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BISBEE WIRE/Council Special & Work Sessions this week


Two Council work sessions (no decisions can be made at work sessions) and a Special session (decisions can be made) this week. The background is all on the city of bisbee website.   The two sessions tonight, Monday, are about public comments on the draft budget and then approval for making it a final budget. The second issue is about transferring some work to the county. Thursday, the future of recycling in Bisbee.  If you have anything to say about the CoB spending this is basically your last chance to say it tonight and convince council members that the budget is out of whack-if you think it is. They will vote to send this forward. Along with a second issue, truth in taxation, a slight bump in property taxes. background here: At the work session the intergov agreement will be discussed; a transfer of some work to the County. It says it will cost the City no more dough and the City will be able to avail themselves of County services for these things. Check the numbers. Thursday's work session...Earlier the past month, it was revealed that the recycling program is costing the city a chunk of dough ($161k). Some because the worldwide market for recycling took a big hit when China stopped accepting stuff. And some because of what seems to be inaccurate accounting by the City. If you want to the program to continue, better step up.  Background here: Fred Special Session Monday, July 23, 2018 at 5:01PM

1. Public Hearing on Truth in Taxation and Public Hearing and Discussion on FY 2018-19 Proposed Budget for the City of Bisbee.

Keri Bagley, Finance Director

2. Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution R-18-11: Adopting the Final Budget FY 18-19 for the City of Bisbee; Adopting the Alternative Expenditure Limitation for FY 18-19.

Keri Bagley, Finance Director

Work Session Monday, July 23, 2018 at 5:30 PM 1. Discussion regarding an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the City of Bisbee and Cochise County for Planning, Zoning and Subdivision Development, Design Review Board and Building Inspection Services.  Work Session THURSDAY, JULY 26, 2018, AT 5:01PM

1. Discussion on the Future of Bisbee Recycling. 

David M. Smith, Mayor

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