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Bisbee Wire/the rise of hate/2017/6#21


With the number of rallies Saturday across the US, Hate is becoming visible. I've selected some articles to illustrate the various strategies and tactics used to 'normalize' odious behavior. While events do not yet rise to Kristallnacht,  the "Night of Broken Glass,", it does bear watching and opposing wherever and whenever. That means when people speak or write or do hateful things, counter it as best you can.

The article about Kansas seemingly having enough of Trickle Down Economics is worth a serious read because Supply Side Economics is exactly what is happening in Arizona and it will soon land our State in serious economic difficulty if not stopped.

The Senate is in secret talks about a health care plan. Prepare for a release and a quick vote cause their plan is going to be all about easing poor people out of health care, insuring profits for insurance companies, and easing the burden on those poor rich people.

And finally, the performance of John McCain during the Comey hearings was pitiful. If only his wife Cindy and he lived together (they haven't for many years) she, or the Nanny, could get his meds straightened out and we would see what passes for a vibrant 80 year-old Senator. Fred <><><><><><><><><><>< A VET'S COMMENT ABOUT MEMORIAL WEEKEND This short comment is from a veteran in Bisbee. It is another indication of how badly and inaccurately this was advertised, how confusing the pub was. What could have been an excellent commemoration and recognition of men and women who died in the service of our county turned out to be a snub.

(There is clearly general confusion about the holiday. Memorial Day is a time for reflection on those that were in the armed forces and have died. Veterans day (Nov 11) is a day of thanks to the living retired veterans who have served in the armed forces. Armed Forces Day is generally the third week in May and honors those who currently serve in the armed forces.) fm "I was with the escort of the Wall on Wednesday.  We went through OB and only two people acknowledged us by waving.....I believe those two were tourist.  I heard that the Chamber was responsible for the poster about the Veteran's event and it said the Traveling Wall, this was wrong...It was the much smaller moving Wall.  Many were disappointed..  I was also told that some businesses were griping about the costs prior to the wall coming and that there was a rumor started that the event was canceled.  I think that had this happened about th"Gay Pride events there would have been a big uproar.  I am disappointed at the lack of Bisbees real support of the real meaning of Memorial Day.  If you can put this out to the readers.  I remeber the time I came home from Vietnam and being snubbed and looked down on, This weekend seemed like a repeat.    If the town can spend thousands of dollars for many events and can't rally to remember the veterans, then something is wrong in this "free thinking" community."


ROKA REVIEW If you are interested in Tucson restaurant Tucson foodie, is a good subscribe. They review some traditional places with mediocre food along with info on some gems. Also keep abreast of events and the food scene in general. This is what they did on Roka. fm


ROCK OUR SCHOOLS TO HELP BISBEE YOOTS! "Rock Our Schools" A Showcase for local youth bands  and talent will be held on July 29 as a fundraiser for Bisbee schools.  This will be an opportunity for all clubs and organizations to make money, recruit for new members and help our youth. We invite and urge you to take part to help

Next planning meeting will be June 13, Tuesday at 11:30 School district office. Contact Carol Loy at They are looking for:Youth Bands from schools all over the county, garage bands, and any that want to showcase their talents.   sponsors and booth participants.We are looking for fun things to do and some of the suggestions included:  We are open to more creative ideas.  

Games of Skill  for all ages, including the little ones Carnival Rides Water Slide Bouncy House Rocker Ball Corn Hole Dunk Tank  Who would you nominate to be dunked for dollars? Miss Bisbee Contest Singers/dancers Craft booth Pet Parade Face Painting Cake Walk – Does anyone know where the wheel and  table cloth from the                       Cake Walk at the Cake auction is? Photo booth = with fun accessories as well as cut outs Silent Auction Food, of course =  We have kettle corn committed This was conceived to help our students participate equally in extra curricular activities, provide uniforms, shoes, food, etc.  BUSD has many students that can't afford uniforms in order to participate, food for trips, necessary equipment, etcPlease consider hosting a booth or a game, or just have information about what you are doing  At the moment it looks like we have Kettle Korn, Hot Dogs, a train, possible ice cream cones, cornhole game Get creative with us and brainstorm how we can make this event successful for schools. merchants and residents!   <><><<><><><><><><><><><><><><


