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Bisbee Wire/Council Agenda/Bisbee stuff/Politics/naked swimming 2017/July/#27


The animal shelter can always use donations of dog and cat food, office supplies, and volunteer time and energy. They also are looking for a shelter staff, see below. With so many dogs and cats and so few licenses, I wonder if there could be a push for licensing all pets and all or part of the fees go to the shelter. Or maybe licensing owners might be the better deal.

To give you a heads-up at the very end of this newsletter, not that you don't read every word, is a fundraising idea for the friends of the Bisbee Pool...Hee hee. And the Bisbee Best Of voting is open. fred


Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 7:00PM

Background info here:

Of interest: 

Property tax hike  and a possible suit by the City against Border Lands Corp for blocking access to public parking paces south of the convention center. It has to do with the 2011 settlement agreement which is in the background notes. There is a possibility that their zoning could be revoked if Border Lands is found to be in violation of the settlement.

INVOCATION:  A Moment of Silence                       






1.        ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  Subject to availability of funds

2.       Approval of the Consent Agenda

A.      Approval of the Resignation of Todd Bogatay from the Community Sustainability Commission. 

B.      Approval of the Special Event Liquor License Application Submitted by the Bisbee Radio              Project, Inc. (KBRP) for an event to be held at the Bisbee Royale, 94 Main Street, Bisbee,   AZ on Friday, September 8, 2017 from 4:00PM to 11:59PM; Ryan Bruce, Applicant. 

C.      Approval of the Special Event Liquor License Application Submitted by the Bisbee Radio               Project, Inc. (KBRP) for an event to be held at the Bisbee Royale, 94 Main Street, Bisbee, AZ on Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 12:00PM to 10:00PM; Ryan Bruce, Applicant. 

D.      Approval of an Application for an Extension of Premises/Patio Permit submitted by the              Copper Queen Hotel for an event to be held at 11 Howell Avenue, Bisbee, AZ on Saturday,   October 28, 2017; Helen Lampinen, Applicant. 


3.       Discussion and Possible Approval of Ordinance O-17-06, authorizing the sale and transfer of City property located adjacent to and East of 27 Wood Canyon.

Joe Ward, Building Inspector

4.        Discussion and Possible Approval of Ordinance O-17-07 Amending Chapter 9 of the Bisbee City Code, Entitled “Health and Sanitation; and Cemetery,” to Address Delinquencies Owed to the City and to Provide a mechanism for the City to address Exceptional Circumstances Encountered by Citizens that are not able to pay their Sanitation Bills.

Elda Orduño, City Attorney

5.        Discussion and Possible Approval of Ordinance O-17-08 Amending Chapter 13 of the Bisbee City Code, Entitled “Sewer,” to (1) Address Delinquencies Owed to the City; (2) Address Residential Rental Property of Four of Fewer Units; and (3) Provide a mechanism for the City to address Exceptional Circumstances Encountered by Citizens that are not able to pay their Sewer Bills.

Elda Orduño, City Attorney


6.        Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution R-17-10; A Resolution of the Mayor and City Council, City of Bisbee, County of Cochise, State of Arizona, Fixing, Levying and Assessing the Amount to be raised by the City of Bisbee from Property Taxation and Fixing and Determining the Property Tax Rate for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year and Providing for Severability.

Keri Bagley, Finance Director 

7.        Discussion and Possible Approval to Purchase a Camera with additional head for larger pipes for Wastewater in the amount of $6,460.61.

Andy Haratyk, Public Works Director

 8.        Discussion and Possible Approval to Purchase Pipe and Material from Ferguson Waterworks for an Emergency Repair on the Fire Suppression System on Opera Dr. in the amount of $5,248.66.

Andy Haratyk, Public Works Director 

9.        Discussion and Possible Approval of the Notice of Intent to Adopt Ordinance O-17-09; Amending Articles 2.8.2 of the City Code Changing the Meeting times of the Parks and Recreation Committee to 6:00PM.

