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BISBEE WIRE/Bisbee Economy/Bisbee all the time July #22 2018

Hello, I'm having some difficulty with gmail batch emails. I've switched browsers from firefox to chrome and that may have solved the problem. I'm bumping up against 450 addresses on my list so I've initiated the process to get a website and a dedicated bulk email service. In the meantime....The primary politician deluge has  begin. Fortunately we don't get TV stations...I hope to have an election issue out soon with a roundup of who is running for what.  One important issue on the primary ballot will be 'Home Rule' a vote to override the state mandated spending limit. It comes around every four years. It is a yes vote for sure. A no vote would impose a spending formula devised by State legislators in 1980 that would cut Bisbee's budget about 70%!  And that leads me to a Facebook Rant...because of some of the uninformed, erroneous, and damaging comments about Home rule. Facebook could be a place of, and occasionally is, good discussions. However most of the Bisbee sites are dominated by a teeny number of people who are extraordinarily negative, ultra-democratic, downright nasty and often ill-informed. Mayor David Smith particularly, but also some members of the council, the city manager and a few others, are vilified no matter what they do. Among the many accusations are: ...corruption, incompetence, conspiratorial, dictatorial, ignoring residents, over-paid,  non-transparent, and ignorant of  procedures. Some of the comments are genuine informed disagreements, but many are repugnant. Be careful and gather info from a variety of sources to inform your vote. And the problem is that Mayor Smith is one of the best Bisbee mayors in some time; informed, active, communicative, responsive, and engaged in our community. This is a good council that is dealing with some very serious problems that threaten the stability of Bisbee. Talk is cheap, solutions difficult and often complex. Consider your choices carefully. Three city employees, including Public Words Director Andy Haratyk have been charged as being derelict in their duties concerning the wastewater treatment plant. They have been issued termination letters and await due process hearings. ADEQ found several violations in the running of the plant and the city is under an order to comply with state regs. Shar Porier of the Herald Review is following the situation closely and has written several informative articles. This is one.. The Library has a full summer schedule of films, talks, yoga, and a ton of kids stuff. Bisbee after 5 is next week and Subway Street stuff is on the 21st. Lots to do as we continue our private rain dances and wash our cars looking for those life giving clouds. I've been asked several times for recommendations in Tucson, so decided to put an issue just about Tucson. Along with others mentioned, it is in the works. In the meantime, it is time some r&r next week. My lovely wife has had some health probs but is very much on the mend so getting out of the bubble and getting pampered is welcome.  I scored a room at Lodge at Ventana Canyon for $90 a night. Deelish deal! The lodge is a smaller 'country club' type of place as opposed the larger neighbor Loews Ventana Resort. Will give a reveiw in that Tucson issue. fred

..................... BISBEE ECONOMY

City data from Jen Luria/Viz Center, Joe Ward/building inspector, Housing from Bob Klein


I'm not including the raw stats because the addition created a very long email. If you are interested email me and I will send to you. 

The housing market continues to be very active with 15 houses sold in May and the same number in June. Although that is down compared to May of 2017  where 17 houses were sold. The average sale price last year was $141,235; this year  it is $105,227; a 25% drop. The days to close and days on the market were about the same (155 & 159 respectively). June is a bit different with the volume of $2,241,500 compared to $1,793,400 in June of 2017, a bump of about 20%.The average sale was about the same  however days on the market were 147 last month vs 206 last year. And deals were quicker to close by some 50 days. (147-197)

The 25 towns that are tracked in Cochise County combined have sold fewer houses than last year to date (1039 last year to 857 this year). But homes this year have been on the market a shorter time (135 -118). And 152 houses sold in May 2017 but this year 183 have sold. April of 2018 also saw about 25 more houses sold than the prior year. Kind of a mixed bag but the last couple of months may indicate that a trend with more people coming into the county. A much deeper analysis than this is necessary however.

