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BISBEE WIRE/Giving away your life/Travel tips/Regrets of the dying/2018 June #18

Hello, There is no surcease from businesses turning your personal information and your online life into a commodity.  Where you live, who you visit, topics you discuss, health problems, political views, sex life, age, products you buy and much more are gleaned from your computer/tablet/phone use. The ease of use of devises masks the incessant always-on collection of information. Every time you use a devise your digital personhood is becoming more and more specific and voluminous. And that very personal information has become a product in itself to sell to other business. Your/my/our private selves are predictable and no longer private. You can take back some of that by limiting what is gathered and sold. Below are some of the way that you can do this, particularly opting out of some of the major info gatherers as noted in the Yelp piece. fred

........................ TECHNOLOGY

DON'T GIVE AWAY YOUR LIFE PAY ATTENTION TO PRIVACY POLICY EMAILS; DON'T JUST CLICK YES I, like you, have gotten lots of 'updates on privacy' notices. Companies complying with European GDPR regulations now have to ask you to use your data. All companies doing business in Europe have to comply. Since many large companies are international, the GDPR benefits US as well. It is best, though a hassle to do every one, to read how you can limit how the information you give a company is used. I suggest you limit what you can because you be a cash cow, with none of the milk going to you. So don't automatically ok it. Two examples Facebook and Yelp below to help you out. Europe is far ahead of the US in privacy protection. This is what it is about... What is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)? GDPR extends the data privacy rights of all European individuals and gives them the power to better control their data. Companies that provide services, and process personal data of these European individuals, must comply with all GDPR set of regulations. There are specific and clear requirements that these companies must meet, and basic rights that European and US individuals can exercise with these companies. More information about GDPR can be found in the official GDPR European Union’s website. For example.... "Facebook, which has been under scrutiny for the improper harvesting of user data by the political profiling firm Cambridge Analytica, has also updated its privacy controls.

One of Facebook’s newer tools is called Privacy Checkup, which can be found in a menu called Privacy Shortcuts. When you run the checkup with the Facebook app, it quickly walks you through the people you share your posts with by default, the information you show on your profile and the apps that you share your data with.

Also inside the Facebook app’s settings menu is a button labeled Ads. This brings you to your ad preferences, where you can see which advertisers have your contact information and you can control the types of ads that can be shown to you.

For example, you can opt out of being shown ads based on information like your relationship status, employer, job title and education history. You can also opt out of being shown ads based on your activity on other Facebook-owned products like the messaging app WhatsApp or the virtual reality system Oculus." For Facebook do this: The Privacy Checkup helps you review who can see your posts and info from your profile, like your phone number and email address. It also shows you your settings for apps you’ve logged into with Facebook.You can use the Privacy Checkup to review and adjust your privacy settings to help make sure that you’re sharing with who you want.To go to the Privacy Checkup:Click 📷 at the top of any page on Facebook (ex: your homepage)Select Privacy CheckupNote: Privacy Checkup isn't available to everyone right now. For example, you may not have access to Privacy Checkup on certain devices. You can still adjust all of the settings covered by Privacy Checkup by going to your privacy settings. Learn more about how to select an audience for your posts, how to adjust privacy settings for apps and games and how to edit basic info on your profile and choose who can see it.

OPT OUT OF ADVERTISING BY FOLLOWING THESE LINKS... This came from Yelp, but if you click on the hot links, it will be for any ads you get through third party services on Yelp. Advertisers: We may allow third parties to use Cookies through the Service to collect the same type of information for the same purposes as we do. In doing so, we adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. Third parties may be able to associate the information they collect with other information they have about you from other sources. We do not necessarily have access to or control over the Cookies they use, but you may be able to opt out of some of their practices by visiting the following links: Network Advertising Initiative, Omniture, Digital Advertising Alliance andPrivacyChoice. Please note that opting out does not prevent the display of all advertisements to you. Additionally, we may share non-personally identifiable information from or about you with third parties, such as location data, advertising identifiers, or a cryptographic hash of a common account identifier (such as an email address) to facilitate the display of targeted advertising. You may be able to limit our sharing of some of this information through your mobile device settings, as described in Section 2 above, or through the Service’s settings. Information on Opting out on Mobile Devices: Below are instructions for using the advertising choice mechanisms provided by the most popular mobile operating systems:Android Gingerbread, HoneyComb, Ice Cream, KitKat and Lollipop (Android versions 2.3 and above)Stock Android M (6.0)+Samsung's Android M (TouchWiz 6.0+)iOS 6iOS 7+Windows 8 Mobile DeviceMore info on mobile opt outs

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ HOW TO PROTECT YOUR INFO

These are some relatively easy ways to protect your data in addition to removing your permission to use it.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ THE FBI ASKS YOU TO REBOOT YOUR ROUTER

In a public service announcement published Friday and noted by Ars Technica, and a new addition to a US Department of Justice press release, the FBI explains that it's hoping that your actions will help the US government destroy a botnet before a Russian hacking group, Sofacy, can harden the malware's defenses."



Here is how:



They got the data, but do they need it for 10 years. How bout a quarterly expiration date for all data collected by each corporation?


CYBERSECURITY One of the best public sources about cybersecurity is from the Washington Post. A subscription to the Post enable you to receive several newsletters in addition to cybersecurity 202 newsletter.

......... TRAVEL


From the autoslash newsletter, the best travel newsletter to read for saving




........... POLITICS


As election season rolls around again, it becomes more important to distinguish what is happening from the noise of campaigns. This article illustrates which polls have done well. From fivethirtheight.com

....................... EVERYTHING ELSE


This woman spent lots of time with people who were at the end of their life. This article chronicles five of the major regrets of people realizing what they had missed during their lives:

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

I wish that I had let myself be happier.



Jeepers creepers! This is a scary article. It's an ill bird that fouls it's own nest.

"The largest market for plastics today is for packaging materials. That trash now accounts for nearly half of all plastic waste generated globally; most of it never gets recycled or incinerated."



With immigration down, fertility down, who's gonna take care of old people?



Irregardless...does not mean regardless. does not mean to mistakenly underestimate 

Refudiate...a lovely sounding word that means nothing but maybe it should

Supposably...capable of being supposed

Authored...a noun misused as a verb for the act of writing

Alot...a lot   two separate words should not be combined


Trilema...three possibilities to consider instead of two.

Huggle...hug and cuddle

Testiculating...aggressive male gestures the end or your rope

Thesbian...a woman who acts gay

Prevoid...stop something bad from happening


Eloquacious...eloquent and garrulous

Craptacular...The reality show guy

Ringxiety...When you think your phone is ringing or vibrating. And it's not.



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