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Bisbee Wire/ more on KBRP/politics & technology/2018 March #8

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And so soon...

Since I wrote about the turmoil at KBRP just yesterday, some new information has surfaced. There was a tumultuous board meeting the evening of Monday the 26th, captured by videographer Alison McCleod.  The vid shows a rump meeting and a Board recall effort led by the main Board critic Donna Pulling, the board going into and out of exec session, the board being hectored and frequently interrupted by some members of the audience, and an announcement that Andy H would be the sole signer on the three bank accounts. The board then adjourned and left. Then a resignation letter was read stating that the entire board had resigned as of April 1, 2018. Additionally after the board meeting, Elena Ryan,one of the board members, returned and detailed why the board resigned (see letter in today's Herald-Review and probably in tomorrow's Observer), an overview of what was in the office-receipts, invoices, unpaid bills, check books and many files, and a poignant emotional plea not to judge her harshly.

Watching that vid, I got the feeling that if lynching were still possible some people might have been getting the rope ready. Ya know there is trouble in River City when someone proclaims they 'represent the community' or 'speaks for the people.' Such ugly ungrateful behavior was not and is not warranted.

There ain't no saints and sinners here. Many mistakes were made in  the operations of the Bisbee Radio Project. Ryan was/is not a tyrant or incompetent. The people comprising the board; Andy Haratyk, Susan Lange, Elena Ryan, Jen Luria, Vicente Abril, are not malevolent or evil intentioned people.  Curiously, in response to what I wrote yesterday, I was sent several documents by former director Ryan Bruce detailing financial statements including 990's, 2017 monthly reports, but not 2018, and a couple of emails to Andy H., board prez post employent, giving necessary information for continuity. The 990's were unsigned nor dated and the email copies had no header lines. This information had apparently been sent to the board or Andy on March 19 and also made available to the media.

Rather than looking backward to assess blame-there is much to spread around-I think it best to move onward. My suggestion would be that the board, before their resignation, appoint a three person volunteer interim 'Operating Committee'. for a period of two months. The board would indemnify the OC. the membership would be asked to put any activity on hold until the OC can establish order and set elections within two months.

Qualifications for the OC I would think, should be at least one person with business experience, one person familiar with the radio station and one person familiar with the Royale.

The OC would be tasked with at least the following specifics: Hiring a temporary accountant or bookkeeper with the sole task of constructing the exact financial situation of the Bisbee Radio Project utilizing whatever records are available and making a report to the OC; (Swirl Alexander has experience doing just that) Communicating to members and the general public the exact financial situation once put together; Oversight of Royale and KBRP;Obtaining board insurance if there is none;Reconstruction of up-to-date member list;A full inventory of Bisbee Radio Project physical assets Regular weekly communication with members and general public about what is transpiring;Preparation for board election including, solicitations for candidates and running the election. fred


ECOASIS I briefly mentioned the opening of Ecoasis in a previous Wire (2018 March #4) and am happy to write they are doing well in the short time they have been open.  Last month they grossed $13k, about $5k of that goes to local farmers. They currently employ 5 homeless people which is part of their core mission in addition to provide good local food. And they have a large greenhouse with plant starts. Ecoasis Sustainable Living Center provides local foods, job training, education, a plant nursery, an espresso/smoothie bar, bulk food, and a soup, salad, sandwich bar. Check em out on Hwy 92 by the Double P....520-432-8098  opens at 10 am-6  weekdays, 10-4 weekends. Catch updates here:

Ecoasis is a project of Community Synergy Solutions. The  organization also hosts the Bisbee Health Expo and Community Gardens. Their mission is to improve and sustain community and environmental health along the US/Mexico border region of Cochise County by convening, leveraging, and supporting grassroots efforts towards sustainable community development projects. Go here for more info and volunteer opportunities.


WATER AND PHOENIX Branded the least sustainable city in the World! “There’s a stark disparity...The resource havens, with their hybrid cars, their solar panels and other green gizmos; and the folks on the other side struggling to breathe clean air and drink uncontaminated water. It’s a prediction of where the world is headed.”

......................................... TECHNOLOGY/POLITICS

FACEBOOK DATA BREACH TURNED INTO POLITICAL TOOL A massive Facebook data breach in 2015 was exploited by Cambridge Analytics. The details of how the 2016 election was skewed is slowly coming to the fore. This article, combined with Russian efforts, show how interlinked, but not necessarily coordinated, were efforts to skew voters towards Trump. ......................... BACKGROUND ON CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICS AND FACEBOOK

........................ TECHNOLOGY

GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK STORE YOUR DATA: go ahead, take a look at what they have on you. The extensive tracking of online habits, phone use, location and personal stuff is downright scary See where you have been, see what you have googled for the last several years! This article tells you how to see the massive amount of your info that is stored and sold by these two companies. Freely given by users. For instance Google has: Where you have beenevery search you have done and deletedevery app you useall your YouTube historyyour advertising profileyour calendar dataphones you have usedand lots more...gigabytes more

Facebook has:

every message you’ve ever sent or been sent,every file you’ve ever sent or been sent,all the contacts in your phone,all the audio messages you’ve ever sent or been sentany application you have used to access Facebookwhere you areyour contactsand lots more....

.......................................... HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF ON FACEBOOK You may download your info to see what they have and, if you have an android phone, see how you were tracked through your phone. Downloading Your Info on Facebook How can I download my information from Facebook?You can download your information from your settings. To download your information:Click 📷 at the top right of any Facebook page and select SettingsClick Download a copy of your Facebook data at the bottom of General Account SettingsClick Start My ArchiveBecause this download contains your profile information, you should keep it secure and be careful when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services. Learn more about what info is included in your download. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can make a data access request. More at: And then there are these few things for good housekeeping...

................ POLITICS

A BLUEPRINT FOR DEMOCRATS The lessons learned in the UK seem very applicable to the US and Arizona Democratic party 1. Don’t fight from the outside, take the movement into the party "... the movements must engage with the Democrats and, if necessary, force the party to hear them. Now is the time for movement people to get involved in the Democratic party, at every level, and elect people into positions of power and influence."2. It’s politics, stupid "...don’t kid yourselves by thinking there is a magic bullet that will swing that critical mass of voters. You can’t solve big problems with incremental, technical policy solutions. Just saying “we are not Trump” or advocating a return to the status quo won’t cut it. ...It has to be a big political offer that will materially improve the lives of the many." 3. Make it fun, make it exciting, make it diverse "...alongside the concrete political offer, there needs to be a radical rethink of the culture and practice of how we do politics. This can often be dismissed as “fluffy” or less important, but in our experience, it has been fundamental to the strategy of making political change." ....................

.............................. DID YOU KNOW?




There is a wide variety of these series usually short clips that are strung together. It is a entertaining way to look at your devices even more.

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