A huge number of Bisbee building permits (47) were issued in May for a total of $337,434. Three fourths were residential permits for large and smaller jobs. In June there were 22 permits totaling $337,434 .However the total dollars were skewed by two larger jobs over $50k.  The strong housing market continue to propel the maintenance/renovation (MR) sector. Those sold houses will be needing work so the MR sector should be strong throughout the summer. Unfortunately the commercial sector continues to have mostly smaller jobs with little remodeling going on. As you can see below there is a large number of commercial buildings in Old Bisbee for sale. Some have businesses attached to the sale, but others only the building is for sale. As those buildings sell, the MR sectorwill see more activity. However Bisbee may be seeing some of what has become a national trend of decline in rural areas; population, youth flight, rural businesses, and family business succession. Too soon to tell, but some indications are there. Sometime before the end of the year I hope to have a longer article on how various areas have dealt with the problem of decline. In my reading so far it is clear that a unified vision of where to go and how to get there is at the core of success for some communities. That is something badly needed in Bisbee. I haven't received the Viz Center stats for June but based on what I have,  Queen Mine visitation continues to lag behind last year, likely because of the age limitation on the tour. And there was a large drop in visitation at the Visitor Center in May that likely is tied to the Queen Mine. (As peeps wait for the Mine tour, they wander over to the Viz center and check out the info, often signing the register. The newsletter that Ms. Luria sends out continues to gain subscribers. As the website declines in activity, social media continues to grow. No surprise there as Ms. Luria and Ms. Hudson actively post on social media.  Although less visits to the website, they are spending almost a half minute longer on the site, 3 1/2 minutes which is a good sign. There has been some gradual changes in the marketing messaging over the past few months and that will continue. And finally the April 2018 compared to 2017 sales stats seem so weird: Retail down 17.5%; Bar/restaurant sales up 14.1%; Lodging down 46%. I understand if businesses file their tax (TPT transaction privilege tax) late (past the 21st of the month following the actual sales) and that money gets pushed into the next month's reporting. But the wild swings in lodging and bar/restaurant sales, which should seem to rise/fall in tandem, are difficult to figure. I wish there were something more accurate. ............................ ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION

Sense of Place Gallery

63c Brewery Ave., Bisbee Statutory Agent:  Carol Chandler Old Bisbee Enterprises

9423 e. Cana St, Hereford

Statutory Agent: National Contract Services Corp Member: Tyler Bradberry COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FOR SALE

(This list was compiled from a variety of sources in June, all are on MLS, but not all are on each site and I couldn't find accurate initial listing dates for several.) 2 Main St.... $695,000 Parking lot 7 Main St.... $599,000 Miners and Merchants (listed 4/18) 27 Main St.... $485,000 Beleeza Gallery (listed 3/18) 57 Main St.... 1,390,000 Bisbee Grand (listed 1/17) 203 Tombstone Canyon... $1,000,000 High Desert Market

317 Tombstone Canyon...$595,000  Jonquil Motel 901 Tombstone Canyon.... $825,000 Gardens at Mile High (listed 9/16)

15 Brewery.... $4,400,000 Stock Exchange (listed 1/18) 20 Brewery SOLD...$450,000 Audreys Inn (listed 3/18) 54 Brewery...$550,000 (listed 5/18) 9 OK St.... $275,000 OK St. Jail (listed 2/18) 10 Naco Rd....$555,900 Bisbee Realty/Lyric Theater (listed 6/17) 101 Naco Rd...$1,760,000 Burger King 120 Naco Rd.... $395,000 1118 Naco Hwy... $295,000 (listed 5/18) 2102 Naco Hwy... $1,350,000 Motel

