-kase scenario.

  10. What should you do if you don’t understand a coronavirus joke? Be patient.

  11. The grocery stores in France look like tornadoes hit them. All that’s left is de brie.

  12. So many coronavirus jokes out there, it’s a pundemic.

  13. What types of jokes are allowed during quarantine? Inside jokes!

  14. What’s the best way to avoid touching your face? A glass of wine in each hand.

  15. In a month 88% of the blondes in the world will disappear.

-30-     -30-      -30-


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