July 11, 2022....A Mark Finchem fundraiser flopped Friday evening at the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee. The event, hosted by Cochise County Recorder David Stevens, and the owner of the hotel, Helen Lampinen, was notably absent of people. Several people protesting his presence at the hotel, mentioned that not one person was seen inside, no one was seen going inside, no one was seen coming out, and no one was seen sneaking into the event. Since he had nothing else to do, the contentious Fichem came out on the porch steps to 'welcome the marxists.'' The controversial Finchem, one of several republicans now running for Secretary of State, articulates several extremist right wing views.


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editor note: I'll be updating these figures as result get released, generally every morning through Monday. As of Saturday morning these are the reported results. About 83% of ballots counted with alm