Andy Haratyk, Public Works Director

10.    Discussion and Authorize Lawsuit against Border Cities for Breach of Settlement Agreement re: Parking Lot.

       Per ARS § 38-431(A)(3), the Board may go into executive session for legal advice with the attorney of the public body and to consider its position and instruct its attorneys regarding the public body’s position in pending or contemplated litigation.

Britt Hanson, City Attorney

11.    City Manager's Report:

·         Other current events (No Discussion)

COUNCIL COMMENTS OR FUTURE AGENDA ITEM SUGGESTIONS: (Council members may suggest topics for future meeting agendas, but Council will not here discuss, deliberate or take any action on these topics.):

·         Councilmember Dunn would like to thank everyone who worked so hard on Sonorafest.




Jobs with the City

Program Grants Administator...part time $16 p/h

Lifeguard, Pool part time $10 p/h 

Jobs at the Queen Mine Tour

Gift Shop Attendant part time $10.17 p/h 

Job at the Animal Shelter

20-30 hours (mo info at 432-6020)

Shelter Staff $10-12 p/h

Unpaid/Volunteer Police Dept


BEST OF BISBEE TIME; VOTE... Voting is now open until next week - Please share this link with your friends and customers and vote for the BEST OF BISBEE 2017!!!! Am not sure of how they chose the people/organzations/businesses in each category but there they are. 





Go here; to give your feedback how they function in Bisbee.

......................................... AZ WINE INDUSTRY IMPACT; $56 MIL

Although this survey leaves some questions to be asked, it still is a decent study of the AZ wine industry. There are about 100 wineries in the state. Sonoita, Wilcox, and soon Verde Valley have been recognized as vinticultural areas-a significant designation. 77% of wine area visitors come from Phoenix/Tucson areas, (no surprise).  Doesn't break it down by county, but while Cochise County grows the grapes, Verde Valley gets the visitors. Since about 50% of visitors stay overnight-depending on the area and the availability of accommodations-Bisbee could get some of those visitors with cagey marketing and a second tasting room.  Hopefully we can encourage that to happen. Combine that with a 'wine trail' trip and we'll have some added visitors to town.


LOSING JOBS? WE AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET WAGES FLAT CAN'T FIND THOSE ELUSIVE WORKERS? MAR-A-LAGO SEEKS IMPORTS In the middle of what the White House pitched as “Made in America” week, the Trump Mar-a-Lago club asked the government to allow them to hire seventy foreign workers in the fall as they can not find American cooks, waiters and housekeepers.


MY TWO CENTS... Can you believe the new slogan of the Democrats? "A Better Deal". Jeez the national party leaders are tone deaf, they don't seem to learn anything.  Whatever ad agency that came up with this slogan and the people that approved it should be put in a room with each other for 24 hours with Trump tweets blaring from loudspeakers.

And contrary to a lot of commentary that seems to look for some unknown charismatic person rocketing to the fore with a progressive message that is going to 'save' the Dems; that's not going to happen.  It's going to be Elizabeth Warren, or someone like her, that has solid working class roots, progressive ideas, combined with economic sense and an understanding of how things work. Someone who can energize people with a vision of common sense undertakings; infrastructure repair (jobs), universal health care (more jobs), equitable taxation (bring back the trillions in capital out of the country), environmental protection and enhancement (keep your greedy mitts off public lands), fair trade agreements (will they be good for workers and consumers?), and more.

None of this is rocket science. There are many issues that are not complicated nor are solutions complex. If we don't advocate and work for these sound policies and ideas, then we will get the same Democratic party we have had for the past many years. Dems cannot ignore the money wing, that's reality. But that doesn't mean the direction comes from them. That is the mistake the Dems have made for years; taking direction from people who don't do the work.This has been the real abandonment of the working class! Wealthy liberals and moderates will get behind a progressive program if that is what is forcefully advocated. They have no place to go.



THE PEOPLE DEMOCRATS FORGET This 2009 analysis, with some exceptions, can serve as the why there is a deep problem in the Democratic party that became explicit in  several close defeats of Democratic congressional candidates this year. While written about the 'Liberty movement', it serves as an viable explanation of what happened in the Trump election. It also is the intellectual seed for the emergence of various kinds of resistance. (Noted imho...Anarchy never has been a response that will help people in the long run because at its core is the extreme veneration of the individual to resist all authority, and that will always preclude successful organization.)

