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The Prez shows up... a letter to the editor 8/11/19


He’s gotta teach Mexico and China a lesson because that’ll show the world they can’t mess with the Prez. Arizonans will pay lots more money for veggies, cars, TVs, appliances, motors, electrical equipment, minerals, plastics, rubber, silk, oil and many other products. That’ll teach them that tariffs work!

And those English too! The Prez even showed them how to wear a tuxedo, while vacationing with the whole family and paying for nothing; ain’t no bangers and mash for this dysfunctional divorce-happy family! Nepotism is a game played on the way to despotism.

Those dumb Democrats! Still whining about that novel concept of Congressional oversight. As the Prez has told them over and over to look at the emasculated Republicans-see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil-that’s how to behave as representatives of the People.

As his tweets from blistered thumbs have demonstrated daily, when you lie... lie big, lie often, lie when it matters, lie when it makes no sense, lie about lying–and don’t back down when presented with facts. No theory needed Academics! This is reality about unreality.

Whoa, he’s got to send those immigrants back! They are taking jobs from all the white people standing in line to pick crops, change adult diapers, and manicure golf courses. Melania, get your parents, the boat is leaving!

The Prez says everybody gets a tax break? Deficit hit $22 trillion? The Prez and his billionaire advisors have a plan! Pay for it by taking away social security and Medicare; those ‘entitlements’ we paid for by working all our lives. Gotta hand it to those rich guys, they always find a way for someone else to pick up the check.

Yeah, this Prez is something else. Self-proclaimed genius? Check! Afraid to release his college grades? Check! Business savvy with six bankruptcies. Check! Securing those Revolutionary war airports? Check! Doesn’t know Jack about finance, history or military? Check!

The Don paid $130,000 for a one night stand; the Art of the Deal, ….for Stormy! Women; he loves em-22 at last count-can’t keep his hands off them.

Only he can fix it! Yeah, the fix is in alright. Look at his appointments because the Prez is a master administrator. Whoops, gotta look quick or they are gone; more than 300 came and went, all of them dipping into the taxpayer honey pot, but who’s counting?

The prez shows up alright…the guy who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple, the guy who is all hat and no cattle, all spines and no cactus…as a pseudo emperor that has no clothes. And that is an icky sight! No lie.

Fred Miller


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