885 Hwy 92 ...$175,000 Mexican Restaurant 1372 Hwy 92...  $995,000 Motel 207 Arizona St.... $226,000 (listed 5/18) 203 Bisbee Rd.... $185,000 214 Bisbee Rd...$142,500 (listed 3/18) ++++++++++++++++++++ KBRPI went to the KBRP board meeting in May. I wanted to get a sense of what is happening with the station and the Royale. Although I’m sure other things have been done, the following is what I learned from the meeting and a July newsletter. The Board has been on board for about 3 months....the board has come to terms with a Bisbee Radio Project on the brink of insolvency. ...Liability for insurance, fed & state tax status is being discussed. ...They will not put on a Blues Festival this year ...A new station manager, Mitch Druckman, was hired. ...There have been a few events at the Royale and they have gone off  without a hitch....there were many people thanked for their guidance and help during the past months....they are asking for volunteers for various committees....An email survey will be coming out soon to members. Contact info for the station is: Our offices are open most weekdays from 12 noon to 5:00pm and we are located at the Bisbee Royale, 94 Main Street. We’re answering and returning calls to our phone number: 520-432-1400. ...A report was given assessing IT equipment: An inventory of IT equipment has been completed along with an assessment of condition and usability. There are several computers, mostly older, most operable with software upgrades in the works.There is more equipment to be inventoried.Files on all computers need to be organized and archive inactive ones.A short verbal treasury report was given. I thought it was said there is $22k in the general account and $15k in the Blues Fest account, but it wasn’t clear to me and those figures might be reversed.

The Station Manger reported that the new streaming is working well, no glitches. New programs have been added. (Mike Butler has one of the new shows on KBRP and also a podcast at Bisbee Live. Eclectic interviews some with Bisbee peeps.) A few minor upgrades are in the works. Pacifica has been paid (Democracy Now and others). They are in negotiations to pay back PRX (Public broadcasting)-it was not said how much was owed.

In a general discussion it was mentioned that they are planning a website upgrade, but in the meantime the home page will become the Membership page. They are waiting for a quote for a new website.

Before the the Board went into executive session to discuss IRS 501(c)3 status, as the only person there for Call to the Public, the board allowed me to talk and we had a brief discussion-see below.

Some reflections.... Given the recent hubbub about the previous board and director, I assumed there would be a written treasury report showing expenditures, debts, checks written-how much-what for-who wrote them, account balances, cash flows into and out of the accounts, expenses, income, and other pertinent financial information. There was nothing. Not Good. Board members and general members cannot assess the health, viability, and cash flow of an organization without the financial bones being accessible. Nor can decisions involving money be made with any degree of confidence. My suggestion is that every board meeting have a treasurer’s report and a hard copy of all financial information included in that report and accessible to those who wish to review it.

I mentioned that they could communicate better with members/the public. KBRP is a media company and they were not communicating well.  I was told there was a newsletter sent out. I hadn’t seen it (I now have it). During that discussion it was said that the entire email list had been deleted and they were rebuilding it. I did not know whether this had been members or both public/members. My observation was that the board has to communicate better. Write an article/facebookwebsite/ with up to date info and ask anyone interested in receiving the KBRP newsletter to send a request to a dedicated email newsletter address. And that a specific person be responsible for the email list, keeping two back up copies in different places with two different passwords.

I had asked if there was a manager for the Royale being considered.  The reply was that It had been talked about but for now the board was acting as manager and booking agents. It seemed that seeking a manager was now to be put off for a few months. Without a financial report it is impossible to see the revenue stream and debits of the Royale. My suggestion is to hire a Royale manager or interim manager soon as possible. The Royale is a prime revenue generator (and a prime financial drag) and it needs to be booked as often as possible. You can’t do that very well by committee. I suggested a person I know to talk with about an interim position. She has big financial chops, is a straight shooter & won’t waste time on bullshit. A Mission statement was read at the start of the meeting. When I spoke, I mentioned it seemed exclusively about the radio station and nothing about the Royale. I suggested it needed reworking and to include something about a community center as part of their mission. Unless that is not in the future. “The mission of KBRP is to maintain a community media center dedicated to creating an awareness of local interests and socially responsible programming. KBRP radio station, through its cooperative structure, aims to entertain and enrich the listeners with a broad mix of education, culture, art, humanities and music.”