There are riptides of hate pulsing in the US. The rhetoric and actions of Donald Trump and his administration are creating an environment where active dislike and hate of people of color by white people can be publicly articulated and acted upon. Particularly there have been several incidents of white males harassing Muslim women. This is a brief round up of groups, methods, and how to counteract the rise of racism. fm


This report looks at media use for promotion of derogatory ideas.

Internet subcultures take advantage of the current media ecosystem to manipulate news frames, set agendas, and propagate ideas. Far-right groups have developed techniques of “attention hacking” to increase the visibility of their ideas through the strategic use of social media, memes, and bots—as well as by targeting journalists, bloggers, and influencers to help spread content.

The media’s dependence on social media, analytics and metrics, sensationalism, novelty over newsworthiness, and clickbait makes them vulnerable to such media manipulation. While trolls, white nationalists, men’s rights activists, gamergaters, the “alt-right,” and conspiracy theorists may diverge deeply in their beliefs, they share tactics and converge on common issues.

The far-right exploits young men’s rebellion and dislike of “political correctness” to spread white supremacist thought, Islamophobia, and misogyny through irony and knowledge of internet culture.

Media manipulation may contribute to decreased trust of mainstream media, increased misinformation, and further radicalization.



The Oath Keepers are described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “one of the largest radical antigovernment groups in the US”, recruiting current and former military and law enforcement personnel. They have recently appeared at rallies from Berkeley to Boston, standing with activists from the far right, activists holding what were once fringe positions who have recently risen to national prominence.

The Three Percenters are described by Political Research Associates as “a paramilitary group that pledges armed resistance against attempts to restrict private gun ownership”. They were a highly visible presence in Burns, Oregon, before and during the occupation of the Malheur wildlife refuge by rightwing militia early in 2016.







Hate is often based on ignorance. There has long been a strain of anti-intellectualism and anti-science in the US. While the causes of this have been discussed (religion, lack of education, politics, media, capitalism) it is apparent that unwillingness to recognize objective reality has become more pronounced. A framework is developing that is a result of the active ignorance of the President, his advisors, and political policy makers coupled with an already patronizing State and that native anti-intellectualism. Willful ignorance reaches all segments of the society. The article below delves into one such example. fm







KANSAS REJECT TRICKLEDOWN; ARIZONA'S LEGISLATORS CONTINUE TO DRIBBLE There is a lesson for Arizona in Kansas. After 6 years of supply side baloney  Kansas finally voted to stem the loss of almost $1 trillion dollars in the past six years by overriding a veto for more tax cuts. Supply Side economics is simply economic drivel. The Laffer curve is the Laughter curve. Arizona is following the same strategy as Kansas that resulted in massive revenue losses and huge deficits; lay off workers, give big corporate tax cuts, starve education, cut programs helping poor people, increase money flow to wealthy.  fm

<><><><><><>>>< DEMS; THE BASE AND THE PARTY This article from the Times illustrate the growing tension in the Democratic party between the base and the national party apparatus. Unfortunately the article posits a false dilemma that Dems can't win without 'compromise' and mega-donors and dumbing down a message. The national party already demonstrated they are out of grass roots touch by not funding two different congressional campaigns in Montana and Nebraska that could have been won if they had put resources into the progressive campaigns. Instead they are pouring dough into the the most expensive congressional race ever, Ossof in Georgia.


SCHOOLS AND NEW TECHNOLOGY Are learning systems just a matter of algorithms? The ideas of software billionaires are inserted into the learning environment. fm



THE TOUGH LIFE OF COMEDIANS  The worst heckle..... Partway through a standup routine of comedian Jimmy Carr some one shouted, "My mother died of cancer". Nonplussed, Carr responded, "But I wasn't talking about cancer"   "No, but it was funnier than this" 


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