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Bisbee Wire/New KPRP Board/2018 April #10


A new Board was appointed for the Bisbee Radio Project. A meeting was convened last night at 10:45 pm of then still legal Board. Three members were present which constituted a quorum (of the 7-member board, one had resigned, and another had a forced resignation, according to the by-laws, because he had missed several meetings.) That left a five member Board so three was a quorum. Andy Haratyk, Elena Ryan, and Vicente Abril were present for the quorum. Susan Lange and Jen Luria were not present.

After some statements about the situation by Andy and Elena, the Board voted unanimously to appoint a seven member slate as Board of Directors of the BRP. They are: Reagan Burrell, James Coull, James (Jet) Lacey, Jim Mahoney, Nancy Potenza, Patricia Worth, and Steve Yoder. The seven had volunteered at a community meeting this past Thursday.

This appointment of a new Board had to happen before the former board's mass resignation was effective at 12:01 April 1. It was worked out at a community meeting last week as a legal way to provide continuity for the organization. Hence the late night meeting.

The new board has obtained the services of Sue Nagy to piece together the financial situation. Gene Connors will continue on as a volunteer coordinator for the Royale.

There are several other immediate concerns for the Board besides getting an accurate financial picture; obtaining insurance for the board (The previous board had none, Yikes!. Insurance indemnifies board members from any personal financial responsibility for actions taken while on the board.) conducting a search for an executive director, gaining access to all electronic documentation, putting the files in order, restoring the programming for the radio station; reestablish bookings for the Royale, updating the website, and develop new communications mechanisms with members and the general public.

One interesting tidbit surfaced after the meeting had ended. Andy recounted that Donna Pulling had approached the bank manager where the BRP accounts were held and, brandishing the minutes of a meeting, said that she was a representative of the Bisbee Radio Project and would like to be put on as a signer on all accounts. The bank manager said no can do, that the Board president happened to be in the building sitting in the corner and he was the legitimate representative of BRP. Ms. Pulling quickly scurried away from the bank.

I was lucky enough to see the closing number of Showcase Fatale before the meeting. The  shimmery costumed, high kicking, derrière wiggling, dancing women of Bisbee; are you down with dope!  Two sold out shows,125 each night.


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