++++++++++++++++++++ EATING TO GO

A few more food options... Pace Avenue Take Out is in the tradition of the bodegas that once dotted the canyon walls of Old Bisbee.   Their menu is varied.  And they do lunch deliveries on Wednesday  Check them out at the Market on Saturday or go to for more info. 822 D Pace Avenue (near School House Inn) 520-432-4447 Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm......................... PoBoys to Geaux has yummy New Orleans style Po Boys sandwiches for $8 and a few other things. Check out the trailer at 402 Bisbee Road in Warren 508-4101Mon-Fri 11:30-3:00. ++++++++++++++++++++ OPEN MEETING LAW TRAINING

City Attorney Britt Hanson will be holding an Open Meeting Law Training on July 25th at 2:00PM in the Board of Supervisors Hearing Room 1414 Melody Lane. This would be an opportunity to brush up on OML/ Learn about OML and ask any questions you might have. OML pertains to public bodies as defined by the AG. "A public body means the legislature, all boards and commissions of this state or political subdivision, all multi-member governing bodies of departments, agencies, institutions and instrumentalities of the state or political subdivisions, including without limitation all corporations and other instrumentalities whose boards of directors are appointed or elected by the state or political subdivision. Includes all quasi-judicial bodies and all standing, special or advisory committees or subcommittees of, or appointed by, such public body. A.R.S. § 38-431(6)." ........................... LOCAL AUTHORS HOT OFF THE PRESS Luisa the Green Sea Turtle, a bilingual “read-to” book for 1st to 3rd graders by Emilie Vardaman. Get it locally (Bisbee Books and Music) or on amazon.Colleen Crowlie, Susan Mathews and Alexandra Bodkins captured the Walls of Bisbee in their latest book, Bisbee Walls: Past and Present. Available at Bisbee Books and Music. Jinx Schwartz also drops her 10th in the Hetta Coffey series, Just for the Birds. Available on Amazon and locally. As I wrote this I wondered how many published authors lived in Bisbee. A query to Alison Williams at the library brought a quick top of her head response:Michael Gregory (with artist Laurie Kintzele) check spellingMimi Retana (just moved to tucson I think but long time famous bisbee children's author)Kevin McBeth and his son (greenway teacher, just published)Betsy Thornton (famous, local, and volunteers at the Friend's Bookstore, which is so awesome)Dick BakkenKen Lamberton Richard Graeme alone and with Doug Graeme (queen mine manager)Annie Graeme Larkin Mike Anderson Betsy Breault Laurie McKenna (artist book)

Multiple published Poets including Carmen McGeath, Matt McClellan, August Schaffer and more. Debra Strait Peter Young Doug Stanhope Amy “Bingo” Bingaman Mary Jane Bank Dana Byard Cathy Murphy (She added that she was missing quite a few but this is a good start. Perhaps another time I'll do a full article on Bisbee authors and their works.)  +++++++++++++++++++++++ GROANERS! What do you call the security outside of a Samsung Store? Guardians of the Galaxy! I tried to look up lighters and all they had was 13,749 matches. I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest. I've just written a song about tortillas. Actually it is more of a rap.I have a few jokes about unemployed people, but it doesn't matter; none of them work.It was an emotional wedding.Even the cake was in tiers.Did you hear about these new reversible jackets? I’m excited to see how they turn out.I'm glad I know sign language; it's pretty handy.I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised. Why do Swedish warships have barcodes on them? So when they dock they can Scandinavian. My cross-eyed husband and I just got a divorce. We didn't see eye to eye. I also found out he was seeing someone on the side.My first job was working in an orange juice factory, but I got canned because I couldn't concentrate.I wanna make a joke about sodium, but Na... A pet store had a bird contest, no perches necessary.I saw an ad for burial plots and thought to myself, this is the last thing I need.


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