...If our interests as white working class people mirror those of other working people, the interests of the rich and political elite within our own movement mirror those of the rich and political elite within the government. The leaders of our own movement seek to keep the infighting amongst working people of all backgrounds and colors alive. Again, if we’re too busy fighting each other, then we can’t fight them.

We as white working class people are being used at these mobilizations. We’re fulfilling our old role of being foot soldiers for the political elite, for keeping other poor and working people in line. We’ve blinded ourselves again.

How else can we explain the willingness of hundreds of people without healthcare to actively work against legislation that would provide them with that healthcare?

And the worst part is, we don’t really gain anything from this situation. We’re failing ourselves. ...all of our energy, money, and talents are going to reinforce the same predatory economic, political, and social systems that keep us, as white working people, exploited and living in misery as well.

Our allegiances to these leaders, to people like Ron Paul, to people like Alex Jones, our acceptance of their white populist talk, our willingness to attack migrants, to disrupt attempts to provide healthcare to working class people, our willingness to cling to these ideas of the “other” liberty, the protection of property and not of people, are the biggest reasons that we are doomed to continue to live this way. We will continue to live paycheck to paycheck (at least those of us that have jobs) and in constant fear of eviction or foreclosure. We will continue to have to choose between new schoolbooks for our kids or dinner for the whole family. We will continue to see our retirement funds looted, our world destroyed, and our family members being killed in wars. And we will continue to not be able to do anything about it, unless we change our strategy and direction.

THE WRITHING OF THE MEDIA; WHY THEY CAN'T TOPPLE TRUMP Thomas Frank (What's Wrong With Kansas) is an incisive writer but can be tiresome because his writing is a long screed against the 'elitists'. Fine as far as it goes, but he somehow doesn't connect the dots to show that there are warring factions within the 'ruling class'. It's not homogeneous, although Frank writes as if it were, with all the players committed to preserving the existing order. Not true. Trump threatens the existing order, but only insofar as establishing a different way to rule. He, and the 'Freedom' wing of Repugnicans represent the nationalistic segment of the 'ruling class' that wants harsher social conditions, less internationalism, and even more favorable payouts from the State. The discussion about health care is the best way to understand the various interests. It is always a fluid situation with shifting alliances but one thing remains clear; the vast majority of us are getting screwed whether by the elitists or the nationalists. And that is why any resistance must have clear unambigious policies.

<><><><><><><><><><><><> FLAKE IN DEEP DOO-DOO Dems....who is the challenger?

<><><><><><><><><><><><> HOW TO TRUST ARTICLES WITH ANONYMOUS SOURCES;' a two parter


INFO WARFARE; RUSSIA & TRUMP A look at tactics of Russia and the long game of disruption and manipulation.

<><><><><><><><><><><> GUN DUEL IN PJs This is the guy, the one in blue pjs covered with ducks standing next to a playboy bunny, who would have challenged Senator Collins of Maine to a gun duel...if she had been a man. I dunno, from the looks of him, I think Ms Collins should have taken him up on it.

<><><><><><><><><><><> MOST COMMON BANNED SONGS AT WEDDINGS 1 Chicken Dance 23.1% 2 Cha-Cha Slide DJ Casper 22.5 3 Macarena Los Del Rio 17.6 4 Cupid Shuffle Cupid 16.5 5 YMCA Village People 15.4 6 Electric Boogie (Electric Slide) Marcia Griffiths 12.6 7 Hokey Pokey 10.4 8 Wobble V.I.C. 7.1 9 Happy Pharrell Williams 5.5 10 Shout Isley Brothers 5.5 11 Love Shack The B-52’s 4.9 12 We Are Family Sister Sledge 4.4


NEW NAKED SWIMMING RECORD! CAN BISBEE BEAT IT? FUNDRAISER FOR THE POOL! At last an important record within the grasp of Bisbee. With 781 naked swimmers we could wrest the title from Finland. Friends of the Pool where are you?



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